New Object 777 II and KPZ 50T – Black Market Tank? | World of Tanks Black Market 2020 Offers

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 777 II and Kampfpanzer 50 t Preview. World of Tanks Black Market 2020 Sales – Special Offers, Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, Premium Tanks for Credits, Special Styles. World of Tanks Чёрный рынок.

► Official about Black Market:

Long-awaited Black Market aka Чёрный рынок is finally back. They teased us with Black Market at the end of 2019, didn’t know when it arrives, but here it is now! 🙂

In this episode I am going show you 2 new tanks spotted in the game files – Object 777 II and Kampfpanzer 50 t (KPZ 50T). Many players are already speculating about Object 777 II, that it may be in the Black Market, sold as a special tank this year.

I have no official information about that, but what I can do in this episode is, I can take a look at both tanks see what they have to offer.

Let’s about it!


  1. All I am waiting for is Golden EBR 183, with DOUBLE 183mm, autoreloading gun with 4 shots per barrel… I know, I am not asking much!

    • No double barrel arty too?
      Anyway, what’s the point of buying a tier 9 tank in the black market. When most of your games are held at tier 8 (with Stronghold and clans), and tier 10 (for more fun and clans)

      OH come on let’s rip through the clash and get more points. Come on. Can’t believe we are still 3rd.

    • DEZ Tell me how it’s fair ??? How I’m supposed to BUY the tank if I am at work by the time Black Market opens… And I’m gonna miss everything…

    • Honestly that would be a fun game mode 5v5 with crazy fake tanks like that. It would be fun!

    • how about minigun reload system for 183?

    • Artūrs Rundšteins

      Hey, Dez! When you want to point your gun in direct angle you can just click your mouse button so it stays there?

  2. What kinda rig do you have? What graphic card

  3. Left side is closer to the driver.

  4. In NA, they cant even bother to keep the one server we have running properly, nor do we get team clash, because apparently NA players dont watch YouTube…

    • For real, and we get a stupid event with tier X rentals that can be played in random battles, amazing, retards with less than 100 games playing in tier X rentals, SO MUCH FUN

    • @Inner Arts Wow… the rentals are allowed to play in randoms?…. What the fuck WG

    • What really bugs me is the fact that the NA server spends more $$ per player by a huge amount. You would think that if we spend the money we should get the best offers as well as events………WG arnt as smart as they think they are…lol

    • Go dragon team! XD

    • @Nicolas Jobin hell i would be happy with upgraded infastructure, but they cheap out on even keeping the game stable.

  5. At least you PC players get new premium tanks. Us Console players just get reskins of tanks with autoloaders….

  6. The kpz is a ranked battles reward tank… It’s available next season for NA it won’t be sold in the black market

  7. all the ‘rare premium tanks ‘ are available in Chinese server and this 777is shet basically a paper tank

  8. Dude wtf is this bid option it took my money

  9. I want the KPZ 50 T so badly (best looking tank in this game imo), I wonder what they will do with it. I know it was a supposed ranked battles reward tank but NA never got ranked battles last time, if ever again.

  10. Funny, I dont recall anyone asking for another “potentially OP” russian heavy.

  11. Would be nice if I could play in team clash… Would be nice if our black market worked properly… Would be nice if we could get good sales and deals on the NA server… Always getting shafted somehow. Love you dez

  12. DEZ why to auction the Black Market Tank? can anyone tell me

    • Yes…. WG is getting greedy asf and just loots out the players… I hate it! Imagine them doing that on something like Type 59 G with 8 hours auction… I think you would need like 100k gold to get one….

  13. Its stupid asf fuck how us console player dont get this shit at all this is the same reason why this fucking gonna die

  14. So the auction is out now but I was wondering if I place a bet and then I don’t win the tank, do I get that money back or is it spent and lost forever?

  15. The leFH arty is on the market?

  16. On NA server do we have black market? I didn’t see it..

  17. Dez! Read Obj. 777 upside down.. it’s three guns!

  18. 777 looks like a 430 to me, just made a heavy tank.

  19. Nikola Gardinovacki

    How much credits i need to offer for Chrysler GF? I need suggestions. Thanks!

    • As ppl are ridiculous I would say like 15-16 millions should give you a chance at least.

    • It’s a garbage tank don’t bother you get a tier 7 gun you need to fire gold all the time and every one knows your weak spots to take you out especially at tier 10 when you will die with zero damage very often and lose credits ???

    • @M60 Patton lmao no, I’d say 4mil is already a safe call.
      The tank is not particularly good and many people want to save their credits for better tanks so they just do the minimum bid

    • I tried to bid 20k, not worth anything more in my opinion. ^^

  20. Sweet! Can’t wait to miss out on these because of the stupid timings if they do come!!!

  21. tonight i’m back at team clash ^_^

  22. In World of Warships are tier 9 Premium ships in the premium shop, maybe this is the beginning of the tier 9 premium tanks

  23. Will it be worth buying???

  24. I would like to get some of those but I spent all my credits on tier 10s…

  25. Will never see the Obj 777 on the NA sever

  26. I would like to get this obj 777 II, find it beautiful. However if it’s only available on black market, I won’t be able to get it as I can’t connect at that time..:) I would prefer to have it available on store meanwhile…

  27. Dez the PZ 50T is going to be a Ranked Battles possible reward if you get enouth points *common test 1.8 update* they announce it there 🙂 love ur content buddy keep it up!

  28. Patrick Op den Kamp

    IT is german…. So stats say f all… Soft stats must be shit… Its not russian…

  29. DeepFried Wat3rMel0n

    soviet and german, aka polish and italian

  30. Chinese server laughing at 777

  31. Maxim Ionut-Alexandru

    German should be for ranked lol dez they can’t fuck it up right before last episode of ranked :))

  32. PickelJars ForHillary


  33. Lansen C took 4EVER to sell out on Americvan server cause its a SHIT TANK!!!!!!

  34. Obj 777 has been in the game files for over 2 years

  35. Hey dez i have met that tank in enemy team like 1 year ago and funny enough acc name was BalanceEU lool. Too bad i didnt svwd the replay

  36. I wish I grinded more credits to afford this stuff, but all I would be looking for at this point is e25.

  37. Dez just because you have those stacked accounts does not mean everybody does. Its only fair to compare the tanks in their stock form without the extra skills, consumables and equipment. compare the tanks as they are and then reccomend skill and equipment that would improve on the tanks weaknesess

  38. damn it’s been years since i last check 777 i’m sure it’s in existence from 5 years + and watching it now help me realize from where is the faked models for 50 TP .

  39. so, new russian BIAS tank and a german tank…

  40. KPZ 50 T side profile looks like a Progetto 65 with a slightly different turret shape.

  41. the early morning offer is the only offer i can actually participate in, i work at a hospital and the only time im home and awake to attempt to get these offers

  42. Need something I don’t already have. Maybe next time!

  43. lefh18b2 on bm from asia

  44. 3 more days for my First PC and this is the first game am gonna play on it

  45. The 777 is impenetrable and autobounces while sidescraping. The German tank is penetrable from every angle. Russian tank hits hard. German tank…does not.

  46. DEZ, console has released a premium tank that has two modules. A regular gun, and a burst fire gun. Oh yeah, and its an artillery.

  47. The Obj 777 has existed for like 3 years… it used to be tier 10 but I guess they released it as a tier 9 😛

  48. The tanks are too expencive.

  49. Luckily i work nights/early mornings so im awake basicly all day till end of the afternoon

    but we all know it’s ruski tank so soft stats will be blyatiful and no dispersion on moving because cyka blyat idi nahui VODKAAAA DIMITRI 0.08 dispersion while moving turret and 0.12 while moving the whole tank

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