^^| New Schedule – Modpack 9.15 – Youtube Goals

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Source: SirCircon

Thanks for watching!
Modpack: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8dt5vodyqjv8939/Circonflexes+Modpack+9.15+V1.zip
Dont forget check me on:


  1. AWWWW HELL YEA almost daily Circ videos :3 i can die happy now… actually
    no, i gotta watch them before dying 😛 love you Circon

  2. Hermann Fritzler

    Nice ?

  3. Circon is going to get a life 😉 :D

  4. 5-7 videos ? BRING IT !

    Btw loved the replay casts.

  5. so? now you got time in the weekend to work on your fat butt? :P

  6. Is there any chance of the old dream team battles coming back?

  7. thank u proffessor ;)

  8. Best of luck! Your youtube stuff has gotten a bit better, keep it up.

  9. More videos with you and Sirfoch please. The two of you are hilarious and
    very entertaining to watch when combined

  10. How about making short map tactics tutorials?

  11. Hope it works out for you man :D

  12. Just keep uploading stream highlights. They are the best

  13. Miodrag Mijatović

    Will you now call your stream Circhammer 60k? 😛

    And are you still streaming AW?

  14. Good luck Circon on the 100k, without a doubt the most entertaining WOT
    Twitcher. Great Modpack too, it’s the one I always wait for.

  15. Mister Guitarist

    ‘s gonna be a busy time for the little slave editor @eeelliottt i guess…

  16. In my opinion, one of the best WoT players.. Been watching your stream from
    the start. If you have only chosen to make YT videos before, you would
    definitely be number one regarding the number of subs.. ^^4eva!

  17. thank you so much for finally getting the mod pack up sircon. great work
    like always!

  18. F

  19. Jon I (Irelandmann244)

    More youtube is always good in my books! the replays casts were great as
    well. I’ll be there no matter what day you stream!

  20. dotLuna Revamped

    Congrats on 60k Circon and good luck in reaching your goals :D

  21. teodoro boccuzzi

    I’d love to see some commentary from you. I think it could be funny and

  22. can’t wait

  23. You can do it.

  24. ThePainTrain4234

    Hey Circon, just a video suggestion: I loved your arty
    compilations/highlights. They are truly gold. Partly because artillery is
    pretty boring to watch a full replay cast.

  25. that focking guitar solo in the background… 😀 like the new schedule, and
    perhaps, that you focus more on youtube

  26. SirCircon, I love the replay videos.. I see that most are highlights,
    however would love to watch longer videos :)

  27. Also, this upcomming week i might not have that many videos, since the
    first weekend off will be next weekend. That said, i got 2 replays of the
    vk 45 03 comming up

  28. Circon where can we find that CIRCONFLEXES wallpaper? :P

  29. Nice circon that’s really good for your channel to grow……

  30. You could do the honest tank reviews you talked about on stream like the
    scorpion. They would be hilarious.

  31. Circon the XvM version is 3.6.0 but they are on how can i update it
    or are you gonna update it in V2?

  32. good luck circ. i will click on them even if they suck ;)

  33. Drunk Wolf Productions

    60k subs! Congratz!

  34. Dukes The Lan Guy

    best of luck with the YouTube goal circon, you and your collaboration with
    Foch and especially snooze makes you one of the most entertaining streamers
    out there. if you can take any of the magic you have on stream and continue
    to add to your YouTube content I have no doubt you’ll have great success.
    yt and twitch sub.

  35. Hype! This all seems like good ideas :D

  36. Luca Luca (KingYoshiLuca)

    Keep up the good work.

  37. Really excited about the new YouTube plan :)

  38. Richard Gustafsson

    Please don’t do quantity over quality though

  39. Im really looking forward to the youtube content. Cant wait for those vids.
    Keep up the good work Circ!

  40. Grab for that youtube monaay

  41. circSoon

  42. First second!

  43. Firsttttttt !

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