NEW MEGA MAUS 🔴 Record Hit Points | World of Tanks Field Modification Sandbox Test

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Most HP Ever Build with New Field Modification. World of Tanks Field Modification SandBox 2021 – New Equipment Loadout Feature. World of Tanks Sandbox 2021. World of Tanks Update 1.14+ Patch News.

00:00 Introduction
01:25 Explaining and Example How It Works
10:40 Setting Up MAUS
13:10 Double Equipment Loadout
15:15 Example Battle
19:20 Conclusion

Yesterday I uploaded an introduction episode about the upcoming Field Modification feature, is under testing on the supertest server. Today however, let's take a bit closer look at it to see how everthing works. Let's set up couple tanks, including the mighty Maus.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Matas Vinikaitis

    build a firepower focused setup with the 60TP

  2. The better players get better and everyone else can go screw themselves by the look of things. The fact some russian tier X heavies can now get up to 70kmh is just outrageously stupid.

  3. This is a really bad idea

  4. John Tamosaitis 2006

    The problem with this is that most players don’t have any free XP to use, unless WG gives everyone a million free XP. IMHO, training crews and using any XP to skip past really bad tanks when grinding a new line is more important to most players.

  5. this is so stupid, when this comes live the gap between good and bad players will even more widen than it already has with bond equipment …

  6. Retropaintball clips

    Think the game went into drain with this field mods. Just wait till they merge this with crew 2.0…then I will not play this game anymore

  7. Виталий Беляцкий

    Ahah turbo maus )))

  8. oh blimey time to save up creds

  9. Guelberson Brendé

    the game is already fuck unbalance, now tier 10 will bullying even more the tiers 8 and tier 8 will destroy tier 6…. artys will get the chance to make even more dmg whith the increase HP from HT. i can see that the game will be over faster than ever (2-3 min gameplay gg)

  10. Hurray more grinding. WG is making the mistake with this, the last thing this game needs is more grinding. They need to bring the fun of playing the game back and they need to start bring back decent rewards. This is no longer a fun game to play and the rewards have fallen off a cliff. If this is put in the game, it will add to the ever growing list of the reasons why I play less and less and less.

  11. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Great news, but why restrict it to tiers VI and higher?! Noobs should face the gold spam right from the beginning!!

  12. well this is shit

  13. so after they introduced crew 2.0 and field modifications and with premium consumables, food, directives and full gold ammo on my chieftain …. will i finally be competitive??

  14. that is a hell of a lot of XP you need yay triple the GRIND i so cant wait

  15. I like the alternate ammo/consumable load out, but the rest of it looks like an unbalanced grind fest. I just want them to give Elite and Collector Tanks the option of being Premiums if you pay a fee. Say you can’t afford a gold tank right now, but you do have some gold, and some elite tanks in the mid tier. So, pay a little, and your tank earns 25% more credits and XP for like 100 battles or permanently depending on the amount. (like rental camo vs gold camo)
    Additionally, they might want give tier 5 and under +1 MM, since they don’t get access to any of this.

  16. If you can choose 2 equipment setups it would make sense to have 2 sets of those perks as well, because if you can choose between less he DMG or more top speed in one slot it mostly depends on map you are building your tank for.

  17. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    150k credits for slot 1, 150k credits for slot 2…so if you change your mind and choose the first opction you have to pay AGAIN 150k credits for an equipment you already had…that’s a scam, I hope this is changed in the future, if not many players will spend millions of credits just switching equipment but if the idea is to get more premium accounts out of them then the mastermind after this project sure had a brilliant idea, Da.

    Ed: It’s WG we are talking about, so ofc money is the priority for them lol.

  18. Nothing wrong with this change, more powercreep, more 15-1 games. Gotta give WG more money…

  19. Hello @DezGamez very nice videos as usual, please can you try the new modification with FV4005 with the new HE , yesterday my T30 got 1 shot from premium HE in normal game

  20. Oh man… D:

  21. The Great Sluggo5

    cool concept but… do not add this to the game. this is going to make the skill gap or even pay wall so much worse. unless this is made completely free.

  22. As per other comments, no chance for new gamers.

  23. This has good features but I’d be happier if it gave you just 2 ammo/consumable options only. This is gonna break wheelies more than they already are and with HE changes coming, those armored tanks you have to dig out now will be even harder due to the extra hit points…. *This has some good ideas and is WAY better than anything WG hits with during the crew 2.0 fiasco

  24. The choices might be okayish, the loadouts are not. NOT looking forward to OP lights being optimized for every map…

  25. i actually like this idea. Of course i would need to see more details on what the exact options are, but it gives more customizable options which is a good thing.

  26. yes this plays to the whales. No thanks

  27. Another almost pay to win feature

  28. Come on, tune Bobject, 279e, Cheesetain, ebr to the max.

  29. Just Doing It Jim

    All of that battle experience that I thought was wasted when I forgot to check the “accelerate crew training” box, can now be used up! Because ain’t no way I’m trading gold to turn that into free experience!

  30. crimsonlightbinder

    still a meatball

  31. Rainier Pomeranians

    in the real world, only the addicted unicums are going to have this sort of experience and time… lots and lots of time to spend.

  32. Now who laughts at me when i have on obj252 u 1.750.000 exp ??? Who laughts at me when my T54 mod1 have 2.500.000 exp ??? Who ???

  33. Day 3 still waiting for meme review

  34. Just another money sink for the experienced players and those less good or new players can suffer.

  35. So you have to use exp to get these mods, well if your vehicle has elite status or its a premium vehicle then you don`t make vehicle exp, you can only use the free exp and who has millions of free exp to spare? You can get get free exp if you convert it with gold, something tells me this is a new money making scheme?

  36. This is utter bullshit, no point what so ever playing anymore as a f2p player. I thought of quitting when the upgradeable equipment came, but now im done.

  37. Finally balancing the game and introduce real matchmaking?
    Nah let’s just fuck it up even more by increasing the gap between old and new players.
    Wargaming really are idiots.

  38. I would love to see changes this brings to light tanks

  39. boristhebarbarian

    is this only tier X or all tiers because if this is all tiers super sealclubbing Part II will be on us…

  40. When I logged into the sandbox yesterday I had 200k bonds but ZERO credits, gold, and free xp…bug?

  41. Just unlocked my final tech tree tank and was wondering what the point of renewing my premium account would be. Guess WG is trying to find a way of continuing the grind to keep premium accounts relevant

  42. Thanks WG for more p2w systems. I am looking forward to playing with the same tank that is X% better than mine because they have tons of free exp or boosters.

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