NEW – Most Waited SPG NERFS to M44, Buff to M103 and T32! | World of Tanks 1.18+ News

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World of American Tanks T32 and M103 Buffed, Artillery Nerf to M44. World of Tanks M103 Gameplay, 9 American Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.18+ Patch News.

Today with yet another batch of vehicles which will be nerfed or buffed by WG. This time focusing on American tanks such as T32 and M103, but also one of the longest-awaited nerfs to the M44 Artillery.

What do you think about all of this?


  1. Sad about the m44 nerfs,anyone can get it and it’s the only thing that can go against 279es and chieftains.
    Sad,really sad…



  3. I was waiting a LOOOOONG time for the M44 nerfs…

  4. M44 5th nerf in as many years!! Not fair WG should give players the option to trade in their Arty and get some gold and free retraining for crews. Nerfing tech trees out of the game is wrong. The whiners and arty callers in the game should remember that nerfing tech tree makes OP reward tanks stronger. The only way to get OP reward tanks is to cheat the campaign missions. So when WG makes your tech tree tanks weaker they are supporting the cheaters in the game. So next your in your tier 8 facing a 279e that you cannot pen you want the arta to hit them for 11 damage remember the whiners and whinges getting arty nerfed lol

  5. LwGamerDerEchte

    T29.. only 12,2s reload would be enough

  6. I guess wot just want to get you to fire more gold. Nerfs and buffs will always happen. They should look at blitz maps and learn how to make a map that is fun to play. There map design is rubbish. WoT stop mucking around with things, and fix your game. So you buff some US tank armor, that is a joke as prem rounds can have crazy pen 360mm pen. Total joke. So if you press the 2 key you do so much better and can go straight through the strongest armor of the tank.

  7. Meanwhile, Pz. VII line is sitting in the corner, still foolishly thinking it will be buffed one day

  8. Syahareen Sha Rani

    USA gets buffs and nerfs: Yey

    Meanwhile in Germany from Tiger P to Panzer 7 tech tree: *sniffs* ….

  9. What?, no clown car nerf yet?………

  10. I was thrilled about this video until you said they nerfed the T29. The only decent American heavy I have and they nerf it? expletive acronym deleted

    • well if that is the only decent US HT for u, then u dont have the Skill to reach the Skillcap of the other ones, E5 has a very high Skillcap and so the T32 and M103 have, they can outperform so hard, IF they are played well. Renegade is like a tier 8 E5, it slaps when u play it well. That is not an insult, I just say u may not rdy to utilize the Tanks

  11. T32 need +20mm pen

  12. The T-29 NERF is totally unjustified! Now it is going to be sitting in the garage for those who have it. A slight Nerf would have been sufficient, but this is a big slap in the face.

  13. Most of the changes I would agree with. The T29 does not need to be nerfed so hard. The mobility and gun statistics are fine as they are. It feels sluggish to turn as it is in comparison to other heavies in the same tier.

  14. Zan Wright MFWR

    As a T32 fan, I’m delighted to get more buffs. For me, T32 is already good after the 2019 buff. People just don’t know how to play it imo, I had great games in it even if I’m facing Defenders, T56s, and AMBTs.

  15. Finally someting happen.

  16. Iwan Hoogendoorn

    Arties and the M44 up front can not be nerfed enough.

  17. What about buffs to poor Churchill line

  18. Vladimir Mihajlovic

    Wg out here nerfing tier 7 tanks. What the actuall fuck. T29 was like one of the only good ones at that tier…

  19. Finaly i can play the M6 without feeling the need to kill myself everytime i play that tank

  20. I don’t know why WG doesn’t just delete the tanks it nerfs from the game. You get tanks because they have some properties. What right does WG have to devalue our investment in the game and damage the tanks we enjoy playing with? They must not be surprised that fewer and fewer people are playing the game. In the end, only those who poured thousands of EUR into the game and now regret their investment will be left. Just like random behavior. 340 heat ding ebr. What kind of nonsense is this. The game is full of such nonsense now.

  21. T29 was already balanced out by its bad DPM and bit sluggish mobility ._.

    Also generally an artillery target, so arty balances it too

  22. Any nerf to arties put smile on my face but what about missions ? (They should delete em or again lower requirements)

  23. Finally they adressed m44s and t-29s nice wg. I’d also like to see some other buffs nerfs to other tanks, like for example tiger P and pz VII buff and a nerf on vz55 and the infamous reward tanks

  24. T29 wasn’t nerfed as hard as people make it out to be, the only thing that can be debateable is the reload nerf, 2 seconds is pretty big.

  25. M44 is shiti tank. Shoots like banana. More nerf? Unreal.

  26. Crazy to think that M6 already has same gun as T20 but with much better DPM. And WG is buffing DPM even more and aim time(together with view range, reverse speed, turret armour, HP).

  27. sad that the e5 become no buff like littelbit more speed for the meta :/

    • well it just got buffed 1 or 2 years ago, and speed is fine, its faster then a S Conq, and if u need more, just drop the vents and use a turbo in a second layout

  28. Nice to see that wargaming ignored the 90mm M3 gun on the T29,so for me this nerf isnt going to change much 🙂

  29. People who play arty usually have a much higher IQ than normal tankers.
    Wargaming nerfing arty means the average IQ of the playerbase will drop again when more arty lovers quit.
    so stop complaining that your team is a bunch of morons, it is YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT.

    would you rather operate a BM-21 Grad in Ukraine eating cookies or sit in a Frontline T-72 and die?

  30. I don’t know about anyone else, but if one of the tanks I already have is nerfed, I simply stop playing it. As for arty, the player base want a max of 1 per game max on each side but instead, WG just messes with with. Of well, at least its an M44 nerf.

  31. So what do you think about all of this?
    In a nutshell, T29 nerfs do not affect the overall gameplay as its main feature still remains the same hull down beast, now with quite a bit worse firepower tho… T32 seems quite beasty, but M103… Are those buffs enough?
    Have a nice day!

  32. Kagton Blackmoon

    T-29 nerf may be a little too much, but it definitely needed a hit with the nerf bat, let’s be honest it was at a level with some tier 8 tanks. T-1 Heavy will be a beast in it’s tier now with the right equipment, when the yoh tanks came out I used hardening, vents, and turbo and it was quite good. M6 has needed love for years. T-32 will finally be an upgrade from the 29, M103 has been a victim of power creep, hopefully this is enough of a buff. M-44 was just toxic hopefully it’s nerfed enough. Why didn’t they give the 34 some mobility love? It’s a bit behind the meta, 5% engine power, and 1-2 second faster rate of fire would be good for it.

  33. Ryokajimo Sensei

    The just quite literally made the Patriot irrelevant lmao

  34. The PEN buff history on T32 is quite fascinating. From having the same 198 pen gun with T29, then buffing to 208 BUT with a different gun name, then to this current 218 value. It took them soooo many years to realize its pen is one of its major problems.

  35. Clemens Neuhauss

    wtf they do to my t29 wtf

  36. Once again wargaming forcing tier 8’s to fire gold by buffing m103 weakspot to 200. At least, forcing lights and mediums to do it

  37. Whats the point of buffing everything besides E5….line will be even more useless with nerfed t29

  38. Didnt they already give M44 a big nerf when they rebalanced all arty last time?

  39. The t110E5 still needs a buff. The giant weak spot on the top makes it bad at doing the one thing it needs to do. I hate this trend. It has a large weak spot on the top that makes it kinda bad. Super conq has a hard to hit weak spot. Then the Kran has none. But to nerf the Kran they go the option of not fixing the problem.
    -The T29 view rage and reload time were enough of a nerf. Didn’t need more

  40. T29 nerf is complete BS. M44 nerf, only because it’s not a premium like the leaf blower. Honestly, WG is stupid, because they could have sold a metric ton of a premium version of the M44 had they made one.

  41. I don’t understand why the need to nerf the m44, the big ammo nerf was enough thanks to the lack of artillery we’ve the boring games with all the hull down monsters playing long minutes chasing every other.

  42. Quit nerfing everything!

  43. 3 marked T1 ehavy 1 year ago. 39 km/h and 60 tons. its a ramming beast.

  44. Best arti nerf would be limiting 1 per side problem solved

  45. Almost never play T29 anymore, it’s too slow in Meta. Do not need any nerf. Was my favorit tank some years ago. Byt now it just collect dust!

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