New Nations, Maps, Crew 2.0, Buffs and Nerfs, More Rewards! | World of Tanks Developer Q&A

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks New Crew 2.0 System, More Rewards, New Tanks and Nations, Wheeled Tanks Nerf, Chieftain and Object 279e Situation, Tank Buffs and More. World of Tanks New Map, Minsk, . World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary Rewards.

Today I am going to cover one of the Developer Q&A sessions NA community managers had together with NA CCs.
In that video they talk about many interesting topic and I am going to cover what in my opinion where the most interesting ones!


►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. If you could ask some questions from developers, what would you ask? I am serious here! 🙂
    Let me know! ⛔

    • How about releasing a map making tool and then having a competition for some community made maps? I can guarantee you there are some players out there who are very talented and inventive and can give the current maps some serious competition.

    • @Shanti Shanti ur name is litterally Shanti

    • @Roger Mischke brill idea, maybe even awards for like beautiful and fairness

  2. @DezGamez If you would have to choose one tank where you will going to reach 11 perks on the crew membes which tank would it be?

  3. I have the Chieftain myself but only played it a hundred battles because of the fact its just unbalanced.

    Also what WG is saying is just bullshit. I know people with 800 wn8 (and no i dont want to blame not so good players) that have the chieftain or the Obj 279 its not very hard anymore. So why not just nerd them so they are still good but not OP by any means? I just dont get this philosopy from WG its the only Online PVP Game I know thats giving a small amount of (Clan-)Players Items or Goods (however you wanna call it) that are far more stronger than the rest of the Items/Goods that are available for everyone in the Game.

    And yes potentially everybody can get the obj 279 but lets be realistic …. how many Players will ger it in the Future (Hint: not many).

  4. Finally the Hungarian line!!!!!4444!!!!!44
    Btw they should take a look at the old replays bug and I would appreciate if they implement the free camera mod
    PS: Still waiting for Su-122-54

  5. I have few crews with 6-7 perks and it already is overkill…..

  6. I got a chieftain and yes it is a strong tank, but only in the hands of a GOOD player. People always assume that if they get a chieftain they will wreck everyone in their way. The reality is that the chieftain is a arty magnet, HE kills it with ease, HESH fucks it over and the moment you make 1 mistake you lose half your HP 90% of the time. YES IT IS A GOOD TANK BUT ONLY IN THE HANDS OF A GOOD PLAYER. The 279e is completely broken tho, thats true. Xd

  7. _Titty_The_Animal_

    like 11 skills? are you ducking mad?

  8. Main issue with wheeled vehicles is most of the time if you hit one of the wheels no dmg to the vehicle it’s self. Wheeled vehicles should always be dmg if they get hit because they have no armour. But it takes WG for ever to fix problems in there game.( the 3 7 5 match making took over a year fot they fixed it)

  9. 279(e) and chieftain should also have neferd base exp earnings so they will be less op in ranked

  10. 16:00 o really?? But it was possibile to remove the “boxes” on the t 29’s turret some years ago! Why do they lie on us?

  11. Why our only concern is the rewards not appreciating gameplay and the new events.
    Congrats WOT for 10th

  12. CCTV Cayak Crime TV

    WG listening more to players. Very positive and encouraging message indeed.

  13. As far as I remember with 1.0 the sound of flying shells was added. Or maybe just the animation of it? I dont know..not sure :))

  14. Lol i can tell you three OP Examples:
    I am a quiet average Player (49,5% WR) but I got 61% on my KV-2, 57% on O-I and 62% on AMD. Of course AMD is not OP but if you play HE then it is close towards it. So you see, 3 tanks, all with good HE Pen and I am average player…
    So the man reason: OP Guns! KV-2 and O-I derp guns, AMD nice speed, godlike gun on T6.

  15. they forgot about IS-4 rebuff?

  16. Sound changes… Weren’t those the ones about the shell’s caliber which hits you delivering a lower / deeper pitch sound? aka 70mm sounds like ‘pew pew’ and 152mm sounds like ‘booooom’ ?

  17. Wonder where are those mods getting that info if the dont want it in client. And if that info can be obtained just by some mod, what is stopping cheat soft to use it anyway? I think they talk about hit to invisible tanks that cannot be inspected now and that could be used in realtime as cheat. Yet all the playes would be more than happy with actuall 80% implementation and these few problems are not important. BTW did they say anything about that promised gold nerf or the chain of lies simply continue?

  18. Crew 2.0 is a horrible idea and I want all the gold back I ever spent on training and retraining crews!

  19. Arty is no better or worse than other classes
    It nees toget more xp when it kills other arty, make arty spotting arty easier, give better speed etc then players will be more mobile

  20. Ok. So, they won’t nerf Chiefton or that 4-tracked “Object” monster thingy. At least ban them from tournaments, PLEASE!

  21. Can hardly understand a word the narrator is mumbling.

  22. If you only tracked the speed with which these guys actively work to improve their game and make a better player experience, you’d think they were an indie dev with a skeleton crew and only doing OK.

  23. I swear this game is being run by a bunch of vodka smashed muppets…time to move on

  24. E50m buff ! Finally!

  25. I hope theyll make the T110E5 more mobile… its currently behind on the obj 430u in everything except accuracy and aimtime
    its supposed to be a pocket heavy, so itd be nice to have it feel like one

  26. No change to RNG, who is the most annoying thing in this game.. why?

  27. If the current crew system is too complicated, go play Nintendo. They have simple enough crew system for kids.

  28. Sometimes I think they announce changes just to hold a press conference lol … My burning question is why does it seem RNG Changes between matches? I don t think i am the only one that wonders why in some matches nothing pens and misses are frequent, other games everything pens and nothing misses? Now I understand shots are randomized as to where they hit in the aim circle but Jeeesch! it seems at the start of the game if your first three shots are off…. might as well hit ALT F4 and try again!!! cause its gonna be a 15 – 4 blow out and your gonna be on the loosing side…. or vise versa if you hit better shoot quick to get your damage before the game ends in 4 minutes lol

  29. Wow finally they will do something useless, i need to see those change coming, buff und debuffs.. Gj DEZ

  30. Balance the bloody shells already, then balance tanks and fix the wheelies so they cant just take critical hits from a 150mm gun. THEN you can mess about with crew and whatnot.

  31. Question is. When they gonna do something about MM. The teams are too unbalanced, not The tanks but The players value, its like i have an team mate with 5k personal score în 430u and sniping from. The Red line and an enemy player play în a t9 medium with no armor but has 10k personal score..

  32. Sounds good. Unfortunately I am a lousy player and regardless of changes, will continue to be lousy. I still enjoy the game and have fun. Removing A@@holes from the game would be a welcome change, but it is not happening. Thanks for the video. Well done.

  33. Oh wow Hungarian tanks….another imaginary nation that had no real tank, like polish tree ecc

  34. Nice format with the quotes and a game going on…better than just scrolling through the wot website.

  35. Well done Dez. Always great content on your channel

  36. I don t like they removed 92 tanks from the tree and don t like collector option and why new nations need to be collector nations there are nations that can have big tree like yugoslavia you can find images of it on google

  37. *You can stand IN WATER AND BURN* … makes sense, right?
    I would fix it: if there is a water symbol = cant burn long

  38. 11:58 *ammo rebalance can go and suck a **** … that’s what i heard

  39. Why don’t they just remove the stun effect? So simple..

  40. michiel duyvejonck

    Well i mwan i have a 47% wr and i have 3 tanks witch i realy enjoy and there for i have 57% wr in it

  41. Strange… everything is ok with the E-50M in my opinion…

  42. Yey muh E 50 m got a buff finally.Maybe i might return.

  43. balancing tanks based on WR is bogus cuz WR is bogus…WR dosnt tell you how good a player is…only how often they are winning (how often they have ALREADY won…and not how often they are going to continue to win)…you win 50% of the time…sure…but you lost the other 50%? does this mean you’re bad? no…does it mean you’re good? no…that 50% lost games could be the best games that person played…doing over 3k dmg every battle and dominating the field…but as there are 14 other tanks on their own team…and 15 on the opposing team…being a single good player isnt enough…you need to beat the ENTIRE enemy team…if all your team dies and you’re all alone…it’ll be hard to scrape a 1vs15 or 1vsX amount of enemy, win…it can be done but its not easy…and then again…that 50% win could be the worst 50% of battles that person played…doing little to no damage…or they could have played extremely well…say in a light tank…spotting everyone…but their team couldnt take full advantage of that and still lost…so WR doesnt cover all the variables and is a poor sense of “over powered detector”

  44. Yes Dez much much more you’ll get 6 auto-extinguishers and a 3d skin for the clown car. Jk I’m sure it will better but Act one was pathetic theirs no denying it.

  45. the most funny part about arty is this: whey they added stun to them, wg promised, “if this balance wont be good, and players will still complain about it, we will remove them” it was like 3 years ago…

  46. Whoa Thats A Lot Of Bees

    EBR 105 already loses 30kph if you destroy one of the wheels at the end.

  47. Battle hits in my opinion should be in A.S.A.P, would stop me raging when I can inspect where the game has registered the location of hit.

  48. Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans

    Driving into a river still doesn’t put out a fire 😞

  49. so hyped for hungarian tanks

  50. Nothing about terrible RNG, blatant ghost shells and ridiculous bounces on targets with no armour…..

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