New skills and perks in WoT Xbox

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello warriors,

in last few weeks, introduced a whole bunch of new perks. I wonder if these will appear in World of Tanks. Examples:

  • Muffled Shot (Perk): decreases the effect of firing on your vehicle's camouflage factor
  • Track Mechanic (Perk): the driver is able to repair tracks faster
  • Paratrooper Training (Perk): enables your driver to reduce the overall falling damage
  • Silent Driving (Skill): decreases the effect that movement has on your vehicle's camouflage factor. Silent Driving is less effective the higher your vehicle's standard moving camouflage factor is
  • Green Thumb (Perk): increases your vehicle's camouflage factor while hidden in or behind foliage
  • Pain Tolerance (Skill): reduces the chance of critical damage to your crew
  • Swimming Lessons (Perk): increases the amount of time your vehicle can survive underwater

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