New scout tank spotted on the supertest! A46! – World of Tanks

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  1. It looks cool. So i want one. : )

  2. WAIT A HOT SECOND. Just found out I’m not subbed. To gulag with me!

  3. this could be put in the tech tree between crusader and setter

  4. Wondering if anyone here has heard of this little light tank on console called the Snakebite, it’s a modified cromwell that goes 80km/h with ease and it’s a tier 6 tank.

  5. Similar to 59-16 i would say

  6. Wow. Cromwell B is faster than this

  7. Probably tank rewards program tank

    WG could give us skoda t40

  8. Χαρης Αλεξιαδης

    Can’t wait to fight defenders in this.. You really get old 59-16 vibes, but you don’t even get an autoloader

  9. Load the Skill rounds

    Undercarriage looks like it’s based on the Alecto, Nice vid Circon!

  10. WG’s strategy these days is to make crap free tanks then sell you upgrades.

  11. This tank looks like a tetrarch with a locust turrent and a Cromwell gun but I really hope it doesn’t have the same ” unique qualities ” as the other British lights

  12. Christiaan Carstens

    Waiting for these wot streamers to start streaming something else so I can start playing that.

  13. From the color I thought it was Italian at first

  14. Matthijs van Duin

    I fcking hope that this is gonna fill the tier 6 spot after the tech tree rework instead of the crusader

  15. It looks like an Alecto chassis that has a turret.

  16. If it doesn’t end up having god-like dispersion values then it’s not even worth trying to get it.

  17. Less hp/t than a Panzer III/IV, only an extra 5km/h top speed, gun that appears worse in all areas bar DPM, and very similar turret and hull traverse speeds. Looks cool but the listed stats are a bit on the low side.

  18. It looks like a Tetrarch on roids.

  19. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Oh boy! I wonder what special quality will it have? The same as the other UK lights I presume?

  20. 0:07 when i look at those big wheels,my mind goes…not another wheelie in wot…then i notice the tracks…and all is fine now.

  21. When a Chieftain and a MT-25 made a child

  22. I like videos like this thought I would let you know

  23. is this a premium tank?

  24. Good to know video about the new tanks is always welcome

  25. from the picture, i thought that is a new British wheel tank

  26. I thought it looked like a new xmas-present-tank… then I learned it was a tier 6 brexit light and I knew it was just as good as a xmas-present. And, YES! FINALLY! I am not alone in thinking there are not enough tier 7 premiums!

  27. British LTs have BaTTleShIp GuNs

  28. Freshwater Spaceman

    A4…6 Is that a reference to it’s paper armour?



  30. 0.45? So it looks like this is gonna be another one of those “unique british light tanks” that can do things only british light tanks can do

  31. snowisthebestweather

    Remember when the T37 had 150mm standard pen? Now you’ve got this thing with 138 gold pen.

  32. Circon can you do a mod pack update?

  33. Wait, A46 was developed into the FV300 series, wasn’t it? So this is Bert the Avenger’s Grandfather… I hope FV301 comes out someday soon™

  34. Look at the tracks, maybe it’s a lead in to British wheeled light tanks…..

  35. the tank looks kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda weak as shit :3 :3 :3 :3 :3

  36. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    Given the title: “New Light Tank spotted!”, I doubt the camo is THAT good.

  37. “Well, they got mad at us for limiting the ammo count on the British lights. So now, we’ll limit the pen instead! Brilliant!” – WG

  38. wait so it is a premium? meh fuck it then

  39. 105 dmg and 105 pen…. Battleship guns guys 😛

  40. Any Circon video is a good video.

  41. Tier VI Tetrarch but shittier ^^

  42. Shame shame Shame Shame shame shame shame…….. thought would be competitive. Fuck wargaming

  43. honestly it looks like a bren gun carrier like the alecto but give it a turret and a 75/76mm gun and a turret and lets go boys! lol but srsly it looks like wg was like ey take that alecto slap a turret on that thing and sell it ok comrade we need more money for vodka savings xD

  44. Yet another fantasy tank they’ve pulled out their arse

  45. Good vid! Always interested in your posts!

  46. At first I was thinking damn finally, the British light tank line. Took them long enough. But then I realized we already have a British light tank line. How often is it that a new line is so bad that you just forget about it immediately?

  47. Looks sick, but it is strictly worse than the Cromwell

  48. I agree that we need more tier 7 premiums.

    About the A46 though…

    I don’t know what this thing’s purpose is supposed to be. it’s accuracy is bad so it’ll be hard to snipe weak spots, which you will have to do with it’s low pen. It can’t kill anything quick with it’s low damage and I don’t think it has enough armor or HP to spend the time i’ll need to do so. It’s mobility isn’t terrible but that’ll depend on what it’s resistances are. It has a different crew setup from most if not all of the high tier British Lights so it’s less than ideal as a budget crew trainer. A mockup of it was made post WWII and it’s design had 12 degrees of gun depression which would be really cool but the stats currently in testing only give it 9. Lets hope it has great camo, that would make it sound more interesting to play. It does look good though.

  49. So, if you get lucky and hit your target, you probably won’t pen…

  50. 👍 Like the video format

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