New MODS, Maps, Turbo, Buffs & Nerfs | World of Tanks Update 1.13 Patch Notes Review

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Hitpoints Mod, Improved Turbo, New Maps, Recon Missions in World of Tanks 1.13 Patch Notes Update – HE Shells Rework, Artillery Rework (New Ammo), Buffs and Nerfs – EBR 105 Nerfed, 5 Heavy, KV-2 and T49 Buffed. World of Tanks Update 1.13 Preview, New Ranked Battles and New Units, Battle Pass Season 5 and More.

► Information from:
– Official update 1.13 patch notes:

Video chapters:
00:00 Introduction
01:20 Announcement
03:15 New HE showcase
04:35 HP & Commander camera Mod added
07:44 Recon Missions
10:15 Blueprint conversion
11:45 Tank Buffs
15:40 Minsk map rework
18:00 BP S5 Styles and
20:50 Improver Turbo/Compressor
22:35 Annoucement Details and Conclusion

In my previous video I showcased upcoming changes to the Artillery and HE ammo, so this time let me talk about all the other new features coming with this massive patch – including them adding HP Mods to the game, new units, map and recon missions, battle pass, ranked battles and more!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Big things under test, new maps, community mods, new equipment and systems… What do you think about all of this? Please let me know! 🙂
    Also, thnaks to our new sponsor of the channel, I was able to make another GA for you, check it out: 🔥
    As always, much love, enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for more action! ❤

    • Hi DEZ.
      My opinion is:
      -1: If you play a durpgun your loading 20sec. or more and you deal 50dmg or less,becasue you didnt penetrate hes armor and he loading 14-16sec. and deal 400-800dmg to you!!!
      YES ALL WE WAITING THIS CHANGE! (nope,this is a joke)
      -2: The durpgun have 0.4-0.55 ac., tell me pls,howe you shot the week spot on a 200-300m far target?
      -3: Why splash dmg is removed? They dont know how to work the HE AMMO or what?
      -4: The arty 6 sense is another joke…you have no time to DODGE,because you fighting,arty shots are not slow and they SPLASH you 300-600dmg,because WG didnt remove artys SPLASH dmg…where is the BALANCE???
      -5: OP tanks are more OP after this…nice try kill a hull down Cheftard or Obj 279e or a 3300hp Maus,hull down beasts…HOW you kill??? (GOLD AMMO???,,Didnt pen armor!,,)
      -6: If they remove the splash dmg from the tanks…remove splash dmg from the artys too!!!
      (or dont remove any splash dmg,because its not fair)
      -7: Limit artys 1/battle,because if there are 3 artys 90% matches,its not funny! REALLY!

      Have a good weekend!
      Stay awesome! Bye

    • @Spy Sir Stop spamming this, ive seen it 3 or 4 times already

    • Thanks dez i rly loves giveaways

    • Deznutz Im looking forward to see some speedy duck action….The Mighty AMX-40. Please place the badass booster, improved sentinels or idk , and some good old fuel 😅😏😜

    • I love this game but I’m an Xbox player and compared to PC the upgrade I’ve seen vary do you have any info for console players?

  2. “new he shells have no splash” so its no longer high explosive?

  3. HE is just another AP shell in the game with worse RNG then the rest. It just a change for the 1% tomatoes who wanna be hull down in their op is7’s 279e’s t95 chieftans and other heavies with 0 weakpoints on the turret for people to cause damage. People just need to learn to play with HE the way it is now. The game has enough 1 sided games in it. Putting a op armored heavy vs a tank that is based off a derp gun and now the derp can’t damage because of the changes. Well guess what wargaming, Changing HE nurfs all premium tanks who have HE guns or used HE to do damage when needed. Congrats for lying about nurfing premiums.

  4. Now it looks like android game

  5. Marko Lazarevic

    These HE changes are idiotic. Yes HE were not perfect, but just reducing their damage when non penetrating would be much better that this. This kills the point of HE. And yes of course they can be unbalanced, but instead of changing, balance them, dont change and basically make low penetration AP

  6. Boooo still no modern tanks !!! Boooooo !!!

  7. E50m will be more fast… And ram kill…

  8. I’ like new maps and ups for fun.

  9. Sad that a tier 8 scout have more view range as the most of the tier 10 and RiP my loved 4005

  10. Tomi Pohjanlehto

    Server: EU
    Nick: AAKettu

    Omfg, this HE changes are so crap :/

  11. I think they need to do something with the people who didn’t get event tanks but still grind the add-ons to them. The crew men and discount for the next tank aren’t very helpful for players spending less money in game.

  12. The mini map hp indicators,commander’s top down view is great, I already use these via a mod.
    I don’t like the HE changes & I think it’s going to trash my favorite derp tanks.
    Recon missions gets a big thumbs up, only if WG actually listens to player feedback.
    The bounty turbo just shows where WG is aiming to take the game. Everything is getting faster & hitting harder. EBR 105 with this turbo will be ridiculously fast. So get ready for 2 minute games

  13. Harangozo Zoltan

    Renegade in standard premum shop? in eu shop is not in….

  14. Server: EU
    ID: aiming_PHOENIX

    These changes are really interesting, but I’m not sure about the HE ones…

  15. When patch is out?

  16. Jonas the dumb youtuber

    Dezgamez you are the best youtuber for wot bcz you show everything thats new

  17. Artillery is massively nerfed in this update

  18. All they need to do is write a bit of code so that anything that increases speed can’t be mounted on wheeled vehicles. Surely that is an easy thing for them to do.

  19. social3ngin33rin

    Killing your own game with changes
    Killing it softly
    with changes
    no one asked for.
    Killing it, softlyyyyyyyy

    Stupid HE change…

    @12:53 Wrong. If we have learned anything. Penetrating and doing dmg, is better than chancing a shot for zero damage. Look at Steel Hunter for an example. Gold spam is highly advantageous to spam; and that’s free ammo so players have a clear choice. Gold simply needs to be removed, then rebalancing will finally make sense and we will see clearly lines of pay2win cancer tanks vs tech tree.

    Stupid 3D styles…enabling only “historical styles” does nothing to them…hmmm, I wonder why….pay2win cancer bs

  20. uninstall

  21. interesting changes! good review and info! Thanks!
    Server: EU
    ID: Shroomtasy

  22. ooo new maps finaly and 1 spg for game ohh thats awsome

  23. Server: EU
    ID: Jan73s
    Vehicle HP in team panels, finally in vanilla client!

  24. hang on a second
    how do you gona do the bomber medal (kill 2 tanks with 1 shot) if there is no splash?

  25. So if I jump in to my Foch 155, it will carry all before it ?

  26. New players won’t see the badger.

  27. I like the levels of skin option idea!

  28. Some great content, thanks for another great video Dez 🙂

  29. Still hating the HE change, because it just makes the shells behave in a completely illogical way. I know this isn’t a simulator, that it’s far from 100% realism. But HE that doesn’t splash is just going too far in the direction of unrealistic, IMO.

    Server: NA
    ID: Lord_Magus

  30. Showing your Hit Points on the mini map is not good, you go down on points and then you suddenly see you getting targeted and swarmed with light tanks trying to finish you off … this is very controversal !!! Its going to chabge the game in a negative way..

  31. Well if you think about it HE shells have very little tolerance to the tip of the shell being damaged so they explode on impact. If you hit the wheels like he did to the EBR the shell still has to go trough 3-4 wheels which means more things to penetrate. But it doesn’t do damage…. The main purpose of HE shells in tank combat is exactly to splash and cause a shock wave which deals the damage.

  32. Aleksandar Drekic

    No brains in WG, just hunger for money…That is why they are stealing ideas and not making their own…

  33. 13:03 WHOAA 5600 premium pen that’s crazy.

  34. The only part of this update I don’t like and hope doesn’t enter the live server is HE penetrating spaced armour. WG please don’t let HE penetrate screens.

  35. Bad bad Update again, op hulldown Monster tanks will bei unbeatable, chieftain, 279, is7 all will be safe vor he ammo! 279 frontal no way to damage with he or so less less dmg that its useless! Wg its a bullshit horror patch for wot, especially for the FTP Players! And the EBRs are still to strong After the patch wtf!

  36. I would win a prize ?

  37. Gotta get that improved turbo on my T95. Zoom turtle is the best tank

  38. When will it be released??

  39. Gary #314159265358979323846

    The arty stuff seems hit or miss, but the rest I’m stoked for

  40. HE “rework” is STUPID

  41. Wait a minute, so you can’t get the bounty turbo through Battle Pass? If it’s ranked mode only then it’s going to make A LOT of players salty.

  42. Where is the plus damage for standard ammo vs special??? If I remember well… they tested it and was approved by the community…

  43. Liberty or Death 1776

    What’s the point of improving the M60 frontal armor if it is going to keep that huge weak spot on its head? I’d rather they had just improved what it’s already good at…gun handling and speed.

  44. NOONE asked for HE Changes – NEW UNNESESERY GARBAGE WORK from WG.

  45. 1:05 That expression reminded me of Meathead Militia when he was working for WG America. What a legendary man.

  46. Frank Litzenberger

    So, I know people want to complain about the he changes but hear me out. Imagine you are grinding through a tech tree and finally make it to tier 4 (or 6 for new players). all of the sudden you are getting blasted by toxic kv2 platoons who use them exclusively to seal club. Now new players (or unfortunate tech tree grinders) are sent to the garage time after time after time by broken derp guns. This change needs to happen, if for no other reason than the fact that the opening tiers are so toxic right now.

  47. Woah, this turbo is ridiculous. Imagine extra turboed t95

  48. New HE changes could be a good thing. At last my Maus and T110E3 can go hull down and use the armour without getting spammed by HE shells. RIP Type 5 heavy 😀!

  49. I will now download SB again.


  50. Patrick Johansen

    tink this upgrade is asom 🙂

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