‘New Power’ update teaser / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Gaijin announces that military online War will get major Content Update “New Power” and native next-gen consoles versions in mid-November. This update will bring a new version the Dagor Engine, blue-water naval power and a lot of other surprises.

Music: End Silence — Tear Down Brigdes



  1. War Thunder: We remove the Maus so we can make it more “balanced”
    Also War Thunder: *N U K A C O L A*

  2. can we have su 22, su 27, su 30, su 30 MK2 and su 47 pls ? (RUSSIA air forces)

  3. 0:23 the last thing you see before you die


  4. War thunder: new power update
    Player base: nuke update?


  5. Nuke I want nuke idc I want nuke yes yes

  6. this teaser is like WOW it’s waking up and not having zoom meetings and homework just WOW

  7. Make japan great again

  8. I am stoked buuuut let’s be real the tanks and planes look great… we really need better terrain graphics imean the terrain especially from the air looks really bad blocky on some maps or areas. To up the graphics in all areas is long overdue. I’m sure they have plenty of money to do so…

  9. Is Germany even still a competitive nation and should I continue to grind it or move onto a new nation?

  10. I can’t wait to nuke these battleships!

  11. Lukas Constantinos


  12. I dont know…this games has gone from hero to zero pretty fast,,,for some to be here since CBT I just dont really feel like this game is gonna come back in big.

  13. *sigh* Already saw this on Twitter, guys. -_- And still very wary about the implied nuclear blast at the end. That’s a weapon you do *NOT* add to a game like this and expect it to not be abused. Gaijin… don’t ignore this. Don’t make a big mistake like Bethesda in recent years.

  14. That battleship foghorn, tho

  15. ☢ Its finally time! IM ARMMED AND READY TO BE DROPED! ☢

  16. 0:19 one of the y carriers is the ara 25 de mayo?

  17. If we’re getting Nukes does this mean we’re getting B-36?

  18. You had my interest. Now you have my attention, and whatever I can scrounge out of my wallet.

  19. Do not wast your time and money on this game just don’t

  20. General Marionette

    Loving the new explosion effects, you guys keep doing great work. Too bad I have to wait and unlock the new vehicles

  21. This I cool but where’s the update ? 😂

  22. Can we have some maps located in The Netherlands?

  23. Everyone is here talking about nukes and all, I’m still just holding out for fully modelled bomber cockpits

  24. Ok this may be a little off subject but I have to know. Why is the repair costs soo much more on the Italian M-18 then the US M-18 We are talking double as high.
    US M-18 repair cost 2140 s/l
    Italy M-18 repair costs 4288 s/l What gives???

  25. Ok so the one of the tarmac with the truck on it is the new default hangar screen with moving crews and aircraft in the background

  26. What’s with the modern aircraft carrier.

  27. Nuke: Comes

    German MBT 70: my time has come

  28. Nuke maybe mean that there will be a new kind of bomb target on japanese maps

  29. Can you please put all those premium tanks and the Merkava MK and Rooikat on steam store its for me much more easy to buy I have lot of bucks in my steam wallet would be great to support you folks on steam

  30. i thought this was gonna be an infantry update

  31. So far
    New graphics
    Some new vehicles

  32. fix game server plzzzzz

  33. This on next gen consoles is going to be really interesting with a 4K/60 target
    Wonder though will you be able to transfer profiles from PS4 to PS5??? I am a war thunder vet. Level 100 with a lot of paid for bundles…..and a very long daily login streak going I wouldn’t like to lose it

  34. no nukes 🙁

  35. that was defenetly a nuclear warhead / bomb in the end, theres nothing else

  36. Someone drops nuke:
    my computer’s ammo rack explodes

  37. so when is it coming out

  38. Nuke: exists
    My potato laptop:
    Now this looks like a job for me

  39. For 1 million GE,you can now purchase your own hiroshima and nagasaki!

  40. So switch can play?

  41. Will this still be available to Linux users? I am using linux. PLS let this still be Linux native

  42. Audacious YEY
    I wished WOWS 10tier come to WT
    lol XD

  43. VII rank go brrrrrrrr

  44. Jonathan Sebastian

    Me : “I can’t penetrate this armor”
    Gaijin : “Here goes the nuke”

  45. Is that USS Midway?

  46. İ want mobile

  47. Amazing choice for the song

  48. the one sign that said “wild west oct 23 – nov 10” this came out on oct 23. arent they clever

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