New physics and evasive maneuvers

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Source: Zeven

When in doubt, barrel roll!


  1. Dreadshells Gaming

    Welcome to a scout tank player’s world now…. Wargaming – “Scout tanks
    need buffing they are not as relevant anymore.” *introduce new physics,
    make maps where vision doesn’t matter, nerf spotting locations on maps
    where vision does matter, put tier 10 games on small maps so view range
    saturation makes scout vision redundant and pointless…..
    I’m getting mixed signals from you Wargaming…..

  2. Thats always a bit of a coin toss if it comes back up or not.

    Any chance to get more replay reviews to youtube? They are great and I (and
    probably many others) don’t have a chance to see them live.

  3. lol

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