NEW Object 452K and Type 63 First Look | World of Tanks

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452K, Tier 10 Heavy First Look. World of Tanks Type 63, New Tier 8 Japanese Premium Heavy Tank First Look. World of Tanks Supertest, The Future of World of Tanks.

Video chapters:
00:00 Type 63 First Look
00:30 New Mechanic
01:23 Type 63 Specs
03:13 Announcement
04:46 Object 452K First Look
09:35 Where does 452k go?
11:25 Conclusion

Let's take a look at 2 new upcoming vehicles which entered the supertest.

What do you think?


  1. Okay, Type 63 will be easy – premium tank, right? But where the hell are they going to put Object 452k? What do you think?
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    • 230 standard pen for an tier 8 is massive for an heavy but i think the stat of the prenium gonna get buff before release . But something is realy troublesome : 2 mod in one tank is not realy a good idea because it open the door to overpowered tank with 2 mod that can assume many rôle and make other tank less competitive

  2. Evildarke Evildark

    wargaming new balancing are wierd.. making new tanks gun like a potato? and ^heavy tank^ what is heavy in 120 armor? im crazy or they just messed it up :D?

  3. I think that obj 452K could be a replace for obj 277…
    In tech tree there is no tank with a ”good” gun depresion…

  4. Dez, rumor has it that the new Object is for the next Assembly shop in February/March

    • WG must do only 1 tank per year. 6 months is bad 🙄😂. But this tank looks not that great, dont buy it anyways 💁🏼‍♂️

  5. The turret of the obj frontaly looks like udes t9 😂

  6. how good new jap heavys are depends how well armored the turret “cheeks” are when you lift the gun out of the turret to use gundepression. These are gonne be massive weakspots exposed to everbody as soon as you depress the gun, even if you are in close combat and try to shoot into the hull.

    If that armor plate is anything bellow 230mm the tank will be average or even shit. A slow heavy with bellow average dpm desinged for good gun depression and good accuracy (no elevation whatsover btw) that can be ez penned when it does its job? Rather play t-832 and even that tank is considered weak.

  7. Another pancake object

  8. 452k kind of looks like a big Swedish MT

  9. Mierny tanks….

  10. wot its manipulated shit game

  11. Just wanted to say thank you for always being there with the updates. Gives us a heads start and allows us to plan a bit.

  12. hot damn am i glad i was finally able to break free of this crap ass game lol.

  13. World of Hulldown shootin’

  14. Great news !!!! We need more hulldown tanks thx WG great job keep going, soon we will need only working shovels on tanks just dig and sit gameplay.

  15. Just what we need another fake Russian tank they will make OP.

  16. James Irwin-McConnell

    Man seeing a heavy tank have more base pen than my kv-5 has gold pen, while using kv-5s as target practice… big F

  17. New Japanese heavies actually look good. Seems interesting, sexy and balanced. I bet the turret will be extremely easy to pen if they want to shoot as it oscillates, otherwise probably hard to pen. I believe it will be a nice support, flanker heavy which perfect for me 😀

    • Tank Ranks (BETA)

      By what we saw and Jpn basics of ww2 tanks it should be peneble. WG doin some good work here and on console lookin forward to it

  18. August is the time they start testing the New Year loot Boxes tanks. So, both – into loot boxes.

  19. obj will be 100% assembly shop content))))

  20. Yet another Soviet heavy tank which this game does not need at all.

  21. So basically another bullshit tank,,, yes or no.

  22. James Irwin-McConnell

    My bet is on Xmas lootbox or some shit 😂 or another assembly shop

  23. OBJ452K myb next season in bonus chapter of battle pass ??

  24. hhaha the eyes and smile made me laugh

  25. i wounder if there up the damage because there think about make more hp to tanks

  26. two shot to the 75 or tiger kinda op

  27. there going to put in some box for xmass

  28. Let’s not forget that the next black market event will be in 5 months… My guess its gonna be a black market/ store tank.

  29. For shame Dez, what was that shit advert for some random shit game?

  30. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    we need more russo tanks!!!

  31. 452K is probably going to another stupid Assembly Shop trash… more things for whales and not for anyone else

  32. Looks like the Italian Rhino.

  33. in wot blitz the obj 452k is not very good, on paper it seems incredible but the armor is gone as soon as you load gold and guns of the same tier won’t have trouble penning the turret. not sure how it’s gonna be in wot pc tho

  34. im guessing the type 63 will be in the Christmas boxes

  35. Dez, my god, don’t sell out to that f*king ‘Raid’ spam.
    Seriously, their advertising is pure *_spam_* which should tell you their business model is pure $$$$$$ wallet sucking.
    Stay the F* away from them!

  36. That new Jap tank has a huge, glaring weakness when it’s working a ridgeline. If it depresses the gun it lifts the turret rear… and exposes to very flat, very thin sections at either side of the ammunition bustle that will be an easy HE pen.

  37. The Obj. 452K is a tier 9 in blitz and has a impennable turret that is great hull down from what I can see from Armor Inspector

    • Yeah but thats pretty much all that tank has going for it. Hull is absolute paper, gun and mobility is pretty mediocre

    • @Big Chungus Yea I just see it as a Russian equivalent to the tornvagn as they both have great turrets but are useless at anything else.

  38. It would be nice if they made the Object 452K a bond tank. 20k-25k bond tank.

  39. They actually want Type 90 MBT but it’s too advance, so they go with fantasy tank made outside of Russia instead. As for 452K, that -7 gun depression sound even more fantasy than the Jap HT, c’mon 130mm sitting almost at the turret roof and it can depress that far, I don’t buy it, otherwise it would have received T or IS something designation already given its blueprint is even existed.

  40. from what tier the new line HT Japanese will start

  41. Japenese Rino😂❤

  42. WG can’t think beyond hull down…. no wonder the meta has sustained for over 6 years now

  43. Type 63, another loot box. And 560 damage on Obj. 452k is not really unique on HT, 50tp has it too with same reload speed and but less pen.

  44. Hi is there Gona be auction soon

  45. al crap ..if you not pay…than you will not penn tanks…and you will lose almost every game….and low damage

  46. Obj452k looks like a better version of the 279e … this slopes – omg. But let’s see. Maybe a new personal mission reward tank?

  47. I think object 452k will be a tier 9 premium

  48. The obj 452k’s turret looks similar to one of the tanks i made in sprocket (SW183). Tho its suppose to be an early cold war mbt from the sweds.

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