New Personal Reserves in World of Tanks Update 1.18.1

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Source: DezGamez

New Personal Reserves, Coversion, Free XP and Crew XP, 100% Credit Booster and more. World of Tanks Update 1.18.1 Patch News.

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Updated Expiration Article
02:05 Why they doing it?
03:10 Easy to Use
04:35 Mid-Battle Activation
07:25 What Changed to the Reserves
11:38 Expiration Date
13:10 Conversion
18:30 Conclusion

New Personal Reserve article used:

There are quite a lot of with that…

What do you think?


  1. What is your take on all of this? Want to see it or not? What you like and what you don’t?
    Here are the timestamps for your viewing pleasure:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:30 Updated Article
    02:05 Why they doing it?
    03:10 Easy to Use
    04:35 Mid-Battle Activation
    07:25 What Changed to the Reserves
    11:38 Expiration Date info
    13:10 Conversion
    18:30 Conclusion

    • Edvinas Vaitkevičius

      I dont know why, but your reserves menu is really clean. In my boosters section i have same type of booster for same amount of time (ex. 100% for 1h to free xp) separated into like 30 pcs and 20 pcs. But it is the exact same booster. It looks weird, and i agree that it is messy aswell. Im not sure if thats only in my account or others have this issue aswell…

    • I still dont understand:why should i use fxp+crew xp when i need just fxp?

    • Nothing really wrong with the current system to activate but I would guess now its gonna be 2 clicks. You only have 3 different to choose from so you would click lets say “credits” on the top bar and it opens a drop bar where you have, well the two options. So you choose either higher or lower boost while also seeing how many you have those. Then 2x 2clicks if you want the two other booster types activated. So sounds good like the mid battle activation.

      16:58-17:30 I must disagree about which is more valuable. But first I was like how do you have so much FreeXp boosters left (let alone 1,1million freexp), but then I realized you spend gold to transfer normal xp to free so…

      But for me I have mostly decent crews +3-4 skills. Which will get higher if I just choose to play with them, but dont have any super need to get more perks, because also any new crew will probably get some books used to them I have earned and they will right away have closer to 4 skills. However FreeXp is always almost zero. I dont even use it that much. Sure now I used 100k for the new line so I can start with the T8. However I dont really use it to anything else than occasional 1-2k to top of a module or last field mod. While at the same time of all the boosters I have least of the freexp. So sure you might not get 300% crew boosters easily, but I would still say freexp has more value. So I will probably try to spend all of those that I get the most value of the conversion, when apparently the lower number will just vanish to the air.

  2. I generally like the idea of the change but if they do bring in boosters with expiry dates it will be very messy and complicated.
    Suppose that change happens and I start doing missions and getting a few boosters each time.
    The dates I get them will be different so I assume so will the expiry date.
    Oh so these 3 boosters expire in Jan 1st these 4 on Feb 10th this one in may these 6 in August and so on.
    Maybe stick with the other idea of different values for Free and Bought boosters.
    I did a check on my current boosters and have loads
    100% xp I have 400 1h and 100 2h and a ridiculous 898 of the 1h 50%
    I keep forgetting to use them and these days its only to get a sub 100% crew to the point I can use crew books.
    Advantage of being a long time player.

  3. I need to hire an account manager

  4. There are four kinds of boosters? Oh my god, I can only count up to three. This game uses a very demanding numbering system. I will go back to playing tetris.

  5. I had less than 200 games and I worked it out the reserve

  6. Why do they not just convert the boosters to 1hr and just add 1 more slot if the want to give us the oppertunity to run all types of boosters at once? like if i have 300% 2hr booster just make it to 2x 300% 1hr booster that must be less difficult, or just add them up and ass 1hr boosters and make just one booster type include all types and just have one boost slot so it will go faster to activate them.

    Sorry for bad english and grammar.
    keep up the good content Dez you are the best.

  7. James Irwin-McConnell

    4:32 right there. THAT’S why they’re doing it. Money. That’s it. If they expire, people will want them more, and buy them. Oh look, you’re out? Well, you can buy them right here now! Just one click~

  8. would be nice to see all the reserves removed and credit generation reverted to previous levels.


      Clan wars would still be the main way to generate thousand of credit per battle i already made multiple time zmore than 200k per battle

  9. Never bought a booster and I use what free ones they give me so it’s no worries here. WG used to give us more xp and credits naturally but they thought taking this away and selling it to us would work, sorry WG but I don’t fall for your greedy tactics.

  10. I have well over 1500 personal reserves in my inventory. I don’t use them due to the fact that for me it’s about 100% of having the worst, or close to it, rng while using them.

  11. I love it with boosters I am one who takes time to choose so I gave up I got hundreds off boosters it makes it easy for me now

  12. trần việt hoàng

    I think they will move reserves to garage menu, then make it a 3 slot drop down menu for each type, click in one type it will show list of available reservers

  13. I currently have over 3,500 boosters of all kinds. I usually don’t use them. Many of them are 2, 3, and 4 hours. With this conversion I will use them a lot more.

  14. Your example is correct for the improved combined only because you only have 1 type of free xp that would become Improved and one type of crew XP that would become improved.

    For the standard though you have to do the math for all the non-300% free XP add those together, then do the same for all the non-300% crew xp. Whichever number is bigger is how many standard combined boosters you will have. I can’t make out the numbers or I’d do it for you. From what I’ve seen most people will end up with the amount of Improved that the Free XP turns into and standard that the crew xp turns into.

  15. I think they are doing something like blitz tanks booster menu. The time limited boosters are possibly because of players like me who have literaly 200 unused boosters just sitting there.

  16. Stupid to expire them. I earned them one way or another. Just another way to force play. Thwre was nothing wrong with the system. This stuff makes me want to play even less and spend nothing.

  17. Did they say anywhere that we still will be able to activate 3 booster at the time?

  18. Wtf they should make it like, good for 10 battles upon activation. Battles goes like 10 to 15 mins (when goes to epic or camping mode), unless you’re tank is inappropriate in the map, it will be shorter. I’m just having a minimum of 6 to 8 with this 1 hr booster.

  19. Ok, very helpful video. I think I understand it after watching it. For me personally i think it’s good change. I’m a “casual” player, i play when I have free time or just wanna try to have fun so i don’t have millions of boosters so conversion is quite meh for me

  20. Hi Dez.i think they should make an option to active 2 boosters of same type in 2 slots,for ex 2 x 50 percent credits in 2 slots.i have over 400 of those.i would like to go over them quickly if there’s going to be an expiration date.what you think?

  21. When were they ever not super fucking easy to use?


    So to use the booster of cree or XP you have less to get the best total value before change ? Right ?

  23. 6:00 – Dez I would have a better chance of inventing a time machine and replaying my booster than get a WoT battle that lasts 10 minutes or more. When the battle counter gets to 10 min left, the game is already over, 99% of the times

  24. I have far over 2k booster left over… always too lazy to activate them 😀

  25. I’m just hoping that WG will go bankrupt soon. Preying to God for that!!!

  26. Math classes on twitch with dez was quite the experience

  27. well i dont keep any as i use them right away but if conversion goes ahead it will benifit me

  28. zwergenkaempferstein

    10:45 I actually did that but I didn’t sit there for 30min maybe more like 5min

  29. What if those boosters would take number of battles instead of hours? Like if you activate a currently 1h booster, it would apply for your let’s say next 6 battles? Just an opinion…

  30. well with the extra 10min extension of the booster…
    Sure it is extra value, but god damned why do you need to jump through hoops (mid battle activate) and maybe even mess up a shot or a critical situation at the end

    that sounds rather annoying

  31. Only thing a bit strange/complicated today is the fact that for some reason I have several reserves with the same features but seperated out. You had this as well in your depot

  32. this is nice…

  33. I wish that all the values remain, but everything was 1 hour…

  34. Didnt even know that there were 4h and 6h boosters… just went to check and i found 5x 4h boosters for 50% crew exp lol and overall yea maybe i have a couple 100 boosters laying around but not because i dont use them, its because wargaming is literally throwing them at me that i cant use them all… i am very scared of the time limited boosters and how many boosters we will get… that way wargaming is almost forcing us to play their game

  35. WOT has always been PAY TO WIN, that does not surprise me, disappoints me, but doesn’t surprise me. BUT I have long said that the longer duration reserves just don’t make sense because, like you, I don’t want to be, rather I don’t have the time to be, tied to the game for 2 hours, or more. 1 hour is PERFECT! Expiration for reserves, IS A BAD IDEA!!!

  36. Here’s a serious issue. They’re doing it to simplify the reserves UI, right? So how will they separate the reserves with different expiration dates on said UI? Or will they all have the same expiration date, and at some point you just suddenly lose all reserves until the next event starts if you’re not willing to buy more?

  37. How about premium days that expire after you have played/logged in for that amount of days, instead of expiring even when you dont log in. Some people have kids, work or other stuff to do and can only play 1 or 2 days a week. Not all of us are sweaty nerds that have time to play 24/7 to get max use out of the premium account days. This is the main reason i never buy premium days xD

    Everytime i get 1-3 days for free i only get 1-3 hours of use out of them..

  38. leave the % alone. just bust up the multi-hour boosters into 1 hour type. simple enough.

  39. The only question I have is how are the percentages split for the crew and free xp’s? Say you have 300% for one hour under the new rules for crew and free xp’s, is it split evenly? Each one receiving 150% each to crew and free xp’s? Or do they each gain 300%?

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