New Maps, Kranvagn in Steel Hunter and Changes | New Update 1.17 Test Server Review

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Update 1.7 Patch Test Review – Steel Hunter Rework, Stronghold Rework and New Maps with Recon Mode, TS-54 Double-Barrel Test. What is new with World of Tanks Update 1.17 Patch.

Time to jump into Update 1.17’s test server to see what’s new…


  1. alwaYs when the steelhunter coems to test server i only download it to be able too play more SteelHunter

  2. Janjos Sibinovski

    I wouldnt mind the new SH currency if the tanks weren rental. It would be cool to just be able to buy them and have them

  3. Rainier Pomeranians

    new maps – great – how about they make it to the actual game?

  4. Stumpy the Dwarf

    Steel Hunter. Pass.

  5. It would have been nice if they took the time and effort they put into producing the new crap and put it into actually fixing the the standard game.

  6. They need to fix their bloom farted game before adding any more content and then dump Steel Rigger where rigging to win is the norm. It’s not only the norm but it’s allowed, encouraged and even sanctioned by War Gaming.

  7. The chinese one seems to be op af…

  8. The TS-54 is woefully unimpressive. Just comparing it to the tech tree IS-2-II it is objectively worse in all things but maybe it’s armor profile (which we don’t trusty know yet). I hope it gets buffed before release.

    • SoraGaming 2020

      it is true that physically he is getting closer to the is 2-2. but honestly it necessarily has potential that can be discovered.

    • Yuro is the BEST!

      No, we need the premium tank weaker than it’s Soviet counterpart. I want the old WoT back 🙁

    • SoraGaming 2020

      @Yuro is the BEST! the old Wot and dead. we passed the course of the return name. we must continue to move forward… for the future😎✌️

  9. Yes sir we need more new maps on the game!

  10. What ever happened to the Czech TD line?

  11. sweet recon mission! I like that last time because NEW maps and then we haven’t seen any of them. Just add them add.

  12. Another crap mode that nobody will play?

  13. ugh. more steelhunter.

  14. TheDragonKnight

    Can’t wait ffor steel hunter, as much hate it gets it is still best mode in WOT imo, if you don’t like it DON’T PLAY IT simple

  15. HailStorm Rising

    Honestly gonna miss the old map timeout system for steel hunter, I’ve had countless battles where I just had a poor start and if yo0ur start isn’t good you usually completely screwed. Having the large open map spaces gave me the chance to survive long enough to find consumables to get ammu and upgrades. I’ve gone from stock to absolutely fully upgraded without having shot a shell once. It just left the chance to make an epic comeback. Now that is completely gone with the rework. The new tanks being operated off coins with special abilities over the regular tanks……. Yeah um smh…. Hope the rewards are worth going thru it, last time it was rather debatable.

  16. Didn’t like strategy mode, i think a better strategy mode is a tower defense.

  17. Matthius Köenig

    That moment when Poland gets steel hunter before Italy 🙁

  18. Why don’t WG make Command & Conquer’s tank into WoT? Double barrel this that here there….

  19. Matthius Köenig

    Steel hunter currency 🙁

  20. 1.18 should be rebalancing old tech tree tanks tbh

  21. Never seen this Ts-54 all I know is in TS Tank series is TS-5 partial blueprint and others is Ocellated turret like Amx-50

  22. Norstan Schooten

    Steelhunter is a terrible game mode, Frontline is the best game mode

  23. Michael Levenberg

    I am not a fan of the Steel Hunter mode. This illustrates thousands of hours of developers’ time that could have been spent on fixing the problems with the basic game (matchmaking / vision mechanics / RNG) instead of spending them on this “cartoon” mode. (IMHO). As far as “new maps” what happened to the ones we ‘tested’ last year? Confusing…!

    • SoraGaming 2020

      for the maps they have surely been put aside for a complete rebalancing.

      the only one that has been selected to be one day added to the game is the “airship” Map.!

      concerning what you say for steel hunter I share your point seen. but it must be said that WG are surely in the process of solving this matchmaking problem. at least one of their developer teams. if he develops game modes outside of events (Halloween, Christmas) it’s more to please us. otherwise we risk getting bored

    • Or introducing op tanks that destroy match making for people to spend on.

    • SoraGaming 2020

      @ً ً every year its like that. since the days of t22-med.😏or further. That of the 907

    • “Vision mechanics” lmfao seems like you don’t know how spotting works (IMHO).

  24. t110e5-2 tank?

  25. T110E5-II?

  26. Nothing about tanks buff, nerf etc …

  27. Who knew…Baldrick has taken over Product Development at WG

  28. SoraGaming 2020

    regarding the “firnulfir” steel hunter map. it will probably be a large open map with flat areas and with hills (kind of fields), there will surely be infrastructure (like villages) but not a lot in certain areas of the map.!😏

    and for reconnaissance mission I can’t wait to explore new maps which are revealed.!😏

    – Anykeyevka

    In any case. I’m hot to discover them.😃

  29. When will be release?

  30. 200mm of pen lmfao gtfo not worth it

  31. World of made-up tanks

  32. We have had new maps for ages but nothing seen yet!

  33. Whoooooo steel hunter is back

  34. Now i don’t know how to play on this game mode, this 3 New Tanks make me confused

  35. StanSearchesLife

    No japanese tank? Sad

  36. Huragan is the best medium tank from poland so far, ngl

  37. SH coming dez probably pretty hard right now 😀

  38. wow if you have grind for the tanks even less players will bother with steel hunter crap

  39. social3ngin33rin

    I do not look forward to the next Steel Hunter

  40. Klosterol map looks like a crashed star destroyer

  41. Those new tanks looks cool.

  42. Edit:Big gun?Yes..
    Reload time:Muhahhaaha!


    When we get a Gau 8 on a tank ?

  44. Christiaan Carstens

    World of trash, wake up. Remove arta and wheelchairs and +/- 1 mm instead of trash modes.

  45. Steel Hunter is the only reason I still have the game installed

  46. So when is all this coming to the console it’s all well and good for the PC the console can’t do nothing like what the PC can do it’s a joke.

  47. Bruh steel hunter has currency now

  48. *Sad M6 noises*

  49. Would be cool if they fix already existing terrible maps

  50. Arne Pietruszewski

    The Beowulf comes with its own AmxELC XD

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