NEW MAP: OUTPOST – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is testing Outpost, a new map, in the Recon mode – here’s everything I’ve found out so far!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Meta on that map: EBR
    Meta on other maps: EBR

  2. It’s like the frontline map

  3. What matters is that we get those Maps ASAP. Because we NEED new maps.

  4. imo this was the worst map in the recon mode. maybe just players didnt know the map well but i didnt like this map in recon mode

  5. Any console players out there? Isn’t this map already on Xbox,PlayStation?

  6. SPGs are next to useless now. Maybe WG should just remove them, compensate the owners, and give Commanders and/or Radio Operators perks (or skills) for calling artillery barrages, and airstrikes. (Just like in the Frontline mode.)
    Maybe for a replacement vehicle class, they can add rocket/ATGM vehicles. Or more wheeled vehicles for other nations.

  7. Thank you for sharing this since NA did not get any time to play Recon maps before it was suspended. I want to see something new in maps and this is looking like it could be something better than the boring maps we have now. The Minsk map with the new changes is much better than before and we need a break from the repeated maps are that are in alleged rotation now. Dragon’s Ridge where art thou?!

  8. Recon mode was disabled mainly because bots who payed others for grind of 279e and Chieftain, pump up full gold ammo and starting blasting players in this map test mode, bots needed to compensate for constantly being raped in random together with theirs 279 and Chieftain ( they need to learn h2p ) so they was thinking ” wow look at me i will make now 6k dmg in this mode lol” but bots made 2k only and players complain to WG for this problem …..

  9. I like it, I reallt do. It’s like a bigger Mines, which is a good thing because the reason Mines sucks is it’s too small.
    Plus you can move around, push positions. The team with best coordination will win.

  10. One new map per year? That’ll attract new players!

  11. František Klapetek

    RNG beats udes:)

  12. Can we have Dragon Valley back plz

  13. Quicky, what do you think of a map with a huge tunnel for heavy tanks down the middle of the map with a bend in the middle so heavy tanks cant be flanked etc and just power

  14. This looks like that grand battles map

  15. Premium tanks dont make extra credits in this mode either.

  16. At 10:00 you should had added: I like the way you move!

    Nice description of the msp tho, really appreciate your ffeedback on new things

  17. I could swear this map was already in the game years ago. Or at least, something very similar

  18. Agreed on most but the wasted hills, some with buildings which are intricate designs, but unusable. A route up the hills in question from both sides would help and give more positions to use. Thx

  19. This seems to just be a small version of that one Grand Battle Map?

  20. 13:50 The side that doesn’t have a window has better protection from the hill.

  21. mahamudra mahamudraa

    This is one of the halloween event maps isnt it?

  22. This map is really nice, but to big and “swampy”. I have some very slow german, british superheavies, american TDs. I have no chance to get involved if i choose wrong side to fight on. If there is no enemy, most likely i will finish with 0 dmg and assists. These maps like this one are for meds, lights, fast russian heavies.
    However graphically it is beautiful.

  23. I prefere good maps! 3 maps, 3 times👎👎👎

  24. mines for up to tiers 5 and add this map only for tier 7 above

  25. I see so many good EBR climbs already xD. Sadly alot of it are on black parts which will have invisible walls. Map does look interesting tho.

  26. guys,with the HE changes,why the equipment spall liner still the same as it is to absorb splash dmg from HE,but now HE do no splash (except for spg)

  27. After watching your take on this new map. I would love to see you being apart of creating a new map with WG maybe. Map could be called Quickyville 😀

  28. One person design maps over last 10 yrs because they created with one mold and looks the same?

  29. That UDES medium didn’t know his own name, holy cow he could’ve killed you twice with the amount of shots he missed or bounced.

  30. I really like that this maps favour one side. And that’s no problem because randomly at the beginning of each battle you should change sides.
    Like this at least you will have some games that feels more enjoyable for all.
    Besides, there’s several variables, the tanks, the players… it doesn’t mean that the side who gets the “better side” will always win.
    I like it

  31. They need more historical maps. Like War Thunder has

  32. Jaroslav Pospisil

    13:31 the side with the window don’t has so big cover from the hill but the other side don’ has window but cover from the hill. I hope it is understandable.

  33. Kristoffer Johansson

    Looks like not that “corridory”. Nice.

  34. Komarin anyone?

  35. at first this reminds me of the old chinese map(w/o the mines hill in the middle)

  36. Bogdan Scripcariu

    With the introduction of this map, hopefully they ban Mines for tier 8s and above!

  37. BiologistVon Riemann

    Wow,that UDES player was dogshit.

  38. I want the Northwest map back. I loved that map, Damm it!

  39. I think these new maps are going to be a great change for the game.

  40. New maps don’t fix a broken game.
    15/5 shitshows tells a story of rigging.

  41. I played some of those maps with a Super Pershing, I hadn’t even given it any thought that I was facing Tier X where I should not have because of that. I didn’t even see much of an issue with it directly tbh.
    Btw, I hated this map greatly! The other two maps were considerably more fun.

  42. After 9yrs of playing my favourite game, I’ve practically given up. Wargaming are greedy c**ts and ruined the game totally.

  43. Reminds me of Komarin

  44. I do like the Outpost map. The possibilitys for crossfire are way better than on mines. And it’s bigger than mines, which helps already a lot.

    Concerning the south … when I played the map, it was allways the north or the middle winning the battle, never the south.

  45. I’m glad they FINALLY put even a bit of effort into making a new map. Lack of new and interesting maps one of the worst aspects of the game imo

  46. The new maps were really good for the Kunze Panzer.

  47. Imagine IS-6 could meet tier 10 in this mode Xd

  48. Can they just stop with the “hill that gives you map control” design. It’s really annoying.

  49. enrico sizzermani

    when you gonna talk over update 1.13 ? Pesky arty lol….Or did WG forbid you ?

  50. I loved this map

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