New Premium HE Type 5 Legit Broken, LOL!? | World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy SandBox 2021 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Heavy With New on Sandbox 2021 – New Equipment Gameplay. Heavy Sandbox New HE Gameplay. of Tanks Best Battles / Best Replays.

Alright… So you wanted to see me playing with Type 5 Heavy, which supposedly should be dead on the SandBox… Well, let me play 2 battles and let’s see how it works!?

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. 🔴 Here you see Premium HE in action, because this is how MOST of the people are going to play this tank ANYWAY.🔴
    Okey, be honest… Who paid, which one of you beautiful people paid to these actors?! 😛
    Anyway, what do you want to see me testing out NEXT!?
    Chapters in this video:
    00:00​ – Introduction
    01:00​ – Build Setup (Equipment, Crew, etc.)
    02:35​ – New Ammo
    03:25​ – Battle 1
    10:00​ – Battle 2
    15:45​ – Conclusion

    • What we want to see next?? How about some realistic action where assclowns aren’t showing you their broadsides and rearends in battle? You know, Like its going to be on a live random battles where the type 5 is going to be facing the heavy frontal armore of its tier X counterparts, or ridgeline hull down Super Conqs, 279’s, and Chieftains instead of this sh*tshow we watched. Just saying. This video looks like it could be compared to a paid baking advertisement where the biscuits are being buttered really well to make them look appetizing. Remember, some of us have played the sandbox server. This is unrealistic at best, and I know out of the games I played, I got 1 broadside shot total, and avg 80 – 205 damage on frontal armor ( 205 once, more frequently much less and sometimes ZERO).

    • this is how Type 5 heavy suppose to be, this my first tank grind, after i unlocked WG nerf it front armor. after i buys it became useless tank. now it coming back to glory.

    • Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

      Dez do a prediticion video of the 11 other premiums they will buff or what you think and make a 1.12 VID pls

    • KV 2 Deeeezzz!!!!!

    • Lower caliber gun with HE in tier 8 or 9 or 10

  2. Nopenot downloading wot anymore after all this shit nerf.

  3. Type 5, basically a bunker with tracks

  4. Would a nice rebound buy, Type5 second round with that AP ammo!

  5. every time WG tries to improve the game, WG fking make it worst😑😑

  6. The AP round needs more pen to like 260. And a premium round that’s like 300 flat.

  7. Waw gozzila is back

  8. so based on this , heavy tank will no longer engage other heavy tanks, at all, ever, they will all switch flanks to the medium side and abuse the mediums who wont really be able to put up any kind of fight or even defence since their HE will do literally nothing, this is just the dumbest shit i ever saw, yall need to do a video on how this bullshit will change advances, and skirms and Cw’s, cuz form what i am seeing, it’ll be 10 t/95’s hulldown and nobody can do anything about it, and only clans with those tanks will win. even tier 8 skirms, how will tier 8’s deal eith a hulldowned defender if HE does zero dmg now

  9. The problem is that if you consider the situations in which you did lots of damage, there was no difference with current version HE. You were shooting side armor, or low armor targets. The heavily armored targets always get around 100 damage or less. My main issue is with tanks that use HESH. This change basically turned HESH into regular HE. I used to be able to use Badger, and fire HESH at a T110E3, dealing 200-300 damage each shot. Now in the new version… 50 damage, 80 damage, 30 damage.. Pointless. And it’s difficult to pen hull down E3 even with gold on the top weak spot. And that yes, KV-2 and M4A3E2 are dead. Lost their purpose.

    • Also, I don’t know if you noticed, or if this is a sandbox server only thing… but directives now cost bonds. Not credits like in the live version.

  10. So gold spam will intensify, even with derps 😉

  11. So in the end the HE rework is intended for people to use more premium ammo?
    Greedy bastards the one at WG.
    I am happy to not play anymore.

  12. Hmm, another thing, if it enters server like this then PREMIUM HE will be even more powerful, because basically they will act like normal AP anyway. Before you could think “nah I’ll load normal HE because I will hit tracks or spaced anyway so splash is all that matters, not anymore.

  13. Can anyone please tell me how the hell am I supposed to register for the Test Server?
    Like how can I register before the cut off was done and how to know when is the next cut off?
    Please I have been really struggling here…

    • I don’t know anything about registering for the server. BTW this stuff is NOT on the test server,, but tge sandbox server. You just download it and go play. After you’re done they’ll send you a survey to fill out on the live game. I think it was like 15 questions long with some questions in which you could comment. It’s too late for anything on the H-E now anyway, they came out with the next phase today which was the rebalancing of some of the premium medium tanks. Next up is going to be SPG I think.

  14. I’m still confuse, why they nerf the HE dmg to module but this Type 5 could still deal 1k dmg ?

  15. I like the promotion of aiming for HE to get your reward, while smacking the faces of enemies give you almost no damage. Now HE is just a lower penn and higher damage AP/APCR round and IMO that’s how gold shells should be balanced as well – higher penn but lower damage than standard ammunition (AP/APCR).

    But dealing 50-100 dmg to a perfectly hull down tank will be a massive buff to them (which I guess is not the worst thing for tanks that only excel at holding the position – but Chief and 279e?)

  16. Clearly totally dead.

  17. Nice video. I wonder how would you play with type 5 heavy. Maybe vid about it?

  18. dez can you make a video about how kv2 looks like with all those changes?would be nice

  19. 0:18 damn, and I just can’t get a tier 8 for the life of me but this man has like every tank in the game.

  20. How the fuck were enemies that horrible. 2 mediums and an EBR driving sideways in front of Type 5 and shooting standard ammo.

  21. So people “even lose crew members from zero damage artillery hits”? Funny, because arty shells weren’t changed for that SB iteration, were they?

  22. Anyone observing Arty issues hasn’t read WG script for the sandbox server. HE armour rework only for tanks, not SPG so you’re going to get knocked out crew members from non-pen hits from Arty.

  23. Hey Dez maybe you should revisit the spall liner with the HE changes

  24. Stan Van de Woestijne

    Hi dez
    Do you have any idea why i can’t login in the sandbox server?
    It always said failed to connect to the server

  25. I also tried testing Type5 on sandbox but after 3 games getting completely wrecked because everyone and their mother are shooting gold I gave up lol

  26. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Got into a grand battle yesterday with 60TP on full-HE. Went to a flank and a trio of EBR capped us out after 3 minutes. Good testing!

  27. So WG makes normal he rounds ass and is forcing players to spend more money to use their reworked shell with more pen….this is utter by I hope this doesn’t make it to live server….

  28. SHOW KV2 Dez!!!!!!!!
    Eweryone:We need HE ammo rebalance…
    WG:Ok,we add HESH and HE and AP ammo to Type 5 derp gun,happy now?

  29. Type 5 is not dead. It’s called balanced

  30. Type 5 is not dead!! 😇

  31. 0 damage knock-out crew splash by arty happend to me in live server soo I would say that is old news..

  32. wow only bot lobbys

  33. @dezgamez: ouh boy, I’m used to love ur content and still do it but I strongly disagree w/ you regarding this showcase. You showcase type 5 hvy on sandbox where everyone shoot HE rebalanced. Those HE doesn’t make damage to thick armor tank like type 5. So type 5 hvy perform well VS med/light/TD w/ no armor and hvy that show u the butt :). A real test would be to face is7/is4/279e spamming gold. Type 5 wouldn’t stand a chance and should be rename Pinatta. Current HE would make more damage when u don’t pen and make damage same way when it pen. Only small difference is the way it ignore tracks.. So at the end of the story, Type 5 will remains in the dust, and the rebalancing won t help. Soooo that’s it regarding my opinion on that. And regarding ur content : please continue, it’s amazing good! Take care Dez
    LAST important POINT: this rebalanced will kill one thing : FUN

  34. Oh so they made Type 5 into Type 4005 😀

  35. Can you test the rework with the KV2 T95 and T110E3 if you can. Reason for asking is because with T95 and E3, if I’m against a heavy that is hull down I usually go for the he rounds to whittle the health down because the gold rounds don’t always work especially if you can’t get the shot that you need. 👍😁

  36. Well I saw that most people don’t like the change, but I think using normal HE will be more effective on light armored vehicules and weakspots, they will have a very high damage potential and using them in a flank, behind ennemies will be very rewarding, some 105mm HE have more than 50mm of pen so it’s possible to use them behind most ennemies in low ranks and using them at the right time in high rank as well. So the HE will go from a no brain gameplay to a big brain gameplay where you need to use them at the good time, so I support the change.

  37. this guy be shooting 100% premium shells and say this tank aint dead

  38. RIP tanks with no armor

  39. Absolutely unreal playing by enemies… Exposing rear and side… Just can not believe that Daz pretend not to see that… Saying that Type is not broken… Convincing us that it’s very good… Like just spend more money for WG…Not honest review at all…

  40. this is a massive buff to anything that has HESH amo available. otherwise its a buff for all the heavy tanks with good armor and a nerf to anything with no armor. especialy the ebr series which im all for.

  41. Dez…….. You seriously want to show us how Type 5 is broken while you’re shooting with gold ammo? With gold ammo, every tank is broken good with the old ammo and with changed ammo too.
    And your big damages was on the side of heavies and meds, but 9 of 10 with this tank you face with the front of thick heavies or TD’s what you damaged to 50-100 dmg.
    So Type 5 will be dead….:(

  42. Bring back old he shells,and it wont be dead any more 🤷‍♂️

  43. So, now with the new HE ammo (if they are going to apply it) you have to play with PREMIUM HE (if available for your tank) and wait for some idiots to come on you with their sides or wait for an FV4005, Grille, etc, in order to make some dmg… and for @DezGamez not only this is not a dead tank but it may be broken!
    This video looks like a WG promo, or close to be one 😐

  44. If the New he mechanic comes to live Servers, should I use ur setup for the gun Performance or like Last Video survival setup against the arty. Any help?

  45. People crying bcs a heavy tank or a tank bounce a Shell. So at this point just remove the armor and there you

  46. Honestly I might actually come back to the game if this HE change does go live, getting constantly HE spammed for 400+ by tanks just scoot and shooting combined with ridiculous arty and ebr made me quit

  47. At last something GOOOOD happened to this game! It is so good to see that nerfed HE in the game 🙂

  48. If you think about it, you might not be able to do as much, but on the other hand, they can’t do much to you either

  49. I sell my 2012 EU wot account with some hard to get tanks like Bourrasque and T77, interested reply me for full account specs

  50. Try use stock HE shell next time

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