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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. LIVE NOW: Good Vibes! 🙂

  2. The awful panther is amazing I had a love/hate thing for it but when it was removed I was sad…. I’m excited to see it again and if they bring it back I’m for sure going to get it.

  3. Speculation vids like this are some of the most interesting ones for me

  4. Always like these video’s giving us an idea of future plans.

  5. For the record, the T71 CMD was in supertest as a premium tank as well and they added it to the main tech tree. I think the supertest tanks are just categorized as premium tanks to make transferring crew/earning credits easier on them for supertesters (can’t test much if you’re loosing cash).

  6. Really enjoying these videos Circon!

  7. I heard that the awful panther will not be available in the premium shop but we’ll be an award tank. Really looking forward to it being available. Ramming speeeed!!!!

  8. The aufklaurung panzer panther has been a premium on console for the last 2 years

  9. Memories…

  10. really wish the awful panzer was a standard tier VIII instead of that shitty HWK. I already have the M41 90 GF so I don’t really need another premium german light tank. shame. it looks great.

  11. Thought yes finaly the Brits are here. but no got dissapointed, saw the elc, and got hyed again need that thing so bad.

  12. Other than the TOG, the awful panther is the worst meme in the game

  13. General Gao's Chicken

    ELC 90 = WALL-E

  14. That ELC’s shell velocity. Its kind of bad. Almost M3 Lee bad.

  15. the aufklährungspanzer and the ELC might actually make it worth it for me personally, playing the game again!!!

  16. Good old elc memes comming up?

  17. What’s the background music? Please

  18. yep, i love this kind of stuff, plus i prefer your voice when talking about news stuff compared to other youtubers, please keep doing them!

  19. Anatoly Productions

    Please continue these kind of videos, you speak the truth without bullcrap in it.

  20. ELC must be driving by dwarfs.

  21. oh man! Awful-Panther is back boiii! i need it

  22. My fat bottom girl is comin back! I’d buy the crappiest bundle imaginable if that’s what it takes to get the ram panther in my garage again. Fuck I’m pumped!

  23. Please keep these up circon, thanks.

  24. I really hope they don’t fuck up the A.Panther’s gun… Give us the Waffe damnit, not some generic ripoff of the bulldog/lttb gun.

  25. “…and I’ve 3 marked pfft 80%+ of them by now..”
    tfw you don’t even have a single 3 marked tank.


    • QCpowarr. LOL wrong channel. Circon has A LOT of tanks with 3 marks

    • I think you misunderstood what I said.. I’m more than aware that Circon has a lot of tanks with 3 MoE I’ve watched his channel for over a year now.
      “that feel when you don’t..” the YOU part is actually ME and NOT Circon.. The *feelsbadman* part is that I’m sad that I didn’t even 3 marked a tank yet.

      But hey thanks for the info that Circon has a lot of 3 marked tanks, like I didn’t watched most of his 3rd marks highlights videos..

    • QCpowarr. Sorry, I definitely misunderstood what you said.
      Thought you were talking about Circon.

      And yes, *feelsbadman*

    • lol it’s alright, I know that Circ is from the EU so people in the comments might not understand english perfectly.
      At least I have a few tier 8 and 9 tanks with 2 marks.. still no 3 marks though. *:'(*

  26. Im hoping that the elc even is a replacment for the batcbat 12 t i realy hate that tank

  27. this sucks people who actually had the a.panther should have been able to keep it

  28. I like it…like your opinions you are awesoe circon…btw are you gonna make a christmas advent calender worth it not worth it video this year to?

  29. ELC EVEN 90: tank < drone Honestly it looks like a wierd little RC tank ...Fuck I'm gonna have to pick that up along with the Aufkl. Panther..

  30. onemanpaintballarmy

    Of course they try and sell clarence.

  31. “I’ve 3 marked pfft 80+% of them by now” cries in corner

  32. ELC 900 health LUL

  33. cant wait for the t-44-152 super arty black edition

  34. keep up the good work 🙂

  35. yay now the SU-101 wont have the lowest health of tier 8!

  36. WG: scouts fucked up the MM system so let’s give them more… Exactly what they wanted Da Komrade blyat

  37. ELC EVEN reminds me of “WALL-EE” that little robot.

  38. I’ll trade all my Tier 8 premiums for a one tier 8 premium light tank with an auto-loader

  39. I liked the Vid. All info is nice.

  40. Keep them coming

  41. Love the vids man keep it up!

  42. I like em! make more, but with memes!

  43. Very few premiums I’d buy anymore, but as a LT fan, and having played them since before the big change, Seeing T10s in them is no big deal. Might have to pick a few of these up.

  44. Can you or someone educate me on all the premium tanks in tanks gg?

  45. ELC Even uglier than TOG. It’s like somebody mounted the turret with a pair of old socks.

  46. i killed T-92 (LT) a few days ago


  48. I can hear you’re excited! I’ll glad WOT can deliver some long lost passion into this game for you. I’ll look forward to see you craftedly kicking some arse in style with these little game changers…

  49. Take away a tank then bring it back as a premium…. again……GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

  50. 221mm of penetration and that accuracy on a light tank. This gun makes some heavies and like all mediums cry in the corner. Lets see in what state it hits live.

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