New Russian RNG Machine! | World of Tanks Object 777 II Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 777 Version II Gameplay, New Tier 9 USSR Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Object 777 II, Tier 9 Special Reward Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Frontline 2020 and Steel Hunter Rewards.

In this episode I am going to talk about and play with our newest tier 9 reward tank – Object 777 Version II. This tank seems like a solid heavy tank with some tricks up in its sleeve.

Let's take a !


  1. To celebrate this lovely weekend, I have another uploading coming out soon, in couple hours!
    Stay on the lookout for that! 🙂
    But, what do you think about The Slot Machine?

    • Repair kit?`SHOW IT? is this a joke`?

    • RNG = Russian Number Generator

    • Dez, would you consider doing a comparison video on those smooth ride and snap shot directives?
      To see the real difference when you apply them with and without the crew being 100% with those perks?
      I know you’ve done something like this “comparison” videos before,
      and I have wondered if the smooth ride directive would be worth putting on something like a Cromwell to help with it’s awful bloom
      Russian heavies would or might benefit from these as well.
      Just a suggestion from a fan 🙂
      I realize this would be time consuming but I’m only interested in the gun handling directives.
      Thank you for your consideration

  2. David Mihailovic

    and I’m viewer no.777 hahahah

  3. Tier 9 must be one of the most useless tiers,change my mind

  4. PickelJars ForHillary

    WG gives us the option of a US tank that was the reward for last year, a frenchie, or this beast.
    Why are we not shocked.

  5. 200 IQ thumbnail, big brain dez

  6. Kolompár Cigány

    WoT needs tier 9 and 7 strongholds

    • or change MM so that you only face one other tier, not 2 – they have already been doing this in WOWPs for a long time now

  7. Why dont they call it Russian WOT. Isnt funny how good Russian tanks are in this game but in the real world they have a very poor record against Western tanks. Small Pee Pee syndrome maybe.

    • @niu chajianfa I am serious, and no they weren’t the worst tanks. They were actually very good. Especially when you consider how reliable they were, how easy they were to maintain, could be used in any terrain and were used in every corner of the world during the war. The ly werw much better than people believe nowadays because of cheap and lazy documentary films about the few Tigers that did extremely well in only a few battles against Shermans in Western Europe which were medium tanks (a good match against Panzer IVs) while Tigers were heavy tanks with anti-tank guns (88s) on them. Most Tigers were allocated to the Eastern front to face KV-1s, not T34s although Tigers were relied upon in early battles against Russia as Panzer IVs needed to have their guns upgraded to face T34s. Note that Sherman tanks have been cited by Russian crews who used them as lend lease vehicles as being better than T34s. Although the armor was not as good/not angled as well, everything else was better including the gun because of better optics and aiming mechanisms.

    • @danam0228 u could have a truck with a cannon

    • @niu chajianfa they werent terrible and their best advantage was numbers againsts the germans

    • @Shanenon Wolfe oh u mean the shermans?

  8. This year reward tanks are meh…

  9. In my opinion AE phase 1 is better

  10. Luís Augusto Panadés

    E-75 lower plate is bigger than this vehicle and E-75 has less regular pen, much less gold pen, less armor, less gun handling… still another russian to eat germans like nothing.

  11. russian heavy has more camo than british scout lol

  12. Yet another russian gold magnet with pixel “”weak spots””

  13. I like the way you say Bouncy

  14. Motovlog Dez plz

  15. Vladimir Cerovic

    Well, it is way too ugly to be played with. Just like 50tp…

  16. Now we get gameplay while hearing the tank’s stats? I couldn’t ask for more.

    I always skip that part so I can see gameplay i’m sorry :p but hey now I watched the whole video XD

  17. Community: t 9 is the most balanced tier
    Wot: we will see about that! Muhaha

  18. Jageroo is the solution for everything

  19. OH, another soviet blyatank. What a shocker…tank “balanced” by “low” dpm. Tier 8s are going to love this new feature in their mathcmaking.

  20. with all these gold flying around and op premioum tanks i start to camp more and more so this game become boring

  21. That tumor on the back of the turret is weakspot or not?
    This is buffed version of polish 50TP prototype, for sure.

  22. All the games over the years that i have played. This game has the shittiest people playing it. Nasty fucking people. Hateful shitheads with zero basic respect or humanity towards others.

  23. What is happening in the WG war room? Getting dumber by the minute!

  24. im completely with you Corona

  25. okej super with holandians subtitle section. 🙂

  26. I just realized obj257 has 350mm of frontal armor…

  27. Thank you Dez ,

    obj 777 , OP , imo .

  28. I don’t think I like more and more reward vehicles. First too many OP premium tanks being introduced all the time. Now too many OP reward vehicles being introduced? All going to players that are already so good or have a ton of time on their hands? The Borat tank is already driving me nuts, it 2 shotting me all the time. Now this impenetrable tank? Please bring back old parameters of premium tanks having slightly different spec.s, slightly better RNG and being good credit earners WG. And have those people who did skin for KV-2R create more skins that you can sell for say 5 dollars. Even better is if you would sell items for a dollar a piece that we can put on tanks as we want like branches, logs, painting of a pinup girl, phrase of our choosing that we create on our own provided that it passes censorship. The skins you created yourself for E100 and Lowe are terrible, look like a committee of 3 year olds in your onsite daycare center created them with fingerpaint. Blech! I will never use the ones I got in loot boxes.

  29. 2:02 yep it is russian number generator confirmed 😉

  30. I love the thumbnail its soo clever

  31. I was in your battle in TVP on liveOaks

  32. object 277 sidescraping is overrated it is basicaly worse version of t-10 and obj 257

  33. 4 minutes of the battle passed…
    No body:

    OBJ 777: *allready bounced more than his HP*

    Me: *I see a pattern here that im not sure i like…*

  34. Quite a decent tank? Hmmm. Seems a bit of a Ruskie powercreep. 😀

  35. Once again the Russian Log comes into play…
    This is the tank I am going for in Frontlines for sure.

  36. The amount of crying about ‘yet another OP Russian Tank” is almost exactly the same as the amount of crying in Battle Chat about “tomatoes”
    Isn’t it funny how that works tho?

  37. Henceforth this tank will be known as slot machine.

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  39. Load the Skill rounds

    I find when WG puts some of the 3d model stuff in front of the hull and they kind of obscure the hit boxes and weak points it makes them harder to hit

  40. You know those French cars are OP when the Object 777 driver is like “Oh good – the EBR is going in!”

  41. That smooth ride directive seemed to help

  42. Russian heavy with a sexy crew?
    What’s not to like 😉

  43. How about a preview of AE PHASE I preview

  44. Is the 777 ii considered a full premium tank or same as the char futur?

  45. they forgot second barrel….

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