New SIEGE MODE German Medium Tank – Kunze Panzer | World of Tanks The Kunze Panzer Preview

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WG is introducing many new German tanks lately and today I am going to talk about another one, the first German Siege Mode tank in World of Tanks – Kunze Panzer, tier IX medium tank. Also, Aufklärungspanzer Panther is close to making its return.

What do you think?


  1. munze panza

  2. girls und panzer??

  3. Plus points for toilet crew, but what about the watching while shaving gang?

  4. Is it going to be a test server with this tank soon?

  5. I hate the siege mode on Swedish meds. They activate/deactivate just when you’re about to shoot and mess your aim. So I like this mechanic better.

  6. Awesome, Sexy, Naked, Subscribed, Toilet crew, checking in!

  7. Well Friday is the first day of the work week for me lol

  8. All those special tanks should be available to buy for bons for all players not only for the best or for Clans` players as the rewards. Of course a price should be crazy like 30-40 k bons but still giving all players chance to have them.

  9. Pleaaaase WG make new Czechoslovakia HT’s or TD’s tanks

  10. Great, another reward tank…..ugh.

  11. Hope this tank shows up fast for us

  12. With EBRs running wild, why bother with any light tank?

  13. AUFKL PZ! We meet again my love!

    (Btw I’m happy they are making unique tanks, but why tier 9 reward tanks? I’d love to play these tanks as techtree tanks, even if none was ever made. Give us more techtrees pls!)

  14. Maybe this is the real reason for PTA Nerv

  15. Cant wait to see this tank at tier 8 as a premium xd

  16. More fresh food for my hungry arties! 😀

  17. Let’s face it, they are german so wargaming will ensure they are crap

  18. I need lootboxes:(

  19. Why do they think the awful panther is highly anticipated? I know 0 people waiting for it.

    • I was praying when it was tech tree, but I’m not excited at all. Of I wanna ram things, I’ll use the 5/4. I get its a lemme and people will buy anything they put out anyway, but it’s not highly anticipated

    • @Jan Valko Kristak Did you ram a lot of artllery with it?

    • @ryan petersen the 5/4 is not widely available and its limited to bottom tiers, its good for seal clubbing but outside that doesnt provide viarety of play imo.
      Im just saying I can clearly see this tank populating the mm soon after release just like limited sale tanks did, eg e25, 13 57, type 62…

    • @Alunita Inghinala it was a decent overall light tank, back in the days it also had a “pew pew” cannon option like on Luchs to add to the fun factor and yeah u could ram the hell out of enemy arty/lt/lighter meds.

  20. Everybody that had the Awfulpanther taken away from them should get it for free. End of story. Period.

  21. What is the point of the seige mode

    Better gun handling when you have a nice gun already with higher dpm? Very bizarre

    • 0.42 accuracy outside siege mode is really bad. But the siege mode accuracy is no bueno either, getting just on par with E50, same alpha, far worse DPM, better pen…

  22. There is a tier VIII version of the German light tank called the Afuklarungspanzer Panther 7 in the game client. Hope we will get that one also.

  23. So it’s a tier 9 leopard but has to get into a siege mode for decent gun stats at a distance. Personally not my thing but at least it isn’t overpowered

  24. Toilet crew member reporting

  25. They releasing tanks because game is on dead course, and they trying to save it but is too late now.

  26. Double barrel 57mm KV-1?? Oh, proud germans…

  27. 0.3 accuracy in the siege mode seems not really good enough. Basically you’re getting on E50 level of accuracy with the same alpha, much worse DPM, nonexistent armour, mobility penalisation. Sure, gun depression is fine, but it has no turret so…

  28. The german siege mode does bring something new to the table tbh. U have the choice of mobility and decent dpm on medium/close range or precise sniping with meh mobility and bad dpm.
    It certainly provides for interesting tank if they manage to deliver it as they proposed.
    Side note: am I the only one thinking about the Terran Siege tank from SC2 looking at this tank?

  29. WG finally understood there are other nations than Russia 😉

  30. i was distracted by this stb shooting auto aim 95% of his shots

  31. shouldnt WG think about how to get REAL modern tanks in the game not making many, many ,many fake / made up tanks?

  32. Frontlines 2021? Hope so. I didn’t like steel hunter too much.

  33. I really wish War Gaming would do reward tanks for solo players who doesn’t have the time to fight in clan wars or who prefers to play alone. And sadly 90% of the player base cant even get into a clan due to thier stats and will never have a chance to own those OP monsters.

  34. STB 1: Finally.. a worthly opponet.. our battle Will be Legendary!

  35. They’re trying to bury the “German tanks are bad”

  36. WoT:

    We are announcing a new set of german meds.



  37. At this point wg needs to segregate actual ww2 tanks from the new and paper tanks that came many years after…a tiger 1 should not be fighting this tank…or the double barrelled soviet heavies, etc etc. Tigers should be fighting panthers, t29s, etc.

  38. Looks like a very interesting tank. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing this as a reward tank, but wasn’t the other recent german tank a T8 with lots of depression? Could also be a new DE tech tree, which I’d love to see.

  39. Mališa Jevremović

    What is the point of siege mode when the turret armour does not exist ?

  40. 7:51 26X zoom??

  41. **sees kunze panzer**

    Is this a toy tank?

  42. Reversed name for Battle Angel Alita’s fighting style

  43. I think it could be a tank reward that You can get from frontline/steel hunter 2021… why not?

  44. Reminds me a lil of the T54
    With one gun you have DPM with the other you have accuracy

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