NEW RUSSIAN TANK (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay) War Thunder 1.57

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. lubobaricak baricak

    stalinium is powerfull

  2. dude fuck new planes and tanks, I just want playable blimps!!!

  3. whrn is it goong to be released publicly?

  4. another russan tank and still no new mericN

  5. baron plus watch my videos

  6. BARON BARON How do you get your golden eagles?

  7. hello
    the best tanks

  8. Yeah more russian tanks,not like we have more than enough!!

  9. why war thunder dont have b36 and tu-95?

  10. we need american heavy for tier 4 and 5

  11. Kv 1 is like an IL 2 with tracks. now they both has 2000 different types
    that are basically the same

  12. Hey where is the 122 D:

    jkjk i know it didnt actually have it

  13. What do you guys think of the additions so far for 1.57? Fw 189, Do 335,
    Falcon SPAA, T-44-100 and the KV-1s?

    Also, don’t forget to vote for the next Tank Request episode, here:

  14. OP duo: T10 and IL28! Xaxaxaxaxaxa

  15. anyone still here

  16. tank sim is made historical

  17. keep going.

  18. 7 comentary :)

  19. Today i play War thunder for the first time and i say THIS IS THE BEST
    FU*KING GAME EVER MADE !!!! I like it more than every other game on world
    ,i like it more than Gta 5 or Bo3… 😉 But i play it at a friend because
    my PC is too bad … :/

  20. I Don't Understand Math

    Haven’t commented in while. Huh o o

  21. i new it

  22. is this the dev Server?

  23. I think the Kv-1S should be like the KV-85, so you don’t have to research
    it to continue down the line, but you can if you want.

  24. What a surprise a new russian tank. I support Gaijin to make their country
    so OP but they need to change Br system

  25. Still waiting for KV1E BR fix. it can’t kill anything above 3.7.

  26. Liam Morrison (Kirito Senpai)


  27. damn gaijin pls give stronger tank other country not soviet

  28. Warthunder does a good job with ‘realism’ but it falls down when it comes
    to historical realism/accuracy. I’d like to see Warthunder work on some
    co-op modes against AI. So we get to appreciate the historical usage of
    vehicles :P

  29. nice! can’t wait to research/buy this tank, Russian tanks are great but
    have bad depression

  30. why more russian tanks???
    don’t get me wrong some of those are quite cool but if you have 50 shades
    of T-34s and KV-1s then it gets boring (fair enough it’s the 3rd one but

  31. Baron, hs-129 with 30mm is amazing at killing tanks, even very heavy tanks.
    You can check it out in ‘war thunder- flame fountains’ clip.

  32. wee need more test server gamplay

  33. All aditions in patch 1.57 are great!

  34. I think that the short 75 mm gun perform better in WT than how they did
    historically. Maybe for balancing reasons the penetrate a lot, yesterday a
    Pz IV F1 killed my KV-1…

  35. And do you think the Mosquito with the nose mounted 32 pounder would work
    in game? :P

  36. What? As soon as I unlocked the KV-1 I stomped faces so hard. Like I never
    did with the PzIV F2. If it was placed against 1940s german tanks, it would
    never die…

  37. 그러하다

  38. I get your point about the KV-1S not being necessary, but the T-44-100 is
    necessary to bridge the gap between the T-44 and the T-54 so the Russians
    have a medium at 7.0.

  39. Char B1,Char B2,Hotchins H39 and H35,FT-17 with 37mm and Pz Somua S35 fkr
    Geeman premiums.

  40. other unpenetrable soviet torret

  41. it looks as ugle as an AMX 40

  42. I knew we were missing a Russian tank.. there is such a lack of them.

  43. KV-1-S (the ‘S’ stands for Sport)

  44. don’t drop the kv1’s battle rating! you aren’t one of the people who have
    to grind through the t34 and kv1 terror. imagine a battle of kv1 s vs pz4s.
    did that happen? no. it was 10 pz4s vs 1 kv1. if you want to make war
    thunder a game of 10 German players for every 1 Russian, keep on going and
    drop the br of Russian tanks. what about Russian planes? why don’t we move
    the yak1 and lagg to tier 2 – 1941. ie: vs bf109fs and spitfire mkvs?

  45. Nice said “скоросной”) What gun will be on this tank? Zis-5?

  46. Chemistry´s the best!

    Vulcan, zsu23-4 and Gepard confirmed for 1.59

  47. Lol and yet 40mm cannons and 37mm cannons can’t pierce thr armour. yeah I’m
    glad I stopped playing this damn game, the game doesn’t need anymore damn
    russian tanks ir planes

  48. the kv1s has no place in war thunder

  49. I’m waiting for a Kv-7

  50. KV-1Sport

  51. Gaijin is out of control, they only add more and more russian tanks… When
    will we have Br, matchmaking fixed???
    Or at least add japanese ground forces or interesting stuff.
    Keep it up like this and im leaving this broken game.

  52. better T-34 ? why the fuck ? T-34 need nerf not upgrade


  54. MiG-29 and T-14 in 1.59 ples. Russia neets som gud vihicles i alweis loos
    wen i plei theem and i is wery gud pleia. greetinks frum moscow

  55. commented before 1 hour it was uploaded lawl

  56. just saying, my metal p51 gets shot once and it bursts ablaze and explodes.
    I catch a wooden Russian plane on fire, it extinguishes. makes no sense.

  57. please Baron, play to verdun 1914-1918 in the new map douaumont as French
    or Germans for the 100 years of the battle of Verdun the 21 february

  58. They need to add the P51H already

  59. why aren´t you doing a traditional test server video?

  60. KempinkVehicle-1Sport! Yippie!

  61. False advertisement, your not actually showing gameplay of the Kv1s, rename
    the video unless it is actual kv1s gameplay, and if you are going to show
    gameplay of a kv1 l-11 than rename video to Development talk or something

  62. Finally normal russian WWII tank. I get bored to all new t-44 series tanks,
    first t-44-122 and then t-44-100… Now Gaijin need to add more german WWII
    era tanks. Example Brummbär, Sturmtiger, captured t-34 and stuff like that.

  63. ofcourse its 2 new RUSSIAN tanks

  64. Guys i don’t know about your opinions but no “meh” will intimidate the
    Russian bias lol

  65. still waiting for the dicker max and sturer emil! ;)

  66. I wonder if they will Show the Conway and Cheiftan soon

  67. Another Russian Tank! What a fucking surprise!

  68. “S” stands for “secrt dociments”

  69. Russian bias is real. When I play t-34 i get 5+ kills easly… and I mean
    easily its so ridiculous. But then again they were better tanks against
    some of the germans.

  70. Wow , , , you pronounse (skorostnoi ) correctly , i’m suprised . Nice

  71. oh!? new food for Tigers? cool :D

  72. This tank reminds me of the durchburchwagen 2 from wot

  73. there was one time where i played KV-1S and absolutely noone could
    penetrate my tank. There was like more than 5 tanks tried to kill me and
    they just can’t pen me while i slowly take them out one by one.

  74. BARON its a russian tank it goes fast has magic armor that bounces 175mm
    penetrating shots it will be op

  75. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Once Baron ditches boringistic battles mode and starts playing
    SuperAwesomeFunCade mode again, I will click the subscribe button.

  76. A Historical Battle mode would be cool. Like to re-enact famous battles.
    WoT had this a long time ago, didn’t work because of his damage model

  77. I agree with you Baron on the KV-1S. I don’t think it’s needed. But I do
    think the T-44-100 will be a nice addition (speaking as a primarily Russian
    tank player). It’s a nice tank to bridge the BR jump that is between the
    T44-85 and the T54. I already have the T-54-1947, but I will definitely go
    back and research the T44-100, as I think it will be a great tank

  78. How about some more british tanks instead of russian tanks, ffs gaijin

  79. prototypes and VERY limited production runs. If this is the road Gaijin is
    going might as well add the 90mm M3 armed Sherman and the Panzer iv/panther
    hybrid into the game.

  80. This better be in a sub set instead of on its own in the tree. It’s already
    a pretty long line

  81. i like T44-100, im grinding russian med tree and realy looking forward to
    playng it. It looks cool and has 100.

  82. I can feel already whine about Shilka(ZSU 23-4)

  83. Stalin would be proud.

  84. Jack “Starlight911” Milan

    any more Russian bullshit?

  85. how can you move your camera with out moving the turret

  86. Next update: t-34-1942.2, T-44-100.2, and the perfectly balanced T-14

  87. Hey baron hows your hand doing?

  88. You should be able to choose between historical matchmaking and BR
    matchmaking. Historical- matched against tanks of the same year(s). BR- how
    it ‘works’ now

  89. Baron I’m sorry, but not russian tank – soviet tank. Russia is don’t all
    former soviet union

  90. I think it being an event is fine, as long as one of the requirements isn’t
    25 kills in a valentine… god getting that decal took forever with that
    weak, slow tank.

  91. I’d love to see the pzkpfw vii löwe, dem curves man… daaaaang… And the
    sturmtiger or brummbär, i mean if we have 3 russian 152 mm
    cannons/haubitsers in game why not one 380 mm cannon…

  92. Instead of adding even more pointless Russian tanks why don’t they fix the
    award system? I’m playing at tier 4 with the Russians and even if I have a
    great round I get around 20000 silver lions. If you include the repair (on
    the IS-2 mod.44 is 5400 silver lions) and replacing ammo (costs 2000 silver
    lions) it means I have to grind like crazy for the IS-3 and it’s
    frustrating. And I don’t have to mention when your IS-2 mod.44 and IS-2 get
    destroyed you are losing 10000 silver lions due to the repair.

  93. While Russians get the KV1S that was produzed about 1000 times, germans FW
    189 A 1 that got produzed about 850 times is an event plane ofc fucking

  94. Chieftain?

  95. British AA Armoured car

  96. did you know the kv1s can and was fitted with a lighter version of the IS
    turret and can be fitted with 122mm gun

  97. Wasn’t the KV-1 already in the game?
    I mean it should already be there, but i have no clu what tier it is

  98. They need historical battles with improved AI to play the tanks of that
    year which people dont want to play

  99. The heavy Do-335 should be armed with the Mk-103 in the wings. This was a
    high velocity 30MM cannon made for ground targets. The Mk-108 is what you
    find in most aircraft like the 109 and 190 and thats a low velocity 30MM
    made for large air targets. Also the ammo is different in that the 103 uses
    AP rounds, were the 108 uses MG (HE) rounds that were like thin shelled
    grenades. If you want a preview of what a Mk-103 can do, fly the Ho-229.
    Thats also armed with the Mk-103 guns.

  100. Big news gotta be that +BaronVonGamez is comin’ out the closet

  101. no new american vehicles for 1.57 ?

  102. I wish they would add IS-7 to the game…

  103. notice me senpai baron

  104. as a German tanker I think that they should raise the br or most Russian
    tanks. they out gun every tank in the game. let others have fun. not just
    Russian tanks.

  105. british tanks are good and strong, I mainly use em (;

  106. I think we need a few more t-34’s to go along with this

  107. S is for Stronk!

  108. I was wondering when war thunder will put in the kv-1s

  109. Why do gaijin keep putting more russian tanks in war thunder. They have
    plenty. Why can’t the Germans get the Hummel, Nashorn, Löwe, Sturer Emil? I
    mean cmon there’s plenty more tanks the Germans can get instead of the
    Russians still getting tanks where only one was made and is some how in the
    main tree *cough T44-100 cough*

  110. kv-1 + t-34 1941= this

  111. I think we did have such historical battles as special events before like
    the battle of Kursk and Eastern Front 1941…which makes crazy Tigers and
    crazy KV-1 became true

  112. Baron who is the best plane at Axist in rank 2 ?

  113. Anotha One

  114. I play world of tanks on the iPod and I’m at tier 5.

  115. TBH, I don’t mind the KV-1S. It was a historical, fairly heavily used,
    vehicle that doesn’t challenge any balance. It’s still got decent armor,
    especially if you angle, but with better maneuverability. And don’t forget,
    that gun is quite capable.
    This, versus something stupid like a T-34-100 or T-44-100.
    Keep in mind, the KV-85 is the exact same tank as the KV-1S, but with the
    IS-1’s turret.

  116. Baron even if it were historical, say a KV-1 vs short gun Pz 4 and Pz 3..
    In history, the Pz 4 only carried HE cuz the job of anti tank was given to
    Pz 3. But in wt, panzer 4s meant for anti infantry can carry HEAT shots
    easily capable of penetrating a KV-1.. And the Pz.3s, they didn’t have APCR
    like they do here

  117. i started as a russian tanker and i find the heavy tree absolute shit until
    tier 5, and german tanks are beasts, doing 10 kills every match with my pz
    III M, i feel that the russian bias is bullshit and probably outdated, they
    may have been op 1-2 years ago but no way they are op now and seeing 80% of
    comments complaining about russian bias makes me think we need a gulag for
    them trolls

  118. “there’s some stuff that sucks and then it gets changed”
    I wish they’d change the Air Domination already. Like getting rid of it

  119. Says it historically inaccurate matchmaking for the Russians and the not
    the Germans and Amercians…interesting.

  120. Second_Medic bf p4f

    The Same with Tiger Tanks. It faced T-34 And Shermans, that could Not
    penetrate it.

  121. All the clickbaits

  122. 0:53 New voices?

  123. Wow a russian tank, cuz yeah we have too many german and american tanks,
    and british were added such a long time ago, they don’t need more tanks

  124. Квас как танк?:)

  125. i couldnt agree more with you; another kv1 and a t44 damn you Gaijin !


  127. kv-1s was my bae in world of tanks and let me tell you right now no one
    knows OP till you have to fight a kv-3 THAT will break the game…

  128. Opposite of hype-train is gripe-train!

  129. Kv-85 or Kv-2 with the IL-2

  130. we need more German tanks

  131. okay how does mr.baron gets to play these tonks even befrore they are out

  132. Элиза Хоэнхаим


  133. Yay. well we don’t need any more for the British tree so let’s get some
    more russian tanks in there.

  134. Hey baron I like the addition of the t44 100 buy not the kv1 s and I had a
    thought what if wt added in a new pby and the one is the black cat with the
    20s in the front I think this would be amazing . Your thoughts??

  135. so… there was german bias (got rid of instantly) and cough did u say
    american biased? Either way ppl complain about russian biased alot (im not
    one of em I realize my mistakes and make better choices) and still after a
    year ppl complain and they havent fixed it.

  136. banba miharu/shinya yuri is the best genre

    they should Japanese tanks

  137. Thank stalin, I was starving because of the lack of Russian tanks in WT

  138. The KV-1s had certain modifications, including a 122mm high velocity gun,
    and the KV-85 was a modified KV-1s.

  139. my first thoughts are its going to be legit shit it will lose what armoure
    it had previously from the originall k1 and will have a shot trap of a
    turret with a gun that really doesnt like to send the “priority class
    bussiness mail” SAY HELLO TO THE kv-1SuperSport

    also no dont use that statement anymore they have vehicles that where only
    blueprints ingame and had only one vehicle made of that crashed and

  140. Good idea about the “historical mode”, but the problem is that no one would
    want to be on the receiving end of the reking, for example 8 Tigers vs 8
    Shermans would not be a good idea. BUT their is a way to solve this:
    numerical superiority. Their might be a way for devs to create an algorithm
    to numerically balance the battles (i.e 8 Tigers vs 16 Shermans, or 12
    Tigers vs 8 IS-2s)

  141. OH YES THIS IS REALLY GOOD is they have KV-85 and KV-1S the only tank left
    is the KV-122 yeah a IS-2 gun in a KV-1S chasis

  142. Yeah baron, and all the wonky overperforming other nations vehicles got
    nerfed into the ground. Look at the sorry state of the british ground
    forces. Its complete and utter suicide to jump into british tanks thanks to
    the nerfs to solid shots. Only russians with their nuclear grenades get
    reliable oneshots nowadays where most other nations have to pump up to 3
    shots into their enemy. People have actually looked into the game files for
    munitions and have found that russian ammo is leagues and bounds better
    then other nations munitions of the same tier for absolutely no fucking
    reason. Dont give me that crap that there isnt russian bias when the
    numbers speak for themselves. Also when it comes to russians its done for
    “historical acuracy” and when they nerf another nations ammo/tanks then its
    for “historical accuracy”… yeah right

  143. They need to add the KV-122 with the D-5t, KV-4, and KV-220-1

  144. when isn”t there another russian tank

  145. The APBC round for the KV-1 L11 really needs a penetration buff, or maybe
    they could introduce something better from the KV-1 ZIS-5:s ammunition

  146. I actually am happy with the introduction of the T-44-100. 100mm is all you
    need and you don’t suffer the rate of rife from the 122. I would rather
    have an IS with a 100mm. The 122 is nasty if you ask me. Yes, its damage is
    inspiring, but completely unnecessary.

    I particularly don’t care for the KV tanks. I think all of them are nasty,
    especially the KV-2 since everyone loves it but I find it super easy to
    kill. Fire rate is atrocious on an outdated chassis with a giant
    refrigerator bomb for a turret. When you don’t know how to deal with them
    then yeah, it’s scary to see 152mm of HE come at you but once you gain the
    knowledge I see them as a free kill.

  147. Any word on when 1.57 patch will be released?

  148. Already ground past it don’t care.
    Also any chance for me to get a premium plane I don’t have to pay for I’m
    down for it.

  149. Whats your favourite sherman?

  150. Russian tanks don’t need any more glory. For the same of german tankers do
    not drop the kv 1s battle rating

  151. Why are you saying we “need” other t34s? They are overpowered on every
    angle. Its like you are giving gaijin ideas to make their game even more

  152. Great video. Lots of justified gripes about WT but its nice to hear
    somebody be positive about it. More tanks means a wider spread and a better
    chance of improving the matchmaking. The Americans have a smaller field to
    chose from so I think they should include French designs to buff their
    selection. I’m an avid WW2 history buff of the European theater. People
    forget or don’t know the Russians had some great tanks during the war. Not
    only did they have great tanks they had great tanks very early on. Its been
    said the T-34 was the best tank design. The Germans were horrified when
    they met their first T-34’s. Tigers and Panthers were made to defeat the
    T-34. The Americans and British had nothing spectacular until late war.
    What they did have was numbers and that won the fight. What I would like to
    see added is the superior optics that the Germans had in their tanks. They
    did then and still do produce some of the finest optics in the military
    market. The Russians had great tanks but would be hard pressed to see a
    barn while sitting inside the barn. I would also like to see the agility
    perk removed and replaced with a morale perk. Having my gunner getting
    killed is one thing but I would like a to see my gunner freak the hell out
    when he is getting shot at from several directions. More points invested
    would mean a lower chance of him crying like a blabbering idiot. The movie
    Fury had its faults but the fear allied tankers had when they encountered a
    Tiger tank was a very real thing.

  153. “russian tanks preformed well historically
    hahaha no, the only reason they did was because of quantity not quality.

  154. I cant even think of a witty comment, besides the unneeded addition of MORE
    Soviet tanks I’m hoping this update will be good with the addition of new
    US planes. My hopes are probably in vain but a man can dream right?

  155. Again nothing for the USA and when they and something is a fuck light tank
    that cant penetrate nothing

  156. Why tank updates? Where the ships?

  157. What was the big personal announcement? I can’t get on twitter my phone
    decided to create its own twitter account and I don’t know the password and
    it won’t send me an email on changing my password :P

  158. Darnit, I’m halfway through with grinding my 1st T-54 and I’m really
    feeling the grind now, excellent match=a small handful of xp, bad
    match=absolutely no xp :p now I’m going to have to go through another grind
    for a tank I don’t want just to get the T-54, mehh

  159. update is coming out this friday

  160. We need a British tier 5 tank

  161. Russian tanks did not work well in ww2. and most of there planes were total
    shit. if you cant take on American jets you suck. The German were just
    great ass players and they raised are battle rating even more.

  162. Lisunov Li-2 needs to be added

  163. Atleast it doesnt get the 122mm Main cannon.

  164. Muhammad Hafidz Ismail

    Kirovets 1 S

  165. Yea, one problem with the Kv-1 game mode, almost everyone apart from the
    people who don’t have the tanks or want the challenge will be using the
    KV-1 L11’s. With the addition of the KV-1s it will provide a added edge to
    russian tankers for this gun on the platform. For example in the KV-1 Zis-5
    at the current BR it can face ridiculous armor that the gun at times can’t
    pen other armor, or captured armor. So with the BR it gives the russians a
    chance to play with the gun more rather than on the T-34 1940 and 42’s.

  166. kv1s can be equipped with is2 gun

  167. More pointless Soviet tanks tovarishch! Why am I not surprised.

  168. Baron people don’t want the Fw 189 to be a event plane because only a
    select few players will be able to use it. It is a German plane which many
    players would love to have. But most of the dedicated Germany players won’t
    be able to rejoice in it.

  169. was hoping for a centurion mk5 for t4 in the british line…

  170. The tower of Stalin!!!

  171. I think the Russian bias idea for tanks stems from them being noob
    friendly. If someone in a PZ III or PZ IV is caught in the open, they are
    buggered. If a Kv-1 or T-34 are caught in the open, they are more likely to
    survive because they have excellent armor. On the subject of the KV-1s, it
    is a progression. First you get armor and a crap gun, then you get a good
    gun, but no armor, and finally you get both in the KV-1 Zis-5.

  172. i’ve been asking phly and baron for this

    Firefly Mk1 and Sherman Firefly,Light up the grounds and Light up the skies

  173. I wonder if this KV-1s sucks like on world of tanks since KV-85 came out

  174. Could you please play WorldOfWarships.

  175. Congrats on the niece Baron 🙂 Lovely news!

  176. Russian bias , why give the russians more tanks when clearly other factions
    need more vehicles.
    before adding a ton of content , maybe just maybe fix the BR system first

  177. did you get the up date yesterday ?

  178. Baron, NO ONE would ever choose to play the enemies of the KV-1 in the
    “historical” battle scenario you’re talking about. It’d be WoT Historical
    Battles all over again (aka one team always quits so they can play the
    stronk OP Russian tanks) D:

  179. РОССИЯ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. war thunder is stup!d and fcked game the match making is a piace of SH!T
    only nub teams and go find a life baron u nub

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