NEW RUSSIAN SPAA (War Thunder 1.57 Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. im early time to make a joke… errr…. war thunder matchmaking

  2. Hey

  3. First to comment

  4. baron i realy love and apreciate you making vids

  5. Baron do you ever play with ps4 player ??? I play on ps4 I was wondering
    would we be able to play together in a match ?? Nice video by the way

  6. ya r awesoome

  7. Finally Russia has something to fill their spaa gap

  8. how many maps are there in war thunder

  9. The New Russian SPAA, the 94-KM ZiS-12 with twin 25mm main cannons is fun
    to take out.

    What would you guys like to see me take out next on the dev server? Or when
    patch 1.57 goes live?

  10. Oh so matchmaking lol

  11. What’s everybody up to this weekend? I wanna see London is Falling….has
    anybody seen any good movies at the theaters?

  12. Pls record facecam

  13. 200th

  14. When i first saw this i was like oh god no the shilka, then the video
    played and i totally forgot they added that funny looking spaa

  15. How do I know when the Dev server is up?

  16. BaronVonButthurt

  17. All hail füher Baron!!

  18. hey good vid ! french sub;) Just, what is the name of the movie about you
    tolk at the biginning of the vid ?

  19. Loving that rage.

  20. @Baron: Those little bars on Top are to put a camouflage net over the

  21. Baron are there gonna be any world of warships ?

  22. my name is jeff :-P

  23. Gabriel Pawłowski

    I hate SPAAs Xd

  24. How come you can play on the DevServer but we can’t?

  25. Outskirts of Russia lol,you probably meant Moscow right ?

  26. This has never been on the devlog!?

  27. Oh,great,another Russian SPAA that can pen the side of any German/American
    tank at its BR!

  28. baron how do you play the dev server na !? it is very annoying me! I wrote
    that my account is not activated for the game

  29. damn baron you were salty xD

  30. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Sounds like someone is hitting a bucket

  31. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  32. baron can you do a vid on the do335 when it gets its accurate FM?

  33. I hate people who complain about aa penning tanks like brahs its still a
    auto loading cannon… we aint shooting no spitballs

  34. Bullet hit SFX like someone bashing a casio keyboard set on drums…

  35. I would’ve preferred to see an SPAAG at the same level as the Whirblewind
    but at least it’s a step in that direction.

  36. dicker max

  37. I personally would like to have a premium KV-3 107mm gun with 130mm front
    armor and a 1200HP Turbo Diesel, and the KV-220 with the 85mm and 100mm
    armor and 1200HP Turbo Diesel. And the two different KV-7s.

  38. Baron: VLADIMIR! What are you doing in a German tank?
    Vladimir: I dontt knohw ai stholl
    *Baron shots him down*

  39. ta152c?

  40. Yay! We have a low tier ZSU now

  41. dude please you totally ran up a hill without ANY cover and expect people
    not to shoot you?

    also it may just be a personal taste of mine, but i think most peoples
    don”t know how to actually fucking use truck or half truck AA
    like for real….you have to position yourself the BACK toward the ennemy,
    so you can always have a full depression on both air unit and ground unit,
    and wat’s more it also avoid any easy shot at the engine, and in case
    you’re overpowered or numbered you can make a run for it much easier/fast
    than in reverse.
    god isn’t it the most logical thing to do? XD >..>

  42. I like turtle trucks.

  43. Hey Baron, do you pay for all of your Eagles, or do you use the “Free
    Eagles” app?

  44. BaronVonRant, 1:17

  45. I can’t log into the dev server… It says that i don’t have access to it.
    Any help?

  46. Nathaniel Abad Hernandez

    War thunder is now on ps4

  47. The AI in the RB Enduring Confrontation is also a lot better than before.

  48. oh, more AAA derp.. how surprising!111!

  49. TIP: if you want to kill a t34 w/ SPAA, as long as you can pen over 40mm,
    shoot the top rear part of the tank, you hit the engine, turret ring, and
    sometimes crew…

  50. Badger Guy gaming

    the metal bars might be for a camo covering to hold it up so it does not
    get cough on the gun when pulled off

  51. I’d like to see the nashorn next

  52. god there sounds are wrose there trying to be good now awful

  53. Baron play the British SPAA the falcon!! Plz

  54. put-in / put-out youtube it :D

  55. Drive tug Soccer and mexicans

    Its the new zsu 57, its the new t-17, its the zsu-17

  56. Aleksandr Barsukov

    the should add sound effect of the ricochet from movie “FURY”

  57. I like this new last man standing mechanic 

  58. RandomSpaceManInSpace


  59. nothing_cool the magical cat

    yay, another AA for me to play with…

  60. use this spaa vs. pe 8 with phly and slick bee please

  61. never knew that a spa would hurt tanks too

  62. Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh

    “Outskirts of Russia” That’s a large area baron, but I’m pretty sure it’s
    the Outskirts of Moscow.

  63. How do I know when the dev server is up???

  64. lol I just watched the princess bride today

  65. T44 100 bruh, do it

  66. Drive out the new British Tanks please!!!!! :DDD


  68. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    great, another Russian SPAA to wreck all tanks before it

  69. still like the british armored car with 50.cals

  70. can’t wait for the chieftain

  71. I already know I’m gonna hate this thing.

  72. i think that metal above the guners was youse to put the camo net and cover
    the tank so plane/tanks/infantry cant se it.nice vid gz and sry for my RIP

  73. Baron pls i wanna see Arado 234 C-3 PLEEEEEASE!

  74. are those new sounds?

  75. T 44 100

  76. No one ever really says how the AA turret works, or how they move the gun
    onto the enemy planes, So i eventually figured that one person controls
    elevation and the other controls direction

  77. I want a truck with a ZSU-23-2 next, that’d be nice

  78. Hey Baron how did you download user missions.

  79. yea ladies date the leopard he may be abit bigger hes also a gentleman hes
    taller and has a big gun

  80. cant wait for russian machine guns to finally sound deadly instead of rave

  81. No way.. It fires in a way so there is no reload time? Holy shit

  82. Do the falcon spaa next. Love to see that tier V British Tank killer!

  83. why is there a maus

  84. Play sherman firefly!

  85. when does 1.57 drop

  86. 0:29 What movie?

  87. how do you get to 1.57? IN MAC

  88. how do you get to 1.57? IN MAC

  89. Haha, loved your Triple X reference. Only thing missing is, “…whole world

  90. when are you and the crew going to play some mount and blade again?

  91. t44-100 please :)

  92. wait which tier will this be at? will it be a tier 3?

  93. Mikołaj Biernacki

    How can i play on dev server?

  94. dox joker for being a little shit

  95. Is it premium plz say no

  96. 4:45-4:50 that made me laugh so much my middle name is Emilio
    Juan Emilio Guterrez

  97. I think a captured German flack truck would make for a nice premium

  98. Jezreel Job Esguerra

    Oh yeah, gaijin made it that we can at least have 1 person alive in tonk

  99. Play the do 335

  100. When do you think 1.57 will be here

  101. russian bias!

  102. “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

    That is the best line in a film ever.

  103. Иван Алексиев

    “The outskirts of Russia” my head hurts trying to imagine that

  104. When will the update come out

  105. wellington mkIII formacion pls

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