New Progetto 65 Nerf, Still Good or Useless? | World of Tanks Progetto 65 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Progetto M40 mod. 65 Nerfs / Rework / Rebalance. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Big Tank Rebalance – Buff, IS-4 Buff, T110E5 Buff, Progetto 65 Nerf, Object 430U Nerf, Wheeled Vehicles Nerfed. World of Tanks New Map Pearl River and New Battle Communication System 2.0. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020.
Chapters in video:
00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – List of Nerfs
02:50 – How Progetto Looks Now
04:00 – MakingDayBetter Giveaway Announcement
06:09 – Giveaway Details
07:35 – Battle 1
11:25 – Battle 2
17:40 – Conclusion

► World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch Notes:

I have made couple episodes about tank buffs in Update 1.10, so now it is about time to talk about one of the Nerfs – The Progetto M40 Mod 65. This tank will lose the gun rammer option + gun handling.. So the main question now is – Is it still good, playable or completely useless? You are also going to see some action on the new map with Update 1.10, The Pearl River.

What do you think?
►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Italian Progetto M40 mod.


  1. So, what do you think about all of this? Good, Bad? Needed? Not Needed?
    Good luck in the giveaway, *not gonna mention it in the title or on the thumbnail, who sees it, sees it!* 🙂 Have a nice day, my friends!

    • username : cHoKoMoKo_19350
      server : Eu.
      nah, nerf will not be so bad, if u still have mobility u can do good work in every game. tip, play proggeto in platoon with obj 140 or another proggeto, that is real magic,😋

    • Wargaming has their own vision for the game, one sadly “great players or community contributors, have not much say over the matter” which is sad because these are the players others look to up.

      Most people know / have a tank commander they think was great, or in the very least have heard about one.

      They should have more say in the games characteristics, just like “Thresh” who completely owned and dominated quake 2, and so much so to the extent that, he was asked to help produce and have an input in creating quake 3 which became a legendary game that people still play today.
      More games should use this as a pre-base to base other tanks characteristics on.

      No-one asked for a progetto nerf, so why waste their time doing it? Their a list of tanks that need nerfs,

      Object 268 v4
      Object 279 E
      Ebr 105
      Super Conqueror
      Ebr 90
      Chrysler K / Chrysler K GF
      Ebr 75 Fl-10
      Pz 2 J that pathetic seal clubbers tank

      While others like t32, tiger 2, etc are meaningless in the game now. It was because of the “Tiger” and “King Tiger” why I started playing this game in the first place.

      _Disspossessed eu server. Keep up the good content mate

    • It is not that bad I think, It is still a good tank. I have to admit, I’m on my way to unlock the 65, so I’m not used to it yet. However, I do have the tier 8 progetto and I like it a lot, and I do not think that a few nerfs will change that. I expect the Progetto 65 to be funwhen I get there.

    • name: surrealisti
      server: EU
      I play progetto anyway nerf or not…

    • Name: icecoldsteel
      Server: Asia

      I don’t agree with the Progetto 65 nerfs, it is a good compromise between single-shot tanks and pure autoloaders atm, which makes it somewhat unique and fun to play. As it is, the DPM is already not really good, especially when you unload 2 or more shots you will find yourself constantly reloading. It really rewards good decision making and positioning imo, and it is not OP in that regard.

  2. Hello!
    Server: EU
    IGN: sdsu

  3. Name 4u2b3, EU server.
    Please WG, don’t nerf italian line. I hope this is a joke.

  4. Raffaele Gentile

    name: Emrakul99
    server: EU
    So basically you need 10 seconds to do 360 alpha hoping the shell hit the target cause accuracy nerfs. But hey, they nerfed the weakspot cupola of 430U down to the paper amount of 270mm. With all these nerfs an increase of the alpha damage would have been respectable (maybe 370-375). Now this tank sucks against TVPs and french meds. Autoreload requires almost 50 seconds to be full, TVP takes half of the time, so now tell me the benefits: its alpha sucks, its dpm sucks, its clip takes too much to be ready, its accuracy now is at soviet level but the armor still butter. Why play this tank so? for every of his aspects there is a better tank

  5. Blitz with Inter

    Server : NA
    Username : SU_Whisperer

    I LOVE IT!!! Finally the Progetto will stop breaking the games, it was literally a better Leo that exchanged a bit of mobility for tons more firepower.

  6. Silverforce/EU – This nerf isn’t required. It’s a good tank, but not OP.

  7. Server: EU
    Username: Hadogene

    i just unlocked the standard b and am working up the maus tech tree when they decide to nerf both of them, this is a cruel joke

  8. The hell was that screem? 0:35

  9. Server EU PC
    Name: dragenraigen

    I haven’t played that much Tier 10 in the last time, so I haven’t had that much problem with the progettos but they were able to farm you very well

    So I think the nerfes are on point and not too much

  10. The nerfes were not asked by anyone, prog. was perfect
    cermes99 NA

  11. Another absolutely dumb mistake from wg… Too bad they don’t listen to their community

  12. Alexandar Grubeša

    Progetto 65 nerf is a big BS from the start man!
    SuddeNStrikes, EU server

  13. Server: Asia
    Username: NutsBolts74
    Wargaming is losing it’s way, nerfing tanks that don’t need it while providing only token nerfs to the russian tanks. It’s sad the game is so obviously biased towards the russian line

  14. Server: EU
    Username: Horisovec

    3/6 of my 10 tier tanks are going to be nerfed oh mann

  15. Bujor Mircea Iulian

    I don’t think it is an op tank, therefore no need to nerf!
    Username: Gicu666
    Server: Eu

  16. Dziugas Psitulskis

    Server: Eu
    Nickname: martyLT
    I think nerf was not needed

  17. Server: EU
    Username: Zymeth
    They should only remove option to mount rammer

  18. Mateusz Pajerski

    Server: EU
    Name: Hatima
    For me nerf of accuracy and aiming time and of course aiming after shot is the worst. The possibility of makeing snapshots in this tank was the most important in a paper tank like this. Not gonna cry but after nerfing my beloved t110e5 and amx elc wg is nerfing my another best tank, makeing me thinking why i still playing this game…is it an addiction?

  19. Server: NA
    Username: RodryMDQ
    Instead of nerfing the tanks, they should do something with the rng. I just got stuck at the t6 of that line so I think I’m going to play it nerf :/

  20. Username: Ogs41
    Server: Asia

    Great vid Dez, but sad news really… love my standard B!

  21. 芙蘭衛隊-冷泉裝甲師

    Server :SEA
    Username :Shiina_LORD

    This nerf is the one of most serious nerf in WoT…Italian MTs may still be playable,but their playstyle will need more patient.

  22. Thinking Allowed

    Well that was a bait and switch for gold with the premium and expensive grind with tier 9 and 10. I think the nerfs are way over done. Don’t even get me started on the clown cars. CrazyTraks Na

  23. I think the Nerf hammer was a little large for this tank, so many other overpowered tanks that could be hit. JackNine530 NA server

  24. Username: Guenni_invader
    EU Server
    Who asked for the nerv?! It is a good tank but by no means overpowered. Complete nonsense

  25. server: EU
    username: MrUni

    captain mario we have been nerfed, why luigi? because we are not russian mario

  26. Vĩnh Lộc Nguyễn Hữu

    Server : Asia
    Username: nh_ng_nguy_n_h_u

    Please buff the Cent AX pleaseee…

  27. The nerf sucks! Just picked up the standaard B

  28. Server: EU
    Username: iam_placebo

    RU-server like; «A good tank that’s not Russian, you say? Nerf!!!». WG like; «OK». Nevermind OP 430U and smegging cars with Stalinium tires.

  29. Server: EU Nickname: taby_mackan I honestly think the progetto could use a nerf but they are kinda nerfing too much…

  30. Name: Steff33
    Servern: EU
    Was just grinding through Standard B, exactly when i get there they take the prize away:(

  31. IGN: rothvilla
    Server: EU

    I don’t have the progetto, but I’m planning to, so all in all, all the experience I’ve got about progetto, is how bad to get clipped 😐😂

  32. Hi Dez. I dont like those nerfs because the tanks are not overpowered as they are. The overawal win ratio says it all. Keep up the good work.

    Name: Helltanker75
    EU server

  33. Server: EU
    ID: Gr3TL
    Italian meds are no gamechanger or -breaker like EBR´s. Only in skilled hands they are strong, but this counts for any tank. EBR‘s on the other hand should have been nerfed harder – if not removed from the game like other tanks in the past who were overpowered. Speaking about my skill i have to say that i am happy with my Standard B, even when i can‘t get him work properly. The nerf provides only more difficulties for me.

  34. azzhat on na is not happy about nerfing the progetto…not at all

  35. caio_2017

    NA server

    The progetto was Better then most of the mediums, só I think the nerf is aceptable

  36. Name: yawaraka_sennsha
    Server: ASIA
    I’m actually fine with these nerfs, but I think there are some tanks that should be nerfed before italians.

  37. U/N Papaegbdr
    Server NA

    Thanks for another great and informative video. I don’t understand alot of the changes taking place. Changes where not necessary and lack of change where needed. I finally have the time to get serious with the game but am becoming disheartened with where I see the game going. Hoping for the best. Take care and stay safe.

  38. Server: EU
    Username: nachetemete
    Dont understand why they dont do this to russians tanks.

  39. eu server
    ThornFTW user
    well i just got progetto so,lol rip

  40. Server: EU
    Username: jaakko100500

    I don’t understand the nerf. No one complained about the prog 65

  41. this nerf is kinda bs…

    SSempty, EU

  42. Hi dezz
    Eu server

  43. Name: FailureHappening
    Server: NA

    Honestly, the fact that they do not nerf premium tanks bothers me the most. They nerfed all Italian auto-reloaders, and then buffed the premium Progetto’s stats to what it would have with a gun rammer, but now without one! So I don’t think this change is warranted, or welcome at all. I don’t think they were as big a problem as people say, when there are obviously other tanks out there that are causing literal waves of 55%+ win rate.

  44. Wow its actually inferior to every other autoloader on console cause they nerfed it and now they are on PC I don’t understand there thought process

  45. I am actually fine with the nerf. The statistics are still ok, and experienced players can still make the vehicle work. Since WG pushes newbies to high tier while they still unexperienced, the nerfs may push them to other more forgiving tanks, or even to drop down by tier to gain knowledge. This change is good in my opinion.
    EU: SwiftFinger

  46. Name TigerDax
    Swrver Na

    No nerf required imo they were not op they were good but they were great in the hands of a good player

  47. i would only lower the interclip of the spaghetto
    server: eu
    name: CHICKEN_steel

  48. Server: US
    Username: _WillyMammoth_

    Honestly, I think the most op part of the progetto 65 was the hull armor and the intra clip reload.

  49. Server: EU
    I 3marked my progetto 65 under 100 battles and its my fav tank and I rly hate this but I have to agree the tank is OP

  50. Szabolcs Schubert

    Username: Schuby91
    Server: EU
    Progetto 65 was perfectly fine. They should nerf cw reward tanks and 279e.

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