New OP ARMOR? NEW ARMOR TANK ACE (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks Customization – OP Armor and Bush Tanks!

Thanks for watching!


  1. first comment. Thank you for updating the video filor war thunder. can you
    play hawker hunter

  2. Andrew Castellano

    is this the public server?

  3. godzilla691138MW3

    Man, if this means I’m able to put more protection on my Sherman tanks,
    then I’m all happy because we all know that those sweet beauties need some
    extra armor protection.

  4. WAAAAAAGH!! Ork for First

  5. Keep up the good work! and if you test drive a Russian tank then drive to
    the panther d has the added tracks on it.

  6. Alright ladies and gents….there were over 900 comments on yesterday’s
    video ( ) discussing the new customization
    mechanics that will be added to War Thunder and we just don’t know enough
    about them quite yet. So are you all in favor? Will it be pay to win? Who
    knows….let’s discuss it!

  7. CLICK HERE to skip the discussion and go straight to the Ace Tank Action:

  8. r u and phly not friends no more

  9. Hamish Campbell (TheDarkFire000)

    baron but it is only good if you can have a tank on a tank.

  10. omg u r so gud

  11. Tiger 2 is fast and führious!

  12. name of the first song mates?

  13. Nice:)

  14. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy

    click bait faggot

  15. and as baron always has in his videos….annoying music that makes you
    unable to hear what he is saying….

  16. hi

  17. How do I put the tracks on the tanks

  18. hi From italian fans!

  19. vere ze hood at? Kaput und vary vary wet

  20. Baron hyyyyppppeeee

  21. Russians shouldn’t be aloud to have any of this stuff

  22. +BaronVonGamez T-34 1941, Т-34 1942, Т-34-85 ZIS-S-53, Sherman Firefly VС,
    Churchill Мk.VII, М4А3Е8 76W, М4А1 76W, Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf. А, D & G,
    Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H. All of these AI tanks have already this extra track
    armor, i was in a RB battle today in my Tiger II H, and i saw an AI Panther
    A that had tracks all around the turret! :O (the T-34 and the Panther in
    the test drive feature have these tracks on the side of the turret, so this
    feature is already in the game) P.S: I think you need to ace the tank and
    then u can unlock it, just like with premium planes, the only thing u can
    unlock on premium planes is so u can have 4 decals and not paying for
    premium account.

  23. Soviets should be able to mount troops on tanks.

  24. Sorry for your lost Baron

  25. 3:03 XD

  26. what’s the name of the song at 1:29

  27. I love trying new things in war thunder

  28. I think there should be no limit to tank tracks mounted on the but if you
    cover your tank in them it should slow it down by a lot.

  29. next time you have a discussion,please leave the music out.Its really hard
    to listen to you talk when there is techno music going on in the back

  30. You should do more vids like this for discussions, I like it.

  31. are they going to include the fact that AT rounds will NOT bounce off of
    addon armor? shells go right through sandbags and the side factor to that
    is they won’t bounce off of a canvas bag the way they’ll bounce off of a
    steel plate. This is why the addon armor has never been proven more
    effective because it adds a few mm of substandard armor that enemies can
    use to direct their AT shells

    Patton forbade the attachment of such armor in 3rd Army, citing that the
    extra weight applied by many crews was not worth the disadvantage of
    loading/stressing suspensions and drive-trains, thus reducing vehicle-speed
    and creating additional wear on automotive components.

  32. Gaijin said that there will be the cosmetic 3D “Decals”, and that the extra
    spaced armor will be an modification, hopefully not as the mod on the
    premium tanks “mark of distingushon” which cost 51.000 RP. Im all for this
    idea aslong as its not to expensive in terms of RP and SL of course and
    aslong as there is limitations on it, becuase covering an sherman or t-34
    with tracks and logs/sandbags in mid and low tiers will make it unkillable
    from the front except for a few tank destroyers, and there should also be
    more options like sheet metal bolted to the tank or actual spaced armor
    welded to the tank, but aslong as its availible to evryone im fine with it
    aslong as there is limitations to it and the price is not ridicoulous

  33. black hawk

  34. just tank destroyers should have camo

  35. youtube for me is broken evrey vidoe is just loading

  36. when is the update getting released?

  37. Ostfront “Ace” 00

    Baron have you seen band of brothers? If so can you remember the scene wit
    he German ambush in holland, I believe a tiger is hidden in hay and it
    pulls out when the 30 corps column gets in it’s range? That kinda thing
    would be cool and would increase peoples survivability in realistic and sim
    battles. I hope some remakes that

  38. whats the song name????

  39. Baron when the update comes us the hellcat or British wolverine with the
    gillies suit

  40. whats the DNB song?!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Guess Americans like wearing protection…

  42. Jaraxxus Eredar lord of the Burning Legion

    i cant wait for the bushes on my nashorn

  43. Can’t wait till I can do this, Its gonna be epic

  44. But probably you only have a samll amount of tracks which you can put on
    the tanks and you have to repair them if they get destroyed.

  45. You should have a group of people that join you in Custom Battle and pit
    like 10 Sunderlands to 10 H8Ks and see who would win!

  46. Yeah, try penetrating T-54, IS-3, IS-4, or T-10M from the front with tank
    tracks all over them

  47. Punished Random watches Barons videos!!

  48. PLS! PLS! PLS! This would be a nice future! Then the Tiger II and Panther
    is OP XD

  49. since it is a field mod shouldn’t you have your tank disabled for a little
    at the begining when you deploy it since your crew gets out and puts it on
    the tank?

  50. Baron, the Sherman M4a1 76 already has the extra spare Tank track added.

  51. The Americans would throw anything on their Sherman, from debris to
    sandbags. They feared the 88 severely

  52. They should make all this all 3D cosmetics realistic, added weight and
    places where they can’t go and can go due to view ports etc..

  53. The russians used infantry ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  54. TheClassicGamer -

    Hopefully I can put tracks on my panthers god dam mantlet:D!

  55. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    How about if TD can put a on all the things but other classes can’t have

  56. i love this idea – i wanted this!!!!!!

  57. I feel like its april fools

  58. Hats for tanks.

  59. I don’t know why but the whole bushes on TDs thing reminds me of Girls Und
    Panzer. I’d so do that with my Hetzer, lol.

  60. I just hope they add this customization to the reserve tier awsell

  61. Each piece of armor should increase the B.R. By like 0.1

  62. In the later years of the war the Germans used vegetation camouflage on all
    of their vehicles as a survival necessity because of allied air power.

  63. I think you should rebuy the tracks bushes etc when they are shot off or
    you are destroyed.

  64. I would find it great to unlock for example I like the Blenheim light
    bomber and I unlocked the night cammo that would be cool play it a lot gets
    lot greetings from Germany

  65. White house gaming

    #clickbait confirmed

  66. do you think that they will add in wooden plates for the m4 (and m3 and
    m3a1 stuart)and sueaside ai japan troopers

  67. Brandon Vo (Airsoft Sniper Badass)

    Don’t give gaijin any cringey ideas to make this next update a major shit
    down the toilet

  68. I wonder if the Sherman Jumbo will get some tracks or stuff on it. Then it
    will be op against tigers.

  69. Is it a bush is it a tree no it’s. A KV2 SHEEEEEETTT!!!!

  70. the proof is the they haven’t done a video together since phly moved out of
    the power haus and they used to do alot of videos together and they both
    don’t even talk about each other in videos anymore

  71. Tank tracks on my m28 hellcat yesss

  72. Obviously America is gonna have the most tanks/td’s with extra armor,
    because America had the most tanks/td’s

  73. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Baron liked his own comment! Busted! :P

  74. M18

  75. Omg I’m in the vid <3

  76. Historically, all German tanks used bushes and camo-nets towards the end of
    the war to hide them from air attacks and similar threats.
    However, I think this could potentially be game breaking. Tanks are already
    pretty hard to spot, especially on long distance on maximum graphics on
    maps with a lot of vegetation.
    Adding extra tank camo could potentially make it unplayable unless you are
    willing to turn down your graphics to minimum.
    I think that the extra camo should either be limited to the sides of the
    tanks or possibly block your line of sight if you add too much of it to the

  77. Prepare for that one guy in the maus with extra armored cheeks…

  78. three russian tanks get the new camo while everyone else gets two. russian
    bias confirmed

  79. three russian tanks get the new camo while everyone else gets two. russian
    bias confirmed

  80. George S. Patton 1:31

  81. look more closely, t34-85 bots in simulator already have the additional

  82. Robert matzenauer

    is it for tiger h1?

  83. Robert matzenauer

    tank tracks on the planes? mmmm

  84. Иосиф Steelin

    Guess why did they add the Tiger 2 SLA right before announcing this new
    feature? Because one of the reasons why people bought it, was the
    additional tracks on the side of the turret but now every tank will have
    them. Gaijins are scammers (no i didn’t buy the tiger 2 Sla).

  85. hahahha soviet infantry = spaced armor 3:23

  86. first song?

  87. Stona already said that tank tracks will be placed on fixed locations after
    researching the module, only bushes and cosmetics will be very customizable.
    We wont be able to cover weakspots

  88. you really liked your own comment? xD thats sad

  89. They should fix the match maker first before they add more stuff!!! By
    making tanks face their own tier instead of being constantly over tiered
    75% of the time!

  90. Adding tracks as “addon” armor did not do jack shit… its overrated as
    fuck… people think a track add “15mm” armor.. No. In most cases it added
    to the chanse of a penetration considering the angle nullifier from the
    uneven area…

  91. Wavelength RenegadeReef

    People keep saying that this new spaced armor will make certain people
    overpowered. How is it overpowered when everyone has it?

  92. what was the tank at 3:11?

  93. The German vehicles used bushes and tree branches mainly in Normandy,to
    stop being seen and then attacked by allied planes,ie rocket firing
    Typhoons etc.This practice carried on till the end of the war.Really
    started in the Bocage country with its very high hedges and heavily wooded
    areas.Hope this info is of help.

  94. Oskar Andreas Berg

    Maybe the tanktracks fall off when hit, i can live with that

  95. The stupidest thing happend to me the other day i was in my jumbo 76 was
    hurt to a excent to were someone could just come beside me and kill me well
    a tiger h1 came up and i said well i’m dead but he shot his machine guns at
    me and didn’t kill me he thought i might be dead but he then proceed to
    come right next to me my gun ring was damaged but i shot at him it bounced
    then i drove a little my engine was out so i just kind of rolled he still
    did not shoot me even though i shot him he shot me again with machine gun
    bullets still did not kill me he went away i repaired and i came back and
    killed him the stupidity was real

  96. 10/10 probably April fools joke

  97. Hey baron, if you’re next to a building and point at it, the gun will rise,
    if you then move out, the gun needs time to lower it. Gaijin did nothing to
    the “gun stabilization” as you claimed. The other instances you complained,
    you went up a slight hill, and the gun needs time to move up/down. Since
    gun elevation is much slower than turret traverse, what players do is to
    turn the gun always away from the walls, so that when you turn a corner,
    you turn the turret faster and wont need to wait for the barrel to
    lower…. Simple stuff, really…. Its been in the game since the beginning
    of ground forces….

  98. #make warthunder great again

  99. Now why would I skip your lovely voice for some kick ass game play?

  100. Only Germasn are getting the bushes

  101. Awesome video baron keep up the good work

  102. This is some clickbait…

  103. Baron what do you think about having the option to buy additional machine
    guns for tanks?, for a example getting a commanders hatch machine gun for
    the leopard

  104. Tank tracks for planes? lol

  105. the british tanks in ww2 were always to curve and bumpy to put tracks and
    sandbags on also the brits loved manuvribility

  106. Can you please stop sucking saliva because it gets annoying or at least
    edit it out. Its when you finish a sentence then you stop and it just gets
    annoying .

  107. bring on the camo. this is what its all about

  108. but they did use them on Panthers tho

  109. Of the 900 comments, did Roy Shein make over 50% of them.

  110. A good unlock system every 5 kill you get a single track you kill 20 you
    get a stack of tracks. Camofluge is unlocked by 1 hit kill or 2 shot kill.

  111. it should be that you have to choose where the BEST armour is put like you
    chose the front, so you get tracks on lower glasses with sand bags on upper
    glasses and welded armour on front of turret and you have logs on side. Or
    you chose how much of what kind of armour and it just weight s you down a
    huge amount.

  112. วรพล นิลารัตน์

    Love Love??

  113. Senpai noticed me xD

  114. ninja tanks and better armor are awesome anybody that don’t like it is
    insane it’s flipping awesome

  115. the historic comment is dead on man they should do that

  116. Baron fly with Phly Daily pls

  117. “bushes shoulf be for TDs only” yes because near invidible jagdtiger is
    fair and balanced

  118. The Bathrobe Gamer

    Guys let’s admit it, even if the tanks will not look as sexy as usual,
    especially that damn panther, it would be better because we could finally
    face tanks that one shot you like those fucking IS-2’s and it would improve


  120. ★Gold92Assassin★

    Historically only Germans used bushes to Camo their Tanks and there Anti
    Tank Guns, American’s used very little camo nets because it got in there
    way of the optics.

  121. Camo would help Germany in SIM battle against the American and Russian

  122. SirPetterTheFirst

    P2W Incoming

  123. The Bathrobe Gamer

    Ok so I have an idea here. For realistic and simulator mode, maybe even
    arcade, it is unrealistic how you can fix your track an infinite amount of
    times. So right now tanks have a lot of tracks on their chassis and turrets
    and with the coming update there will be more, so what if every time you
    fix your tracks it removes some track sections and therefor some armor. It
    would make the game more realistic and set some limits.

  124. ive only ever seen a picture of a churchill with tiger tracks on its turret
    they did also cover there AT’s in bushes

  125. Kliment Voroshilov

    Thr Soviets used Logs, Tracks, between 3-5 mm of spaced armor, and…..
    Infantry ._.

  126. That fucking clickbait tho.

  127. if I could add a bush to my m22 I would be laugh my ass off

  128. It would work if it added weight so your tank would be slower so if you
    want mobility and protection you balance it.

  129. noob, doesn’t even have bushes

  130. OH dear god imagine a Maus covered in tracks

  131. well realistically you should be able to put the tracks or additional armor
    anywhere. also on the Sherman jumbo there where instances where they would
    pour concrete on the front in addition to the extra plating!

  132. There should be 20-30places for tracks/sandbags/dunk infantry
    (turret+front+sides) per tank and about 10-15 elements to use (unocking 5
    at once, then another 5) to make people choose, making superior frontal
    armor/improving sides near ammoracks or turrets.
    Without that choice there will be only gajin’s fault if tracks placements
    will be unbalanced (cause we will put all on and for example some vehicles
    will still have blank spots in fragile places, while tranks were used to
    cover that fragile spots).

  133. Baron please #makewarthundergreatagain

  134. I love this idea and I love what they’re doing. I have some interesting
    input to say.
    This is something I’ve been waiting for a very long time and am pleased to
    finally see some light on this project.

    Before I start I must say I’m very appalled at some of the comments I’m
    reading about this.
    Sorry some of you people need to read a history book, this is a very
    realistic modification for a very realistic game.
    I’m well aware of balances between fair game play and realistic game play.
    I’m pretty sure Gaijin entertainment won’t screw this up for us.
    For some of you who think this is unrealistic and unfair and shouldn’t be
    added to the game you need to go back to World of Tanks.

    Do you believe that during World War 2 the Germans complained about the
    Americans putting extra tracks on the Shermans?

    This was a very common thing used on most tanks during World War II. Adding
    extra plates of armor tracks, bushes, logs, sandbags, etc. was to decrease
    the chance of penetration. This was a tactic used by experienced tankers.
    Therefore I believe this modification should be unlocked once your tank
    crew reaches ace.

    Not only will this allow people to be able to unlock it by grinding, but
    also allowing them to pay for it if they’re willing to pay money for crew
    skills, which would be a lot of money.
    This way not every tank and everyone’s que has bushes and extra armor
    applied to it.

    When it comes to tank tracks as extra armor they should be allowed to
    absorb small caliber shots, but bigger caliber rounds should be able to
    knock them off “breaking them” then after battle would cost silver to
    replace them.

    Same goes for bushes, heavy machine gun fire should be able to knock the
    bushes off a tank or shoot it in pieces. Also if your tank catches on fire
    burning the bushes away. If your tank explodes you would have to rebuy the
    bushes and tracks with silver.

    Now when it comes to tank Destroyers or SPG these tanks should already have
    this modification where you can unlock it without having an ace crew.
    Giving these tanks the advantage that they need.

    Please let me know what you think about this.

  135. My Sherman and Stugs are gonna look badass.

  136. Michael Sovereign

    15:03 if you want to get straight to the gameplay.You can thank me later :D

  137. Personally I would like certain tanks to use a certain amount of bushes
    along with bushes based on the tanks size like Jay’s get smaller bushes
    with few amount medium is middle margin and td’s understandable but with
    the bush covering the extra armor the track is my concern

  138. Baron, what’s the background song at like 50 seconds in? I like it XD

  139. Last man is just a way to slap german tankers in the face.

  140. Russians use ivans for armor

  141. +Baron von Gamez
    But when a Dicker Max gets bushes or tracks it would be totally OP because
    the Dicker Max is the OPest tank in Warthunder.

  142. LOL KV-2 with busches aka The Tree of Stalin XD

  143. Maybe in next time you will find something funny about holocaust?

  144. my game cant boot! help! it locks out all function to my computer!

  145. tank tracks and sandbags I’m fine with. it does look like more of a thing
    that would be on shermans though.

  146. Now HE amunition would be helpfull by removing those, like the fury logs

  147. Spaced armor does not work unless it is Russian! , this will be a fine
    addition to the game.

  148. I remember you once saying that they were going to add reflective armour

  149. This is going to be overpowered with Bushes and tracks

  150. does this also apply to console gamers? because I checked yesterday and
    nothing has changed

  151. They should also add mines so that you can add mine sweepers m4 Sherman

  152. 3:26 Stronk Russian infantry spaced armor FTW!!!

  153. I would like it if the bushes lost some leafs every shot, cause its
    realistic and would be balanced

  154. Pierluigi Adreani

    BaronVonGamez0:53 a rare picture of an italian semovente 75 in North
    Africa…that kind of tank was the only italian tank able to compete
    against the allied ones in North Africa… i would love to have some
    italian tanks in this game…just to make you understand how desperate the
    situation was for the italian troops…and i know that you will have some
    fun with those strange machines.

  155. My opinion is that (for example purposes 1 is you can have max add on armor
    or/and added camouflage ) light should have 2/5 armor and 1/3 camouflage
    medium 1/2 armor 1/4 camouflage heavy should have 1/4 armor and 1/4
    camouflage tank destroyers 2/3 armor and 3/4 camouflage aa 2/5 armor 3/5

  156. Juanita Rodriguez

    thanks for the showing pictures Baron

  157. If you go test drive as russians you go to panther D and actually you can
    see tank tracks but ghili dont know

  158. 03:04 T34-85 in the ghettos xD

  159. please make it available for the light tanks and fkr the pz3 and 2

  160. The Germans used side skirts, the Americans used sand bags and tank tracks,
    the Russians used soldiers.

    Seriously gaijn let me put a bunch of dudes as meat shields on my t34

  161. Baron, Make a Fury version of the M4A3E8 Sherman with the new update

  162. Who here looked for their comments in the video?

  163. That picture at 1:30 a very angry looking Patton lol. Rumour has it he
    hated tank crews piling sandbags all over their tanks.

  164. “War Thunder Tanks Gameplay”.. That’s less than half the video.

  165. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    many vehicles also had more metal slapped on the hulls in the factory or
    outside. The allies also put barbed wire to counter shaped charged

  166. April fools )

  167. One of the main reasons you see mostly American tanks with the field
    modifications like this is: 1. The tanks were mass produced and parts like
    tank treads were quite common to have around in excess. The German
    infrastructure for maintaining a heavy armor count was severely hampered by
    the allied invasion and prior to that they steam rolled any opposition and
    didn’t really need the field mods and 2. The modifications made the tankers
    feel better about their obviously inferior armor and protection so it was
    quite often a morale boost to have that extra “armor” layered on the tank,
    though in hindsight most of the extra protection these mods added was

  168. Mother Russia wins again.All is well in the jungle.

  169. Music pls

  170. slick never has parts haha XD

  171. Baron I don’t care what tank you use. I challenge you to go a whole round
    only using HESH rounds! would be cool if you educated a few people on them

  172. Of course the T-34 gets bouncy rubber armor. Not OP at all. <3:00 Oh and
    3:13 There's my T-34 made to look like a Tiger with concrete!

  173. Hi baron nice vid. i agree net-camo wod be bether than bushes as for track
    armor costum its verry nice its new hope wel be free. Olso can u make other
    disscutin vid on planes in tank battle se if ppl agree like i consider it
    not good cuz it ruins tank battle.sry for my eng.

  174. From a historical standpoint ad hoc armor was just a stop gap to make
    Shermans and other allied tanks less squishy. They had terrible levels of
    protection. Hell even the Pershing necessitated field modification.

  175. The bad thing about War Thunder is the late Updates in PS4.

  176. back then your tank was only as cool as how many tracks you had on it

  177. That picture of the t-34-84 with rubber mats is actually a relatively
    modern picture. The mats were used to try to hide it from thermal optics.

  178. i wonder if this will be on prototype tanks because i want it on my t-32

  179. I think it should just be available as soon as you unlock the tank/vehicle.

  180. Please take out is2 1944 with baron

  181. I think all this should be limited to cosmetics. Like, I’ve always wanted
    to deck out my Easy 8 to look like Fury, and I think if people wanna add
    tracks to the tank to customize their look, thats awesome. What I don’t
    like is the fact that these will actively add extra armor. Yet another
    upgrade that puts you at a severe disadvantage until researched cough parts
    and FPE cough. Its just another fucking thing to research and, its gonna be
    a nightmare for early-mid tier Americans. T34’s don’t need more armor!!
    Shermans do and a better gun while you’re at it (the 75 is balls but the 76
    is pretty decent)!!

    And I just straight up thing ghillie suits aren’t good. I think only TD’s
    should be able to have them, especially things like the Marders and
    Nashorn. Their role as an ambush sniper would be accentuated, but I agree
    with Baron that this would incentivize camping and hiding if everything had
    access to it. Plus, Russian tanks are already ridiculously hard to spot
    with their green color. Don’t make it even harder please

  182. you were not on last man, you’re loader was knocked out and your breach
    damaged. When you shot again you knocked the rest of your crew out.

  183. When does this update get released?

  184. Am I the only one who will be looking veerryy closely at bushes now?
    The new got ee! Thing in War Thunder will NOW BE CALLED……. I got bushed


  185. If the tank destroyers are the only ones that would use the bushes then
    that would mean every faction will use the bushes. coz that would be unfair
    if only one of them used them, unless each faction gets their own unique

  186. just wait for a maus with 100 tank tracks slapped on its side rollin
    towards you.. or doom turtle with tank tracks.. and G bush..

  187. Let the game be just more realistic but common even with those things
    everyone know that Gaijin will maybe increase the penetration of the shells
    or maybe they will decrease the armor of some vehicles just, let them put
    it it’s the first game I see that add something like that…. Or what they
    should do it’s just put it and take out the extra armor and camouflage

  188. gheelie? Its ghylly, thats how you say it

  189. for me it doesn’t matter, cool to see but the BRs are so compressed that I
    go in and die instantly. So, nope, I’m shelving WT again. I can’t pay to
    win so…. I’m either stuck grinding in the toxic arcade enviroment or
    always dead in RB. Shelved.

  190. couldntthinkofone100

    I was in one of the videos :3

  191. you dont need to issue somebody with a bush barron we have them in europe
    they are quite common

  192. my guess is that this extra armour is their way of balancing armour without
    being historically inaccurate.

  193. I think the best thing is if they do it in this way:
    unlock via the modification and then do as it does with the decals you only
    have a couple of options n if you want more then you have to have a premium
    then it wouldn’t allow overkill and it would be available for everyone

  194. 1:33 Egahad, it’s Patton!

  195. god please i hope this goes well i would cover up my panzer 4s turret so
    quick bump up that 50m to something better

  196. Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel aka. The Desert Fox

    as it stands i am fine with the tracks on the Panzer, and i love the idea
    of foilage on my Panzer but the way it is implemented now definitely not,
    it’s literally just a hedge/ bush glued to the front. i want to see little
    pieces making up the foilage with gaps in between not just a riding bush
    with a barrel poking out.

  197. maybe u have to get a certain amount of kills for 1 extra track until u get
    to the max

  198. I think it’s good since grass is useless due to being able to get rid of it
    by lowering graphics settings which is kinda cheating, and this is a way to
    fix it

  199. I wrote like 3 paragraphs dude! Come on!

  200. baron how do you
    on the armor

  201. crossout have the same mechanics

  202. Lol I saw blades on one tank ??

  203. what if Russian ground vehicles didn’t get this feature? They’re already
    op enough, this should be used to even things.

  204. The Russians also used mattresses on ISs to block panzershrecks and other
    HEAT ammunition

  205. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Also I’m pretty sure the Tiger II (H) got nerf’d so it can’t traverse the
    turret, and elevate/depress at the same time. It used to be able to once,
    and there was no mention of a nerf, and now in game it doesn’t seem to
    happen. Yet every other tank that I know off, will do it. Just not the
    Tiger II’s.
    Which is fucking bullshit.

  206. I have seen AI shermans ingame using the tracks as armour all along the
    sides and front of the hull as well as the side of the turrets.

  207. Sarodore The Dragon

    extra armor over the maus’s engine deck GOOD LUCK GUYS!

  208. baron realistically play like arcade

  209. baron realistically play like arcade

  210. you play realistic like arcade

  211. A lot of broken tank suspensions resulted from over burdening the tank with
    add on stuff.

  212. We should be able to install tracks on vehicles depending on the amount of
    kills we earn on the vehicle. Baron this is a good idea, each 200 kills
    earns your tank a track in a new place.


  214. Hopefully they can add plows and mine clearers for the shermans ! :D

  215. More customization and personalization, stickers are nice but having some
    tank treads and sandbags adding a little flair and function is nice too

  216. Repairing in war thunder is such a fun-sponge. Who honestly likes sitting
    for 70 seconds repairing? Fun v Realism

  217. Gaijin presents the new improvised armour for the T-34, such as tank
    tracks, logs, and the bodies of Russian soldiers.

  218. I wish I could play the game but I I need a graphics card :…..(

  219. Oh my god quit trying to get rid of this, ive been waiting forever

  220. The sham tank has less Amer

  221. is the armoure boosts only available through golden eagles like paint if so
    its waist of time and im done playing this stupid crap if not then hey i
    got something to look forwards to when a maus vaporises my ferdi after i
    reach the first hill on kursk

  222. Anybody else hyped for April first update?

  223. I really wish the gun didnt go up when you’re looking at a close wall. it
    can make urban fighting really annoying sometimes.

  224. I think smoke rounds for the Shermans is a good idea since they go against
    bigger and better tanks ! 😀 #shermans #smokerounds

  225. Amor used buy countries, America/Great Britain= Tank tracks and sandbags,
    Germany= Side skirts and tank tracks, Russia=Infantry!!!!

  226. Slick has some amazing air intel skillz.

  227. What i think.

    – It would be maybe like the decals, the half slots for free, the rest or
    two for premium

    -You can blew up the tracks with HE, maybe also AP

    -When you are using/ activating the bushes or tracks, then you cant say on
    which position they are, gaijin say where the bushes and tracks are placed

    -Its in the modifications, you can research it, or buy it with GE

    -And at the end, a Fact:
    The AI tanks already get the tracks on turrets etc.

  228. and we need the Objekt 279
    <_> in the game as april fool

  229. i feel like the bush mods will be counterproductive
    You can already turn the settings down so that actual map foliage is
    basically nonexistent, so either it disappears as well, or you’ve got some
    low res grass suddenly in one spot

  230. My main concern is if you use bushes on your tank, will they change color?
    Because if not you’d stick out like a sore thumb on some maps, nut be
    hidden amazingly on others

  231. This update is why I embarked through the horror of tier 1 Germany. At tier
    1 you apcr and good guns but no armor at all.

  232. i think tanks like the sherman really need something to give them a bit
    more survivability so this i think could be quite helpful.

  233. Expedite

  234. Aww, but I want bushes on my planes! My Pe-2 needs more OP-ness while it
    destroys everything within a 2 klick radius!

  235. That’s why I was like why is there a update?

  236. Some shermans were even decked out in concrete

  237. unless bushes bump up cocealement they are pointless tank tracks and spares
    im totally with that

  238. Finally, I can roll out looking like the Tiger H1 mockup from Saving
    Private Ryan

  239. if you have tank tracks or bushes, they should be able get destroyed and
    either cost more money the more you have or increase the br by a certain
    amount per bush/track

  240. I personally prefer the bush addition would work like an artillery strike,
    something you can activate while being static and with a cooldown system or
    maybe allow movement but with a certain duration time and cooldown. Just my
    thoughts about bush camo. I still like the idea of this new feature. Also I
    would like it more if Gaijin add slots for some variations on your bushes
    setups so you can choose like you do with ammo type at the beginning of the

  241. I hope they do it right. I would LOVE to see this! I’m finally getting into
    the back-bone U.S tanks (Shermans, Wolverines and all-) and I can’t wait to
    deck it out!! Of course, I think bushes and nets and sandbags and tracks
    should be for any tank, in my opinion. It’d be really disappointing to me
    if I could turn my Sherman into a Bush-Wookie.

  242. a big fuss over a little modification

  243. Where do you add the customization? I don’t see the research tab

  244. I want a Sherman smothered in tracks because then it’ll be slower, so it is

  245. How do you switch a crew member In a tank from gunner to driver

  246. always the same fucking song, unbelievable

  247. I think anything that makes Warthunder less irritating in how often crew
    get knocked out or killed by stupid shit is good. I might be wrong, but I
    never heard of WW2 tanks being knocked out by machine gun fire. Adding more
    protection seems like a good counter to a dodgy mechanic.

  248. You’re a little drown out by your background music at times in this one.

  249. Ha! let’s stick tank tracks in front of periscopes and see well!

  250. I check in on this game every so often to see how it is doing. I was a bit
    excited for this patch . So I load up the game and decide I’ll switch from
    tier 5 to tier four for fun. Low and behold same SHTT different patch. You
    cant fix the game until the BR is fixed PERIOD. I will expand on that for
    the challenged . This game is broken simply because of a terrible BR rating
    match up. I would love this game to work right and I truly think it is such
    an easy fix. YET…….

  251. Justin sénéchal

    that awful moment when you trying to get them wagers but your mouse breaks

  252. Cammo in WW2 is like Franks hot sauce. “I put that S*** on everything”

  253. Sad u didnt read mine FURY

  254. I want bushes on my TD

  255. But bushes will be useless when you move with a heavy tank like the 1shot-2

  256. console friendly?

  257. we still do that. we put our rucks on the sides of our abrams and bradleys

  258. we still do that. we put our rucks on the sides of our abrams and bradleys

  259. I can’t put bushes on my Jagdpanther! Buuuu

  260. marco “t500” jonker

    Just make it slow down tanks then it’s not going to be op

  261. I congratulate Gaijin for finally doing something unique to warthunder, but
    I can already see the bullshit that’s coming with all this. Its going to
    turn into a camp fest. Nobody’s gonna play the objective cause both teams
    are going to wait for one another causing stalemates. Nobody gonna help
    anyone(not like they do anyways), but still cause they’re gonna be camping.
    Not to mention tanks like IS series can add tracks to cover up the weak
    shoulders and practically make it impenetrable from the front espeacially
    at lower tiers where there isn’t heat-fs. IDK I hope I’m wrong, but 85% of
    the community is just horrible.

  262. Again i say we should be able to use like ten or fewer tracks and the
    ghillie should only be able to show in arcade or when not in sniper mode (
    if they’re going to stay in the game)

  263. To make it balanced a load limit needs to be added , load limit of course
    would be determined by the engine and suspension in the tank, exceeding the
    load or breaking a certain threshold in the load limit would cause poorer
    performance maneuvering in the tank or if you really wanted to get
    realistic cause the the engine in an overloaded tank to seize.

  264. USA: Tracks and Sandbags
    Germany: Sideskirts and more Sideskirts
    Soviet Russia: Infantry and Vodka

  265. Really any tank in WWII could have bushes. They aren’t professional
    camouflage. They are quite literally branches picked up off the ground and
    put on the tank.

  266. Hey Baron! Nice incorporation of the Panther from the Canadian War Museum!
    Saw it twice and I completely underestimated the size of a Panther.

  267. love how they go from talking german to pirates in like 0-60 hahah

  268. I feel that bushes should be unlock-able after researching for certain
    tanks and tank destroyers and as far as adding tracks as armor, I think the
    tracks should be from vehicles that served in the same time-frame as your
    own. As for the amount I would add the tracks for simplicity sake 1 kg per
    decimeter of track added, but you can add as much as there is space on your
    tank NO OVERLAP.

  269. Panther II and Tiger II pairing is fucking cool looking I have to say.

  270. My kind of personal opinion on this would be that it could change the
    combat style in war thunder but players could either pick a stealthy
    approach to matches or a more heavy, tank like approach with the added
    armor, or maybe even have a mix of both. While adding a bit more of a
    realistic aspect to the game I think it would overall provide a more
    challenging approach to modes like realistic and simulator while giving a
    slightly new feel to the ground vehicle combat

  271. I’m noticing a lot of people probably thinking it’s going to be on all the
    tanks but for the update they only have a couple of tanks no SPG
    highlighted for the customization so they’r probably not going to have all
    the tanks to be customize to have camo bushes

  272. 22:07 lmao

  273. Alright I’m putting tank tracks all over my Maus’ turret cheeks :D

  274. The background audio is really pissing me off!!!

  275. Like the bushes but that much armor is op

  276. can we not add scouting mechanics before we add this stuff? Being able to
    add tracks etc could be cool – however, the more you add it should probably
    slow the tank etc down.

  277. Muhdirfan Muhdirfan

    Baron can i be your friend in Heroes And Generals

  278. slickbee with the best spotting in the league! pin-point call outs

  279. MesterSmileyface Gaming

    The t-34 100 is way too op

  280. I wounder with the bush add on camo .Would it be removed for snow and sand

  281. why did i not see my comment, i was gonna be the ultimate bushwacker with
    my dicker max ; ), if you know what i mean

  282. It will make tiger 2 sla an extra tiger 2 with slightly increased hp

  283. make it where you unlock new mods like in the modification menu where you
    unlock new ammo and engines!

  284. they should have the bushes and stuff to have like durability and can get
    shoot off by to much mg fire or a HE round would clear all the tank tracks
    off that would make it less powerful that would also make higher tier lower
    calibre he rounds more useful and a reason to not just rock pure ap rounds

  285. the reason that shermans used a lot of glued on armor is because their
    standard armor was to weak for the tanks it faced. So they did this to have
    a chance to survive.

  286. No offence Baron,but the way you say ghille irritates the hell out of
    people.its gill-E,not Geal-E.i looked up the pronunciation.

  287. I think your not going to be able to choose where you place them (Extra
    armour) – Just a prerequisite you unlock.

  288. not digging the music

  289. If you test drive tanks now you can see that the Panther has tracks all
    over the turret

  290. I personally think having to research Parts is extremely unnecessary and a
    waste of time. Seriously, players are stuck not being able to repair their
    high tier tanks because researching Parts take months(exaggerating) to

  291. if you want more tanktracks, your tank should get slower because of the
    extra weight. so it should be your own choice how much tracks you add to
    your tank

  292. Bacon Gamer805 (Daniel Rangel)

    Maybe you could knock off the extra tracks and bushes with an HE shell, yes

  293. To be perfectly honest if the bushes start to become common in sim battles
    all that will happen is that people will start to use low graphics setting
    more, rendering the bushes useless.

  294. The way you sat Ghile makes me want to tear out my nerves

  295. hey mate where dyou find this music ?

  296. Anthony Whitbread

    Should be for weak tanks that have high rating eg M4A3E2. Also limitations
    like only 10-15 pieces and no extra for premium users.

  297. baron the flank and spank ace

  298. I think this is completely unnecessary and there should be no bushes or

  299. hey baron, how is the last man standing mechanism work ?
    because i didn’t get into the system yet, even if i’ve 1 crew member left

  300. IF the tanks could handle the extra weight..why not make the armor thicker
    to begin with in WW2 __??

  301. +BaronVonGamez BARON!!! SHIPS!!!!!

    (Clearly part of the April Fools, but I think it’s a nice way to test the

  302. Im so confused, I cant use the tank tracks/camoflauge so I guess they
    havent added it yet, but everyone makes it seem like they have added it. Im
    sure u answer this in the video but im to lazy to watch the entiew video,
    someone plz help :(

  303. I think you should be given a number of tank tracks to put on your tank and
    it’s your decision where to put them.

  304. Phantom Fortesses


    Shufieicojqnfcklckkdkjaks dlalflnekdp

  305. boerne_ben Productions

    Try out the T-26-4. Get 5 kills. Dare you.

  306. Mathias Kleinlein

    ships in warthunder !!! :D

  307. I am waiting for video about new ships in war thunder :)

  308. +BaronVonGamez Whats the music in the first minutes where the pictures are

  309. my favorite field mod from irl is a sheman tank with concrete on the front

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