New MEGA Update 1.18 in 156 Seconds | All You Need To Know

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Source: DezGamez

What with World of Tanks Update 1.18 .World of Tanks Update 1.18 Patch Review – Tank Destroyers, New Map Outpost, and M4 54 Rebalance, Big Tank Rebalance, Matchmaking Changes, Big Map Rebalance and More.

What do you think?


  1. As far as I know, it should come to NA and Asia server on 30th and EU 31st…
    But are you hyped? IMO, ther are very many positive and good changes, let see how it affects the game overall!
    Stay classy, beautiful and have a good one!

    • For EU, we already have the option to download the patch. Super excited for the changes.

    • I cant even enter the game beyond account log in here at SEA Region

    • already 10hrs in to maintenance on the asia servers and still getting pushed back

    • This update is a killer move, part of the cumminty is gonna leave the game FOREVER! Bc the mm will have only those tds (Didn’t play on almost a year and is much better!) Plus more maps sure why not more unfair pain, can’t block had many maps people want yep this GAME IS UNFAIR AND BROKEN PAY TO WIN! Sorry cap, I hope this game will lose many players.

    • What will be with AE Phase 1 (new track physics)? It has 2 separate tracks per side, and should act like yoh tanks, when one is destroyed the other one can pull/push with slower speed… I think that noone in WG realise this yet, but i want to ask you for your opinion…

  2. All you need to know : unistall this shit game.

  3. Nerfing the Koran and releasing a new op replacement… do people not see this as purposeful? Just done to pull free x5, credits and gold thru the game Econ

  4. I’m excited for this patch. Lots of good updates

  5. Every time something new comes along the community cries “OP”, as if we haven’t had slow, armored tanks with minimal weakspots ever before. E3, Kranvagn, Chief, 279, Badger, IS-7, hell even Obj 263 is nearly impossible to penetrate frontally if LFP is hidden. These new tanks are nothing special and seem balanced.

  6. A broken game got more broken. I came back for a bit of fun after 5 years and almost everything is impenetrable. To fix Gold Rounds, they upped the armour and eliminate weak spots. Tiger II at tier 8 went from 185mm to 245mm (32% ⬆️) on the turret is mind bogerling. Still gonna be shitty in tier 10 battle but OP in lower tiers.

    All they have to do is just leave tier 9-10 in their own MM. Tier 8 and below can be 2+. That way you don’t have to worry about balancing from top to bottom everytime.

  7. All I need to know is, tk anyone playing the new Tr X td.

  8. love how you said think T10E3 with a turret, pretty much what the E4 should’ve been lol

  9. The abby nerf is gonna be a pain.. I miss boosting up there to take advantage of the yololing lights… guess Ill go down low and shoot into them like Ive done before


    *Let’s just appreciate how they always manage to put a smile on our faces whenever we feel negative!*


    *Let’s just appreciate how they always manage to put a smile on our faces whenever we feel negative!*

  12. 156 Seconds of pure information, Deznews does not fail to deliver.

  13. Hum, too bad I can only quit this game once 😀

  14. add more lower place cover position, add more no weak spot turrets, they doing everything to service those gold spamer

  15. Thanks dude, can not say it often enough. These videos are great 👍

  16. I see nothing has changed since I stopped playing the game one year ago. Not a single reason to return.

  17. so what are the nerfs on the T67?

  18. Why have the 60TP in the battle pass when we already have a 60TP 3D skin from the lootboxes WG never fails to fail.

  19. 3 min video+all important information, excellent thank you dez

  20. Well done Dez, love this type of video.

  21. And they still won’t remove +2 matchmaking

  22. Italian TD’s will just replace the kranvagn in the hulldown meta making it even worse.

  23. I am very concerned about these new TD’s I hope they don’t ruin random battles.

  24. Jg Pz E100 gold: I’m gonna pen everything
    this tank: I’m gonna end this man career

  25. amazing video quality <3

  26. Great vid had everything short and quick, thanks!!

  27. Kiedy on będzie?

  28. The server still down?

  29. And world of tanks blitz will wait for the line for other couple of months or weeks.

  30. Day 234 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  31. American heavies now useless

  32. Really WG!!! They had the sense to rebalance the M103 but not the T110E5 or T57 Heavy??? Both the USA T10 HT need buffing. :(((

  33. MEGA same WG Putin Shit !!!

  34. Andrija Brankovic

    Boy, am I glad I’m not playing this game any more. It became total bullcrap.

  35. RIP Škoda T25… you were a fun tank after they killed ELC AMX.

  36. this fuck game needet a new Matchmaking

  37. I’m not even currently playing the game, but when i see that i can find out what’s new in 2 minutes, i click.

  38. FCK WG with “map re-balance”… HE “nerf” and every single map change was for one purpose… HT hull down shoot gold to pen commander hatch. this game was lost it’s touch….

  39. The question is when this update 1.18?

  40. Aleksa Mijatović

    When is this update

  41. Hello Dez 👋
    Bought a small package today. Have to look at my budget, sorry.
    Thanks anyway and keep up the good work.
    Stay nice, stay . . . 👍👍👍

  42. PickelJars ForHillary

    1.18 killed the SEA server lol

  43. It came to the ASIA server and crashed the servers for a delay of about 8 hours past the due time for restart

  44. Dimitar Petkanski

    When it is coming to the official servers?

  45. I mean what they can do it’s to even further update de physix and graphics , i mean If u have a capable hardver , even on my laptop at ultra i have 140-200 fps Wich its very good and a very well optimizated game , maybe implementation of dlss and Rtx in the future ? Idkk but the game it’s getting better and better 😄

  46. Too little too late

  47. I still don’t understand what wg is trying to do with maps rebalance

  48. there is no patch who can fix the low avarage IQ level. this game is still rotten

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