New Mega Troll From France | World of Tanks Char Futur 4 Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Char Futur 4 Gameplay, New 9 French Medium Tank. World of Tanks Char Futur 4, Tier 9 Special Reward Medium Tank. World of Tanks Frontline 2020 and Steel Hunter Rewards.

In my previous episode I featured new Russian heavy Object 777 Version II, in this episode something from France. 9 special medium Char Futur 4.
It is a lot more fun compared to the Object 777 II, but it is not the easiest one to play.

Let’s take a look!


  1. Tier 9 elc amx

  2. This tanks secret weapon is the accuracy…

  3. YOu forgot the t10 arty

  4. interesting means weak

  5. Looks like udes eith long aoto loader

  6. So it has td damage, light tank camo, light tank speed, medium tank armor, and highly accurate high velocity apcr? Could you maybe consider that in your review, Dez? I remember you giving the 268 4, 430u, and ebrs great reviews and all of those hurt our community quite badly.

    • But still this tank reload 37 sec so if light or medium cath you you dont have a chance,has no armor so 95% poeple on this tank will be easy dmg.Its hard to play

    • @Staw222 Like the Borrasque? This is a better version of that, and the criteria to Ace it are already astronomically high.

    • Bro wtf are you talking about, stop spitting up bullshit. Td damage? 390? You clearly havent played tier 9 yet. Dpm? Bad. Light tank camo? Are you kidding me? you think 19% stationary is light tank camo? The rest ill give you a pass on because its true

    • TD damage? lol? 390 alpha, that’s standard medium tank alpha at tier 9
      Camo is very so slightly above average but not the best medium camo at tier 9 and still pretty far from LT camo and doesn’t retain any camo on the move
      light tank speed? Not even close to LTs and is just about as average as you can get for medium tank mobility for the tier
      medium tank armor? This thing has some of the worst in class armor at tier 9 for medium tanks, many of the LTs have better armor than this does
      It does have really good shell velocity but it’s on par with many of the other tier 9 mediums
      its not “highly accurate”, pretty far from that actually. It has AWFUL bloom stats, mediocre aim time, average dispersion. let’s not forget about how this thing has almost no elevation and below-average gun depression or the fact that it has a 4 second reload between shots and long drum reload which give this tank one of the single worst DPMs at tier 9 LTs included

      I’m really not sure where you are coming from with this but stop trying to make an average tank seem broken when it’s far from that

    • @Jonathan Larkby the gimmick of the Borrasque is poor accuracy and awkward mobility in exchange for high potential clip damage in a really short burst and semi ok reload. this tank isn’t similar at all

  7. Motovlog dez plz

  8. Me: 4sec intraclip reload suck.
    Dez&Skill: This tank is special.
    Clearly it is being promoted. But common it’s watered down version of batchat.

  9. Epic video man

  10. WG has to slow down introducing all this stuff. Really feels like they know the game is dying and want to make a quick buck before the death of WoT.

  11. I will have hard time deciding if I will take this or soviet guy… I know I will not get 2 tanks an Phase dont look like something for me

  12. hmmmm did anyone noticed that french tanks are the most annoying / OP tanks i mean they have one of the op-st tanks in the game like LEFH,EBR, Bat-chat(AUTOLOADER ARTY CMONE), other Bat-chat .. and yeah am i the only one who thinks this ???
    EDIT: before anyone see this okey i know russians are russians 😀

    • The only high tier French tank that is meta is the EBR 105 and leff is just plain op for its tier but everything else is definitely not meta nor OP

  13. Cant wait to pick up this tank. Obj 777 can wait.

  14. Is it hard to get one of this 3 tanks

  15. bagetted UDES :DDDD

  16. Where is the “motovlog dez plz” guy?

  17. Transonik Armory

    ” Chad Fuhrer 4″

  18. Notorious pile of crap

  19. I rather pick this one over Obj. 777 II… Object has nothing special to offer, it’s just another Russian tank…

  20. Sniper auto-loader

  21. At first I was thinking about going for Obj. 777 ver. 2. But now I’m thinking about going for Char, feels like tank for my style of play exactly. Only thing that bothers me at the moment is that 4 sec before each shots, would love it at 3.5 or something in the range of this.

  22. question its possible to dismount the repairkit and put on other tank whit same no refill coast?

  23. 4 second interclip ? thats a hard pass for me.

  24. Wachira Narongsack

    Tjaarrt fuutuuurrr FOOR
    Why not “quatre” 😉

  25. Great review my old friend!! Thank you! Take care, Vern….the old man

  26. 12:38 welcome to *World of Cancer artillery*

  27. WoT_ GamingElite

    Still prefer Object 777 II

  28. This is what we need..more no skill clip tanks…4X390 ok:(

    • its 4 seconds between shots 12 seconds to get off 4 shots, if one of these gets a full clip into you, its your fault

    • @LewdHawk Tell this to slow tanks like Tortoise or T95…1600dmg in 12 sec not OP:)
      Just give tank single shot gun…

    • ​@Tony Valdez that’s not OP, especially not with the reload it has when empty…

    • Not to add the dpm is way lower than the amx30

      If it gets you you had it coming and teammates failed you. It’s not a hit and run tank most autoloaders can do similar damage in much less time

  29. those jealous arty scums …truly the worst of world of tanks.

  30. Arty whant you because you are a new tank for he´s colection of killed tanks.

  31. Nikola Radosavljevic

    It looks like you dont have cammo skills on, thats why its cammo is so low

  32. This is the only expedition tank I want

  33. You should play some more armor warfare

  34. So, which tank from 3 is the best one?

    • The 777 seems to be the most noob friendly of the 3 and the char futur seems to have a fairly high skill cap while the phase 1 seems to be the best all rounder

  35. Fuck this cancer game wot, fuck quicky Gay

    Wot the scams game of 2020.

    Do you want to lose money without fun?

    Play WOT.

    If it doesn’t matter that you play against Bots and Cheaters, then play WOT.

    Does it matter to you that you lose nine out of ten games?

    Then play WOT.

    The sick game of 2020 that is unparalleled.

    Wot the scam game from 2020 WOT.

  36. Freshwater Spaceman

    This vehicle looks right up my street but then there’s that 4 second intraclip reload… Urgh, I don’t think I could hack it. Looks painful!

  37. If this could be the standard reloading time for an entire clip and for all auto loading tanks then, this game wouldn’t be so …progetto 😀

  38. Two vids in one days deserves a like IMO

  39. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    AE phase 1 is the only competitive tank of those

  40. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    Give this tank 25sec reload and i wont mind the 4sec but 40sec reload is way too much

  41. Garbage tank. 4 seconds? I’ll take an amx 30 that has a couple seconds more with NO 40 second reload

    • Fair point altho you have to take into account the better accuracy and better pen and fast shells and smaller profile

      Then again l love my amx30 and that monster dpm

  42. This tank is just Bourrasque but on steroids

  43. It’ll take a while to used to the inter-clip reload, but I’m excited to my hands on one!

  44. I wil be getting this for sure. Fits my playstyle far more than 777 and I already have Phase 1.

  45. Ismail Xatzisouleiman

    Dez you need crew skills lessons dude

  46. How i can get it? I fucking love franch tanks

  47. I see Dez has opted for unskippable ads…qq

  48. Give the tank 3.3 sec intraclip and it’s playable.

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