NEW MAPS: Empire’s Border and Lost City in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m looking at two possible upcoming maps: Empire’s Border and Lost City!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. QB… you are off on your map and screenshot on the Empire Border map. The Cap circle you were looking in the screenshot was the Green and you kept comparing it to the red cap circle. Silly you. LOL. But They look good. Empire Border more the Ghost Town/Lost City.

  2. you made some mistakes QB, the green cap is exactly the green one on minimap

  3. The China map was on console and was simply called ‘Great Wall’. I haven’t seen it for about a year. I thought you guys had it for a while on PC.

  4. I’m just happy were getting 2 new maps

  5. The China map was known as great wall on console it was a great map QB did a video with the chieftain where he showed that map in a battle

  6. Finally some new content. No tanks are not new content.

  7. That’s the old Great Wall map from XBOX. One of my favorites. And the Lost City is Ghost Town on XBOX. Hated that map.

  8. The first map used to be on console but was removed last year! It is by no means new! It was called Great Wall. Literally the exact same map.

  9. These are console maps Qb

  10. As a console to PC player, yes the Chinese map has been on Xbox/PS for a couple years now.

  11. We need more maps in the game and less OP premiums running around.

  12. The 2nd map is literally Ghost Town on console, except different aesthetic, Lost City being an abandoned russian city and Ghost Town being some desert city

  13. To hell with these maps. They are seldom designed properly, just like that new Arctic one they made. WG have this awful tendency to make games as slow as possible. It is really mind numbing after a while, and causes one to just rush in and therefore die-(out of boredom/frustration). Will-as a ‘highly skilled player’, you can not seriously agree with this tactic can you?

  14. xbox version of this map let you climb hill at K3.

  15. I wish war gaming makes BIGGER maps like by bigger I mean 3km by 3km…if the maps are a lot bigger there may be more out play potential and reduce the one sided 3 minute losses…if the maps were bigger in a standard map we can also make better use of light tanks and artilleries…maybe capturing the base would be a more viable option instead of the usual no cap kill all mentality.

  16. You’d have to be one of my favorite YouTubers for bringing content like this always

  17. Switched to PC in 2015, but didn’t start grinding for everything on PC again until this summer began.

    Besides the fact that the X1 version was behind in updates for ages, and I missed years of map changes, the fact that it feels more like a dumb downed version made me feel like a complete noob to play PC. I had been playing since 360 beta, and only because my PC was crap, but I still felt like a noob coming back to PC as occasionally I hopped on my dad’s X1 to play a little WOT catch up.

    On the X1, I was also liking how the maps were being recreated in different seasons, felt like it wasn’t always the same damn maps. Obviously new maps are better, but I don’t hate the reskins like some people do. Also, I don’t know if they still do, but the Xbox at least had a couple console exclusive maps that were alright. Be nice if I could play them on my glorious PC now.

    I feel like both could take a chunk out of each other, I don’t know if was just dumb downed at the time, but I also liked the UI/Main menus on consoles, and the in game quick chats you can send. On PC you only have a few, but on consoles I think you get 3 sets to of messages to click through. ( I still type slow so yes, I like the quick chats)

  18. Double Double 4G

    WG: ‘Hey, little guys! Look at these shiny, new maps! Don’t they look fun? Just continue to ignore how 3-5-7 is buggering the experience and killing platoons, or alterations to Preferential Premium tenks and not offering proper refund! Mines and Province still in rotation at high tiers? Nope, no problem there at all, is totally fine. IGOR! MORE VODKA!’

  19. Was it great wall on console’s? Looks the same from minimal view, haven’t read the other comments. Thanks for everything QB

  20. The emperor map was Great Wall on Xbox but they got rid of it

  21. Lost City looks like a Chernobyl disaster city.

  22. Matthias Kreidenweis

    I want the old maps back like swamp, old erlenberg. The new maps are to much open field and you can’t really push.

  23. longbellycaster

    Both are or were console maps.
    I miss Great Wall.

    Ghost town,,,,meh

  24. This map used to be on Console but it got removed because everybody hated it and yes this is the same map you played in the chieftain it was called great wall

  25. Man, I really miss all the old maps!

  26. Is that italian football commander worth it? Or get female commander?

  27. I loved sacred valley I hate wg for geting rid of it and all but the two winter maps

  28. Great wall was a great map for mediums and scouts. Lots of ways to slip by red team, lots of high ground to work with and the big “corridors” are good for close quarters combat or ” knife fights”.

    Really miss this map on Xbox….can’t wait for it’s return!! ?

  29. humanity's last hope

    the first map only going to support heavy tanks cause its close combat the other is base on speed and camping too bad they don’t put weather conditions like fog or heavy rain

  30. Completely off topic but can you put forward to wargaming to issue the T55 tank from James Bond golden eye ??? would love to play it

  31. diablo speedzl1

    Y don’t they make bigger.maps for us

  32. Dear WG we don’t need new maps. We need you to remove 3/5/7 and stop introducing OP tanks. Thanks

  33. if u dont make any mistakes in ur comentary i wont watch them anymore

  34. The arches through the wall give a great opportunity to park a TOG sideways on and let nobody through.

  35. Nathaniel Gousset

    4:35 nope, that’s the other cap circle.

  36. Beautiful!!! I like the great Wall

  37. I can’t wait to play on the Empire’s Border map. Lost city is not so exciting for me I think

  38. where is the pilsen? 🙁

  39. More maps? Yay!!!!!

  40. WGL FAN / silver league player GHOST TOWN!!!!!! it HAS returned

  41. The first map was on console and is called „Great Wall“. I loved this map. Glad to see it back in the game.

  42. lmao xbox has had these for almost 2 years now

  43. This map (empire) doesn’t look so one side I mean one team doesn’t have a better win chance from one side.

  44. Ivan Stepanovic

    I loved Stalingrad cos despite being a city map, pretty much any class of vehicles had a playground, some chances for fast flanking… On that map, I had no those “What should I do and Where should I go now in this thing” moments, the way I do when I take, for example, a light tank, end up in bottom tier and on Paris map.
    Unfortunately, my experience with WG right now is screaming “I wonder how they will screw this one up now”. Let’s admit it, WG has become really good in doing that…

  45. Phew! That was close, I was worried we were going to get small corridor maps.
    Thanks for the video QB.

  46. its not an old map its just a map that was removed just under a new name.

  47. Why these screenshots looks like they are in higher quality than in game?

  48. Pahlavonjon Odilov

    Nice mohawk quackybaby! 🙂

  49. Bring back Stalingrad map ..and delete that Italian new map !!!!

  50. I think Lost City is great on team battles

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