New Premium Tortoise, The Turtle Mk. I | World of Tanks Turtle Mk. I Review

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Source: DezGamez

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Mini-, tier 8 premium British tank destroyer “Turtle Mk. I” here, in the game and in the premium shop!

Today I am going to let you know everything you need to know about this new premium tank in World of Tanks, which is slow with amazing, second best DPM in tier 8!


►Tanks in action / мир танков Turtle Mk. I:
– British Turtle Mk.


  1. I tried to be as fast as possible, enjoy it, APPRECIATE IT! 😀
    Love you, stay sexy, bye!

    • WOW, Dez I really like that tank!! Dang, fast reload and accurate! Awesome review and analysis my friend!! Take care, Vern

    • How to play this tank? According to your guide on how to play tds: With tea and cookies of course!
      F***, I spilled my cookies… (Sound of vacuum cleaner in the background intensifies.)

    • WG: look a tier 8 premium with and obj 140’s dpm ! Unique isn’t it ?
      Players: what about balance when it meets tier 6 ?
      WG:… Buy it and kill the game plz

    • That is sick cammo! 🙂
      Did you ever taught to make a special cammo giveaway with WarGaming? 🙂

    • Almost certain my jgTig is over 3400dpm, but it’s no tortoise

  2. First battle and 7tds hm that is nice how have 3 artas in battle … This game need more balance in MM cuz that sucks…

  3. You could call it a ‘Frontlines Turtle” And curse whenever you have to attack.

  4. I want t54 RENEGADE, not td tanks

  5. Have a comparison in between jg 88/ts5/turtle mk1

  6. there not great killed 3 so far

  7. DEZ, video idea – Take tank with slowest shell velocity and try to hit fastest tank with full throttle and use maximum distance possible. It would be awesome to see how far forward you have to aim to hit… 😛

  8. 3000dpm is useless if you can’t get anywhere to use it.

  9. Anyone notice the nice spelling error here. If only, “OQF 55-pdr AT Gun”, if only… (at 4:35)

  10. Complete waste of money so long as gold shells in the game, armour means nothing any more.

  11. Turtle no but it does look like a Badger

  12. nothing worth to give money to wg

  13. Hello Dez, nice video

  14. Wow, it’s all we need….another premium s-l-o-w TD……freakin fix the Match Making FIRST !

    • You mention there’s a problem with MM yet you haven’t bothered to specify what the problem is…

    • @James Parker Simple: Conduct player selection based upon abilities at tier levels. Why have lower tier tanks with tankers that face seal clubbers. Wanna keep the player base and expand the game? Then pocket players should have to progress thru each tier. How about having WW II tanks actually battle AGAINST same era not AGAINST Cold War Tanks.Stop having Premium Tier 8’s face 10’s most of the time…..that would be a start to fixing MM…..don’t get me started on RNG…

    • @EclYpse Well I kinda agree but, Premium 8’s shouldn’t have to face Tier 10’s most of the time…..It’s not coductive to have battles over in 3min…..just sayin

    • @Brack Jackson So all you seem to want is skill based MM. The flaws of that are well documented on the forum for you to see.

      Making players go through each tier? How will that “fix” the MM? That will go under the topic of game knowledge, not MM.

      Tier 8s facing tier 10s? Since WG fixed tier 8 MM months ago (it seems you never heard…) its extremely rare for tier 8s to face tier 10s.

      If your outdated opinions on RNG are anything like MM, then no, I don’t want to hear your opinion on RNG.

    • @James Parker to each is own. I sure don’t have all the answers…Happy Hunting

  15. Imagine that we were actually asking for new premium tanks….

  16. Too turtely for the turtle club. ?

  17. Guys Am I the only one who thinks that turtle looks like mini badger not tortois???

  18. Reading the stats with food and equipment equipped is very misleading if aren’t paying attention

  19. this is an improvet AT15, just better and almost all stats.

  20. “Another day, another premium tank”… Yeah, feels like it… WG needs money I guess…

  21. This is like a Jagdtiger 88 thats a little slower but solves so many problems the tank has

  22. Seems to be very similar to JGDTiger 8.8
    They should upgrade JGDTiger to a 105mm gun

    • Nah, the 8,8 JgTig just needs more pen honestly. Since it has the armor of the T9, all it needs is a slight pen buff to stay competitive enough with the rest of the tanks. Seeing the pen go up from 212/237 to maybe 224/253 just like the turtle would be perfect. Not to mention the fact that the 8,8 JgTig literally has 8,8 in its name lmao

  23. I wanted to say, your accent and English are getting pretty good!

  24. Hey guys, be happy
    WG actually released a pretty balanced premium tank for once
    Be happy that it is not a broken tank

  25. I see what you did there, you put the Turtle racing style on the Turtle :p

  26. Next middle finger for the techtree variant.

  27. This tank is more like a T8 Badger rather than a T8 Tortoise. The only common trait it shares with the tortoise is the god awful speed, past that everything resembles the Badger.

  28. Byron MaidPro -Salt Lake City

    Screw WoT – this game is 2010

  29. British Engineering. Always the best.

  30. I really like the looks of this tank-destroyer! 😀

  31. Mobility is awful? Lol, you clearly forgot that “decent” mobility looks like in lower tiers.

  32. my e25 had 3,400dpm…. At tier 7… (plus insane camo and great mobility…)

  33. “So many one sided battles”.. ITS BECAUSE WG DOESNT BALANCE TEAM SKILL. Come one Dez cover team skill disparity, it’s THE huge issue with this game..

    • Have you played ranked? One sided battles have nothing to do with team skill balance. It’s natural for a “no respawn” type of game.

  34. Great armour.
    Loads prem rounds.
    Turtle turns into Swiss cheese. Because skill rounds > aiming.

  35. Fyi u killed another arty not the one you aim at 🙂

  36. What’s going to be next!? Ummm let me think oh yeah next is premium obj268-v4 ?

  37. The turtle looks more like a baby Badger.

  38. It’s not hard to say “tortes”. You improved a lot over the years but you should never stop.
    Skill also has this problem and refuses to leave his comfort zone, repeating the same phrases over and over again.

  39. Thanks for the video…Would like one, but not paying £30, so it can stay in wargaming’s garage along with British Lights.

  40. A part of me wishes that WG gave it out as part of a marathon as it would have been a decent reward for such after all better has been given out before.

  41. why the hell this thing have only small lower plate but TS-5 have is large lower plate, and this thing have much better gun depression…

  42. I really like the tank, based on those recently stupidity updates, No would be my answer. Because they will nerf it in near future.

  43. So its British TS5?:)
    TS5 owners really hate WG now…

  44. 3rd best DPM isu can use the 122 wich has way higer dpm

  45. “Ladies and Gentlemen… yet another premium tier VIII .. this time a British TD!” DPM = <3 and gun traverse. Speed makes me self harm =(

  46. Impeach the orange Clown

    wargaming staff is running out of cocaine and whores, so hurry up guys. buy more stuff.

  47. Its like the Chrysler K: hard to penn so its a HEAT magnet.
    Also its own rounds have mediocre penn (it will see a lot of tier IV & X) so you will fire a lot of premium yourself as well.

  48. Why is there no Halloween mode to win this tank with a discount

  49. If it is still available on the first of the month, I am going to definitely be buying this tank. As I like the AT 15A. And yes Dez, at times I have had battles where I did zero damage in my AT 15A, simply because I was so slow I could not get a shot at a tank before the game was over. Would love to win one, but I do not see that happening.

  50. At 15A hp is highest of td’s at tier 7… Something aint right… Wg could gave it some more hp like 1550hp sow if meds or lights have your ass you aint dead as soon

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