New PvE Event – How Grindy is it?! | World of Tanks Road To Berlin PvE Mode Review

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New Road to Berlin PvE Event, Guide, Rewards, Bounty Equipment and IS-2 Shielded Reward Tank. World of Tanks New Berlin . World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary.

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4th of May is here, which means “Road to Berlin” special PvE mode is also live. In this episode I am going to take first fresh look at it, together with first gameplay.

What do you think?

Enjoy the show!
►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. Epic Im from the stream c:

  2. cheers dez

  3. stream squad

  4. dez gang

  5. WG creativity at its finest

  6. Your welcome to DE-Vi 😊

  7. Jeremy MacDonald

    I got rid of my world of tanks since it can’t even play

  8. wanna be friends?

  9. Why are you in DE-VI

  10. It is VERY grindy

  11. Pandatoofu ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Deleted the game 2 months ago and its a relief 😀

    • Pandatoofu ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      @Kumail Jaffry Yeah I get you, for me unfortunatelly its no fun in any way but I hope that I will get back to it at some day when the game changes to the positive for me.

    • @Pandatoofu ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ i have a 59%wr and 3133 wn8, with a 10772 wot rating, and i am a f2p, with 6k games. Maybe you have anger management issues?

    • Pandatoofu ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      @Pablo Escobar Where did I say something about me getting angry ? You are really the lowest of the low if you still cant understand what I am trying to say.

    • @Pandatoofu ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ getting frustrated in a game does show that you have patience problems

    • I hate all these people in the comments saying WoT is a terrible game and they’re glad they aren’t playing anymore. Like number one, why tf are you still commenting on WoT videos then? If you don’t want to play then why are you watching videos? And number two, even if you are frustrated by the game and don’t like to play it doesn’t mean you need to spread negativity and bad feelings about the game to players who do enjoy the game. If you don’t play anymore, then why don’t you go do something else, instead of trying to drag other players down into, “Oh this game is so bad you shouldn’t play anymore.” Just gtfo

  12. I can tell ya, the grind is very very easy, I’ve spent no gold what so ever, here we are at day 2…I own the IS-2V and am half way though stage 3…stage 4 is the tank…it’s 3 hours into day 2 so far…

    • really i am getting teammates that are scared shitless to charge and kill the units at the end even tho they still have 3 or 4 tanks left…

  13. Dez , hows ur P2W acc doing ? We NEED more battles from it 🙂

  14. without boosters this shit is going to take the whole duration of the event to reach max rank.

    • You get 5 x5 boosters and 3 x15 boosters every day

    • Dean Sandstorm from what? Like the event gives you boosters? Is it for just premium account? Actually I should probably just watch the video 🙂

    • @Anthony Love each first battle per squadron gets x5, and the you get three easy daily missions which give you a x15 each

  15. I gave up after 2 battles.
    Was losing my sanity.

    • @viper if you did only 5k dmg with is, than you are bad. I played 7 games only with IS and did in every battle over 10kdmg

    • @Pablo Escobar thats cool and all but no one asked

    • @Pablo Escobar It was my second game. So I was still exploring and learning game mechanics. I dont know how much dmg I did, just trow some random number. Actually did prety good on second game but I am not very found of this gamemode.

    • @MaXjay i wanted to say that is is the best choice for this game mode, not because i wanted to tell my performance. If you want to take the advice of a player with 3200wn8 its ok, if not, i dont give a shit. And i didnt replied to you

    • @viper ok

  16. quite retarded game mode, even tho its just bots WG favored them like gods, they dont get affected like players when turning or moving tanks for really really bad bad aim time and accuracy, they instantly hit your weak spots the moment you take a peek, no matter if they or you are moving, only way to play this is waiting for your consumables to recharge so you can attack then with bombers or hope for the best and peek a boo them, most of the time you have to be wary of arty cuz they can get u behind cover and when you thought that is not enough bullshit you get pressured by 4 minute gameplay, if you manage to complete 1 objective you restart from 4 minutes you dont get extra time like 0:50 + 4 = 4:50, NO you start from 4:00 again and its not quite enough time cuz the bots hide all the time so most of the time you have to nose dive to get em out of cover…..i played like 20 games and lost all 20……i gave up cuz its not worth my time.

  17. wanna be friends?

  18. Biggest problem for Churchill is penetration

  19. Im am almost at tier 3

  20. When your boosters are finished, it’s a crazy hard grind… My last battle without boosters got me 18 points…. Can you imagine doing 20000 points? You have to buy boosters to achieve the reward tank

    • @JuggRSA thats average. Play with IS, i did in every battle 10k-12k dmg. Hide your hull and bots will most likely bounce your turret 9/10. I blocked 6-7k dmg every game

    • ShockTrooper ➊

      JuggRSA if you can only get 18 points a game, that’s your problem. I was getting 30 points a game even at the first tier. Only play with either the 5x or 15x. You can get 3 15x from missions

    • So you can earn boosters by playing random battles. If you buy the 30 days of premium bundle that comes with all the credit boosters and whatnot you get a ton of boosters for this game mode. I had gold left over from Christmas boxes so I snatched it up

    • You get 5×5 for free and 3×15 from random battle missions. So its not that bad.

    • @JeremiahPTTN I am f2p

  21. Buyaaaaaaaaaa

  22. It’s an easy grind, got the tank yesterday grinding and it’s IS-2 tank is all I can say

  23. The grind wouldn’t be terrible if you actually made credits… but, you don’t. I’ll probably play the daily boosters every now and again, and that’s it. Not hardcore grinding this one, such a waste of time.

    By the way, I’ve played about 7 battles, haven’t won a single one.

  24. Could It Be Butter?

    Well panther rolled for 294 when i wss playing

  25. but 25 times 2 is 50 not 30

  26. Some players are worse than bots in this game mode. They make the same mistakes over and over again like brainless zombies

  27. cant play with randoms… they screw you 100% of the time. wonder if this is going to be BOT infested like homefront was

  28. They fucked it up. Even if you get your daily bullshit x15 shits. You have to grind like a motherfucker, you are forced to play random battles. I only wanted to play the PvE, but it’s insane how grindy it is. The game mode is kinda cool though. Too bad they fucked it up. If you spend money on it, you can have those fucking 15X boosters. F U Wargaming.

  29. Without the boosters, I was getting like 25 points per game, which basically means you have to buy boosters, which is lame. Oh, and the churchill is super fast in this mode!

  30. You definitely need the boosters to grind anywhere. That IS-2S is not gonna easy to get.

    • So the clear answer to the question is: NOT worth it–>skip the whole sh!t completely…
      End of the problem…

    • @László Pap I guess if you enjoy the game mode, just play it casually. Whatever you rewards you get just take it

  31. Hmmm… Derpy looking gun handling on player vehicles, annoying artillery, rewards look okay. Still, not quite my cuppa tea.

  32. Played couple of battles-but will not play it anymore. Arty is way to annoying and bots are too good-and there is too many of them. P. S: it is VERY grindy

  33. Boring crap mode

  34. I find the music very fitting the kind of music that’s at the end of a war film

  35. here in asia, played lots of it, only got 3-4 wins
    players here are too aggressive, too careful or too stupid
    imagine seeing a 2 sherman and T-34-85 trying to outrun the timer in the red zone only to get killed

  36. I dont want to make any quick assumptions, but honestly we know skill capacity of average joes in this game. That guys dead was nothing to do with luck, just fking bad positions and poor playstyle. From the get go it looks like a funny mode, but hopefully u can play in 5 man team, cos wasting boosters on game with ppl who have no idea wtf is going around will be pain as hell…. and as this is not like FL where for progressions it doesnt really matter if u win or lose… well i should get my nerves ready 😀

  37. alejandrozapataq

    that map is bs, i lost 10 games in a row there

  38. Platooning with 5 people who aren’t muppets makes this game mode super fun! Playing it solo is frustrating because your team mates generally just suck horribly

  39. Sirocco The Hunter

    The first 3 games were fun, after that it became boring and felt like grinding

    That’s the event in a nutshell

  40. DEZ, a normal person does not get the 20 X10 boosters, we only get 1 of every booster per tank. the grind is absurd

    • You get 3×15 boosters per day from RB missions, and 5×5 per day free. Once you unlock the higher tier tanks, the grind really isn’t bad at all.

  41. alejandrozapataq

    is cheaper to just get to level 2 with free xp bonus and buy the tank at 50% than actually buy boosters

  42. Kairoru Iced Mocha

    You can get daily x15 tokens to trade for a x15 tickets, but they are only 3 tokens daily

    without purchasing the x10 boosters, it will take forever to finish stage 4 if you want to get the is2(s) for free

    the gameplay is really fun, really requires some strategies to outplay the enemy AI, but the points that you get from finishing it is so little and it is very frustrating

  43. Based on initial impressions trying all the Level 1 tanks:
    SU-85 is the worst choice, not having a turret makes it very inflexible (shocking), and its 85mm gun doesn’t have sufficient penetration against the turret front and UFP of Panthers and Tigers and some Tank Destroyers, meaning you have to aim for weakspots like the LFP.

    Churchill is tougher in theory, but the armor isn’t the most reliable. I’d expected to at least be invulnerable to Pz IVs 75mm guns from the front, but no such luck. Forget about trying to “tank” anything reliably. The Speed Boost is quite handy for catching up, escaping artillery barrages, and closing in.

    T-34-85 is the all-rounder, which makes it quite comfortable to use under most circumstances like the Sherman, but its accuracy isn’t the most dependable (despite what its description suggests), always at the mercy of RNG.

    Shermans are much like the T-34-85, but with the advantage of better gun depression and some armor at the turret front (hoping the higher level tanks are better at this), but it makes this quite comfortable to use on uneven terrain. But when it comes to level street fighting its not as good.

    The IS I found to be the most successful since it has a decent punch and fairly relaible armor until you face TDs and Tigers. Its not as slow as the Churchills but does feel just as cumbersome at times. The minefield is useful against counterattacking enemies and for giving yourself some reprieve if the enemies get too close, but otherwise its not going to last for long on its own.

  44. I played four battles. First three we failed on phase 3, the fourth we were able to finish in the last 3 seconds! Reaching the second stage didn’t take longer than that.

  45. I have a funny story to share with you… I was driving the SU-85m on my first run. The same map, I got shot down by 3 arty right after I spawned in. haha…ha WG well played.

  46. Do we have to research all the tank types? Can’t we just stick to heavy and complete the missions?

  47. if you dont pay you cant get is2 shield . you have 14 day to do 35500 point and with loose is 20 or win . and once a day x5 is 100 is event to make us spend money and time for kill bots over and over

  48. Guys, fucking hell, it is not that grindy. You get 5x booster for each unit every day, plus up to 3 15x boosters from missions for random battles. Use the same tactics in randoms, baiting shots and FLANKING. The is2 line is the most comfortable line to go down. Just put gun over forward drive wheel, and you will bounce most pz4 and panther shots. Arty is still annoying. And yes, difficulty scales to highest tier present.

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