New Reward Tanks?! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. What gun would you prefer on the tier 6?

    • I personaly dont care – have not much time to play and still only got Stug with is terrible and im cant bother with other missions since they are to much mm ( hello 3/5/7 bulshit) and rng depending And i hate being forced to play arty since im not that good to make all other missions with both objective
      If the new missions will be like this – i wont even gona try

    • I would like to test both

    • Worryingbacchus _

      Gotta be the derp gun, just for the memes. Then its a bit like a direct fire fv304. An Excaliburt, if you will.

    • derpy derpy cheep cheep

    • 290mm petard mortar, for the keks.

  2. General Saufenberg

    these are the tanks, you can choose for your pref. mm tanks^^
    nothing about the object 726??

  3. T-34 was the first 3-Mark tank for me. Small gun of coarse. The big one though, uh….

  4. But Circon, just compare the Chimera with the M4A1 Rev. The Chimera is better in EVERY way (except 10m view range) which are important for a tank.Why bother with th M4A1 when you just can get the Chimera. In my opinion the Chimera is tuned waaaaay to high.

    • Turret and tank traverse speed looks like heavys stats

    • So true. The Ravioli was never a great tank, but the gun made it something special. Now, there’s another tank on the horizon that does everything better. Fml

  5. To be honest, in my opinion all these tanks are retarded

  6. The Chimera is making my Charioteer cry and question its purpose in life.

  7. So,at least 10 more womans and some more marks for skill4ltu xD

  8. Excalibur – hmm ford found their hull shape to their ford transit from this , its not a Td its an utility vehicle

  9. T-34 balanced. But that’s good cause it”s a effing reward tank.
    Dis wat I lik

  10. And Circon remember: caliber > raw stats

  11. Sadistic Hamster

    The poor T-34-3 is looking like a rape victim.

  12. Excalibur looks like M44 with a turret

  13. For Excalibur: give it big alpha AP gun. No gold

  14. SteelWarrior115

    forget a tea kettle, the have a whole tea processing and packaging plant

  15. i honestly dont think any of the reward tanks (t34s and that tier 6) are not going to really be usefull or any fun i mean wtf is even the point of the t34s

  16. Looks like an fv304 with a forward turret…

  17. Don’t be silly. It’s not a living room at the back. Being British, it’s a garden shed. They’ll have the lawn mower, gardening tools, and meth lab back there.

  18. At least T-34 Shielded seems better than the StuG IV…

  19. Only took WG three years to get around to it…

  20. Well, rip my beloved m4 rev. I suppose it can’t be that bad, since the chimera is better in general so playing it won’t be too bad of a transition.

  21. The spaced armor is 16mm on each plate, so frontally its weaker, but side on its better.
    Itll be like angling the IS-4, everything goes through it at your own tier, and the tier before it is a 50/50

  22. Armas Jürgenson

    The matchmaking based missions are just the worst espescially after the mm “enhancements”

  23. Doesn’t the Excaliber look like a Bert with a turret? I think it is actually small. And with that golfing gun, imagine the memes.

  24. It’s kind of silly that the chimera would have higher alpha than the T34.

  25. Armas Jürgenson

    Ooh circon missed the new tier 10 object heavy 😀

  26. Only the British carries there hole house into battle XD

  27. And to think that when the first round of missions came out you thought there’d be new ones after 6 months… 😀

  28. Watch them all have preferential match making.

  29. Now we have the Obj 276 on the super test too. Tier 10 soviet heavy with 4 tracks.

    While I would be fine with it being a personal mission reward, I would define you prefer it if it was introduced in a mini-line with the Obj 279 (another heavy with 4 tacks) at tier 9.

  30. Great videos. Sounds like your mouse is miked up. You can hear it Clicking non stop while you are talking. Even when you are not highlighting a point on screen. Or is it me? lol

  31. I’m only doing the missions to get the female crew members because the tanks are crap

  32. The Excalibur looks like an aardvark

  33. Derpity Derp

  34. For lulz WG should only armor the roof of the Excalibur.

  35. Look out boys, that tea room has a derp gun!

  36. Should have named the Ex-cow-ibur the Range Target instead.

  37. Isnt the Excalibur just a TD conversion of the FV304? If so it might be smaller than everyone thinks.

  38. The Excalibur is a tank for 4 crew, but, but it is designed so that each member of the crew travels with their entire family (of 5 people approximately for each one) giving a total of 24 crew that can travel comfortbly in the motor home

  39. does the exalibur have a room to rent? 🙂

  40. Matthew Vandermeer

    I hope to god they don’t drop the current reward tanks, I want the 260 and am only just nearly done the HTC

  41. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Another video? Who are you and what have you done with Circon? Keep it up.

  42. that first tank you are talking shit about should now be called the “FAMILY ROOM”

  43. Omfg Excalibur really? It should be a tier 4

  44. Obj. 726 just got announced, Tier 10 Soviet heavy that also has that distinctive “reward tank smell” to it.

  45. I wish they would stop producing more tanks already… There are so many other things they can fix… Sigh

  46. Load the Skill rounds

    Have not got my missions done yet hope they add more and don’t remove the old ones!

  47. BigJuicyBear 98

    On the T-34S, I prefer weaker premiums. At least like that we don’t get more T-34-85M, Defenders or Skorpions who ruin their tier

  48. Living room, kitchen lol 😀

  49. Do you think the Excalibur looks a little like the FV304 from the rear ?

  50. that excalibur thingy uses FV304 chassis. Can’t remember what’s it called, but it is that one

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