New Matchmaking & Marathon Tank & More in World of Tanks Update 1.12.1

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Update 1.12.1 – New Matchmaking, New Spring Marathon, Kampfpanzer 07 RH. World of Tanks Kampfpanzer 07 RH, AltProto 30 Skoda T56 Premium Tanks Preview. World of Tanks Update 1.13+ Patch News. World of Tanks Concep 1B Gameplay.

Today I am going to cover news about the just released update 1.12.1, next potential marathon tank, new premium vehicles more!

What do you think?


  1. Howdy Folks! 🙂
    So, potential marathon tanks – Kampfpanzer 07, Skoda T56, Charlemagne, Strv K or something else? What would YOU like to see as the marathon?

  2. Flutschi der Gleitdroid

    Still no reason for me to reinstall the game…Another Marathon Tank LOL..I guess the unemployed wot junkies will freak out about that…seriously people, get a job!!!

  3. yes worse as i have had 3 to 4 afks in every battle so far so for me its shit

  4. I invited 5 new players to this game. Each player getting to about 2k battles and each other them, quit.

    We taught them each aspect of the game, and in the beginning they loved the lower tier tanks. Once they got to VI, the mood changed dramatically.

    Top criticism from them;
    1. MM rarely giving them a teir they can compete in.
    2. Gold rounds. I can’t stress enough how mad these players were when trying to improve their chances with players who can afford gold rounds. Be it silver or gold currency.
    3. Playing their best and losing the battle hurting their rewards. The amount of moral destruction this caused when they won on lesser performance. One put it very descriptive. “It’s like climbing a brick wall of sand paper, naked. When you finally get over the wall, 90% of you is left on the wall below.”
    4. Map choice. Ties into number 3. They grind so hard for a tank that performs so well on some maps. When they finally get that map, they lose hard. So they then have yet again play a game with chances played against them on mass.

    There was more buy, these 4 were all mentioned by each one separately. I know this was not enough for them to want to return, but, who knows? Maybe at least 1 will try again?

  5. Димитър Димитров

    this new MM is another BIG SHEET from WG

  6. Sir. Adrian Lancelot

    I’m brazilian, and i need to play US servers with 120 to 150 ms, because in SA server all matches have bots, tier 1 to 5, and are allways 5×5 or 8×8 battles.
    and some players use some tanks like KV-1 with the derp gun to farm on bots. and the time to find games takes about 1 min in the tier 1 to 4, and tier 5 + take about 3 mins. and for that reason brazilian players like to play on US servers to real battles and for farming they use SA server.
    Sorry about my horrible english XD

  7. The Phenomenon of Long time playing players playing low teir is due to the fact after 10,000+ games most realize after teir 6 the game becomes wholly unplayable with any given tactic and becomes 100% rng based where no matter your performance or lack there of will dictate when a win occurs. one can only haplessly blow in the wind like a leaf and hope to land on the ground and not in the fire. or lake. the game needs bots to bring stability to the game imo .. bots at teir 5 and under feels so right and fun. after a few games i am content. try to play till your content at teir 6 and up .. good luck rng will decide when you’ve been punished enough to warrant getting that 1 game where you dont get killed 3rd and get over 2k damage.. 3 ppl + 7Bots teams are great you can REALLY tell when you’ve been out played when its only 3 human players and 7 ai hazzards roaming around. unlike the 15 v 15 back stab murder fuck your time fest.

  8. Better Matchmaking : Longer queue on asian server

  9. There is another potential tank for the Marathon and in game allready, the UK heavy Charlemagne

  10. 40 seconds in the video and he already offended me 😂

  11. Dezgamez: Happy players spend more money.

  12. Dez, they didn’t say they’ll think about single/double shot gun for Skoda T56… They said they’ll test also a lower alpha dmg variant of the gun and decide between those 2. I wanted to let it slide but you’re mentioning this in every single video about Skoda so I thought I should try to let you know about it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see it….

  13. the biggest problem is novice player buy tierx and on top of 357 MM. wot still didnt fix the problem.

  14. The tanks have become too overpowered. Old players have no chance if they don’t play the latest and the greatest with gold rounds. New players have no chance.

  15. i had a if i invite a player and try to play with him for the referal bonuses…he cant be on the novice queque because he´ll be on a platoon with me?? …

  16. The new MM sounds good, keep those seal clubbers away and let the joy come back.

    But pls implement something so the players really learn to play and don’t camp with their HT

  17. Imagin the new skoda premium is the first premium tank who can switch Among 2 guns

  18. Wow, literally a premium version of the Panther 2 with lower base and premium pen, lower alpha but better dpm….Idk, honestly it is not worth it….Challenges like Borat, Renegade, Proggeto 46, EBR 75 FL and CS-52 LIS were SUPER worth it….This tank? Yeah, no, not worth it at all for me

  19. got my all female leo crew ready

  20. Why I got a commercial which deal with genital rasur : there is nothing worse then cut your balls 🤔🤦😂

  21. yeah improve the mm i hate having 7 battles in a row being 1 sided like 15-3 , 15-2 etc

  22. Kpz 07 Marathon please!

  23. WoT community has not been receptive to new players since 2015. Its not going to start now

  24. :v New match making? ILLEGAL

  25. Well, I would rather have that French tank instead of that german flower pot.

  26. dont care about new players. WG needs to take care of the people who take care of them. namely the long time players. we are the ones that have shelled out cold hard cash over the years and HAVE NOT BEEN TAJEN CARE OF. i have 15 years sales exp. (and not retail bullshit sales) and i can tell you this. it takes months to find a customer…and seconds to lose one.. next tank game thats released i will at least give it a try. if its = or better i will jump ship from this crap company and its toxic in house moderators

  27. An other Steel Hunter???

  28. Guys, they added the Girls and Panzer PZ IV H!

  29. Luís Augusto Panadés

    They need to change the fucking balancing that is a piece of shit. You have Grille 15 a fucking pushed over vehicle that is ultra underpowered and an Obj 279 (e) and other. This can’t continue like it is.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      Germans ever being fucking nerfed. They simply raise to the roof the fucking cost of repairing. Non armored vehicle with high cost of repair: the formula to lose.

  30. new MM? actually yea, i didnt have battles with arties, i mean, there were none or in the most cases 3… well done wartrashgaming

  31. Is it clubing when i play tier 10 gold only agnist this WG Rating 4000 and lower people?

  32. i hope that low alpha trash not marathon reward once again. i want some premium with good alpha which is not is6😥

  33. So does that mean we’ll get back our 3 equipment and consumable slots?

  34. Well, it just took 6 years to implement sealclub prevention. When no new players left🤦🏻‍♂️

  35. How is this going to stop the sealclubbers. I have seen enough accounts who have over 20k games in the m2 light, 65% overal winrate or something like that and never went above tier 5. So they will now only meet less resistance and sealclub even more. I think there should be a limit in tier you have and also a limit to number of battles total. Otherwise you will not stop the sealclub accounts.

  36. You should put time stamps in the description with each piece of news.

  37. They need a co op mode like wows

  38. The novices jump straight to Tier 6 and Tier 8.

  39. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Dez: Don’t buy Tier 8 premium tank as your first tank in the game…
    New Player: ZOMG! IS-6!

  40. @DezGamez What about opcrap Concept 1B? Giving tank like that to best players is shit logic.

  41. The Elephant is still in the room.

  42. Still not giving a shit about 10 ebrs in a game. Fucking wargaming

  43. what happens to new accounts from experienced players? like they will still considered novice and can still seal club with tech tree tanks (t67)… so not perfectly executed sadly :/

  44. *Let´s (Re)roll!*

  45. I think they meant worse matchmaking

  46. So for seal clabing just create new acc get som op tech tre tanks like rusian meds and hevies and get 5 tier brit hevy tank play full gold have fun 🤣 get recrutation reward on your main acc

  47. Hope mm becomes better and better. Last time i played i had 11 losses in a row where i was basically last man standing against 10+ players. Absolutely zero balanced games. I never play in clans or platoons. It is not hard to see the game algorythm placing you in games so you have the exact same winrate.

  48. MM is still trash, 70% of Tier 8 can’t play vs tier Tier 10.
    Tier 10 is totally unplayable.
    MM is full of 46-48% bots, so another crap.and useless update …

  49. DezGamez: the breaking wot news channel 😉

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