New Secret Event & WTF Happened in 2022? | World of Tanks Recap

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of Tanks 2022 Recap – What Happened in 2022? Onslaught, Auf E-100 Event, Battle Pass, Art of Strategy, Auctions and Trading Caravan, New and Tanks and so much more! Secret Event, Terminator 2 Battle Pass!

00:00 Introduction
01:45 Secret Event
04:25 January 2022
07:30 February
08:58 March
09:38 May
10:40 June
12:40 August
16:20 September
18:20 November
18:55 December
22:15 Conclusion

Today let's take a quick back at 2022 and all the big things that happened that year. We had quite a lot of special events and game modes, new premium tanks and tech tree vehicles introduced and so much more. What was your favorite and least favorite thing about World of Tanks in 2022?

What do you think?


  1. A recap of all the big news happened in World of Tanks in 2022. What was your favorite and least favorite update, tank or a feature that happened this year? Wishing all of you Happy New Year and let the 2023 be the year for YOU!
    Here are all the video chapters for your viewing pleasure:
    00:00 Introduction
    01:45 Secret Event
    04:25 January 2022
    07:30 February
    08:58 March
    09:38 May
    10:40 June
    12:40 August
    16:20 September
    18:20 November
    18:55 December
    22:15 Conclusion

  2. M-V-Y terminator skin, AE Phase terminator skin, T32m prem with reward terminator skin. tank commanders, John, Sarah, T-800, T-1000

  3. NordicWorrior 1404

    My goal for 2023 is try and become credit card debt free. Lol best wishes to all of you.

  4. I would give 2022 a 9, they did well considering all the trouble the trouble they were having with Russia, gg wot

  5. Hmm Waffentrager style special with harriers trying to take down a HK-Tank version with twin turrets and spawning T series tanks would be “interesting”
    As to 2023, need to finish my house renovations, ( so was very happy to easily earn Mila during the xmas event for free)

  6. Happy New Year Dez. Hope to have the finances to semi -retire 🙂

  7. If WoT can be summed up in one tank, it’s BZ and it’s not on a good way.

  8. My new year’s resolution is to lose another 30lbs. Favourite update was 1.18. Best event was Steel Hunter as always. Worst was holiday ops (only because BZ176 ruined it). Rate the 5/10, just average.

  9. My goal is to try and start enjoying WOT again. WG have been screwing this game for players for years, so I hope they start fixing what needs fixing and slow down on the stupid inclusions (yes I am looking at you BZ).

  10. to have a 3d girlfriend 😀

  11. 2022 was a big disappointment. Here is hoping we get a proper black market sale than what we had in 2022.

  12. My goal for the year is to get into a good school to run at

  13. It took me 3 days to do that marathon. Still to this day i have not even touched the tank and i still refuse to do so.

  14. I have a filling that some tnaks that I have for a certain amount of time got slower, slower aiming (Char Futur for exp.)….

  15. Wohooo, happy New Year to you and all.

  16. WT E100 with a terminator crew will be cool.

  17. i have used also 70 tokens and got 25 days rental too
    glad i didnt spend money on WG this year too
    this years christmas event was so far the worse and the most boring event to date
    and as far as 2022 was it wasnt anything special
    as a free to play player getting your hands on some premier tanks is always good and what I try and work towards
    i hope that WG fixes many of its stupid nurfs oh wait never happens
    need to look after the snowflakes
    so on a scale of 1 to 10 how i would rate last year
    i would have to give it a 4

  18. To work out a lot, go to the gym consistently, and get jacked over the year!

  19. seen a vid on battle pass looks ok yes it was leaked……oh and the christmas whole event was crap i enjoyed opening the small boxes last year and year before that this time they even took that away ,,,,made whole event very boreing…oh i look foward to this years event….not ( if we get one)

  20. My goal is to watch more dez in 2023

  21. For me, as a casual player, who plays a couple of days in a week it was too many events and I quickly decided to only focus on the battle pass, skipping all the other game modes. I feel less stressed for doing so and I am happy about it. Got myself the Char Futur.
    Now let’s see how the rocket tanks will perform.

  22. italian TDs are NOT autoREloaders, but just simple original autoloaders.

  23. no goals no money emptyness

  24. happy new year Dez, my goals for 2023 is heard transplant and ruin my enemys…

  25. My goal in 2023 is to finally get hired because most of the job applications I try to get into require a college degree, and as an undergraduate It’s quite hard to find a proper job.

  26. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    I want to grind all meta techtrees

  27. Goal for this year is to finally get my first ever 2nd mark in a tank.

    About events. I actually liked the trading caravan, good opportunity to pick up a bunch of premium tanks on discount. Yes releasing a new T8 prem like that was shitty, but aside from that i thought the event was cool and rewarding if your goal was to spend gold.

  28. My goal of 2023 is getting my first 3rd mark of excellence and that first juicy 10k damage game


  30. to drink more beer !

  31. i want my 260

  32. 2023 goal is to never open wot again because its a horrible game horrible mm horrible rng horrible eveything horrible OP tanks etc …..

  33. one of my goals is to finally save up money in my savings and pay off my debts

  34. 2023 goals, Life is good so ill just try to unluck all techtree tanks in WoT.

  35. 110kg till end of 2023!

  36. the buffed t32 will be the terminator marathon tank <3

  37. hey! what modpack are you using ? and my goal is to get 4 or 5 tier tens.

  38. My goal for 2023 is to finally start doing something for my health, like go swimming more often.

  39. My goal is to be the best version of myself and hit the gym every day

  40. My 2023 goal is not to get chat banned this

  41. My goal is to quit WoT without regret.

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