New Special Abilities in Brawl + Spring Sale 2021 Review | World of Tanks

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World Brawl 7vs7 New Update with Special Combat Abilities. World of Tanks Spring Sale 2021 Review, Type 59 For Sale Again. World of Tanks E-50M and Manticore Brawl Gameplay – Airstrike Ability.

Brawl, the 7vs7 tier 10 special mode is back with some new and improvements… So let’s into it and let’s it out! Also, quickly going over the Spring Sale 2021 as well…

Enjoy the show!


  1. Is this enough to make the mode interesting for you? Or what else would it need?
    Have a nice day, baeutiful people! <3

  2. yeah, because wining in rankeds where there is 15 tanks is so much easier

    • It is. The teams are abysmal in the brawls. Main reason is probably the rental tanks.

    • @Crashtest Fetus yeah, but you they are as often abysmal in rankeds or randoms.
      But in brawls at least you are 1/7th of your team and your influence on the battle is much higher

  3. I did 4,7k dmg in my Manticore in this gamemode, but only had my 2 HE shells left at the end so I was not being able to win the 1 vs 3 that I turned into a 1 vs 1. 4.7k in a Manti in brawl wasn’t enough to win. 🙁

    • I mean tbh you kinda set urself up for the loss since manticore is just straight up bad. yes you can make it work, yes its good with good skills (you proved it), but the limiting factor of the shells is just too much of a handicap. You would probably have won 90% of the time if you were not in the manticore. even if you were in the german light… at least no limiting factors to show off ur skills

  4. The mighty Ram.

  5. Where am i in the chat,,,,, waves.

  6. for them tanks in sale is just over the top

  7. Do you feel the game dying?

  8. The ONLY thing i realy want from spring sale is the 3D-Style for Lansen C

  9. Literally just going to play randoms by myself like always because that’s the only way to enjoy the game.

  10. Thrall Dumehammer

    I have to get my laptop out of the pawnshop. Then I can have an opinion, LOL!

  11. Look who’s coping WotB now huh

  12. WG: *does literally anything*
    The player base: OmG tHeY dEsTroYeD tHe GaMe

    • @_Coelho Zueira_ I think -2/+2 isn’t too much of a problem if wg balances the tanks properly. Like 279e shouldn’t see t8s, and arguable even t9s. But not a lot of t8s are complaining when they see e4 or 50b in a t10. The problem comes in when the difference between dpm/pen/etc of the t8s and t9s/10s are just way too large

    • Yeah!teach them pls how to manage their bussiness

    • @Yurack Jung the problem is the player base of the game is to weak. Good players leaving the game, no totorias to teach player how to get better. Tier 8 vs 10 is nice, but you need to know what to do and what places to play. Majority of player, play always the same way. They Don t think about the tier 10. That why everyone is crying with the +2 mm.

    • @Nuno Rodrigues I agree with you we unicums don’t really gaf about being in t10s cuz we know weak spots we know what they may do and may not do. Wg should fs implement better tutorials and etc, but I still think +2-2 is a good way to reward players and not get overly too confident in one type of playstyle. Like LT 432 in t8s and under games can just yolo and expect to get away with it, but in t10s its a no go. WG should really stop boosting newer players up the tech tree, but again, as a free2play player I would like to get more t10s in shorter time and for cheaper credits

    • @Yurack Jung I do agree…But removing the stun will cause a big problem for challenges. Which it will be impossible to complete without the ability to stun. Although I do think that they need to nerf the stun by a few seconds and I do love the new redesign to the arty tanks.

      But nerfing them down to that will mean no one would be playing arty other than challenges.

    Like we had in the actual testing of the gamemode… i think it was.. actually awesome and epic and i miss that

  14. Shame NA USC is down and we can’t play on USE

  15. My review is just …14:00

  16. US Central is still down. Despite the Brawl going on.

  17. I really liek this game mode…..quick 7v7 battle i love it !! also can test that E3 and i love it

  18. Thoughts on the brawl mode:

    Too elite (like ranked battles). You are only competetive if you’re are a experienced player with lots of credits and premium account. F2P players are just losing a shit ton of credits.

    Fog of war is not very effective, because mostly the same tanks were used. You have to fight what ever comes, if you know it or not. Doesn’t matter.

    The cooldown of the key positons is way too long for, sometimes, 5 min games. Fast tanks have an advantage to get there early. 30 sec. would’ve been enough, so other tanks could
    also get the chance to get a special ability.

    Half of the special abilities are not very helpful in such close combat mode. Smoke screen and Recon Flight are mostly pretty much useless. Other abilities like more armor, more penetration, or better maneuverability for a certain time would’ve been better.

  19. NA players, if you want use the mode, you need to go on the SA server. No explanation in game as to why, just WGNA things I guess. The way they have the error message listed, it looks like it is only available on USC, which is down. Enjoy the 170ms of ping everyone!

    They just posted this in their discord:
    We’re aware that the Brawl mode is showing as unavailable on USE and are working to get that fixed immediately.

    Also, there have been some rare instances of uneven teams (5vs7 for example) being reported on other servers. We are already working on a micro-patch and will update you as soon as we get more information.

  20. They should add a new gamemode where you can respawn like frontline but with current maps and 7V7

  21. Hard pass on this. Since we are not getting battle points

  22. Grzegorz Brzęczyszykiewicz

    also you can win Bourrasque by completing all challanges and screenshoting

  23. Its mostly close combat so this “Abilities” are fucking useless imho.

  24. They should just always have 7v7. its such a better game mode than 15v15 since you can be more influential and have better teamwork. Maybe wg should even add in-game voice comms in 7v7

  25. Dez, I think a good solution to the SPG hate, would be that a vehicle stunned or damaged by SPG can call air strike at a specific area, and if the spg doesn’t move it get damaged/killed by air strike. This way at least we can get some revenge at the clickers

  26. dez pls make m4 rev videos its the new referral tank and your latest video on it is around 4 years old

  27. No thanks, tier X cost too much for me to play

  28. Gotta love how wg shut down US central which is the only US server with brawl on it, yet still have it going on. And since the server is meant to be up by the 6th we will miss the entire event. lol

  29. waste of time game mode no points for battle pass in my opinion.

  30. The whole fun of brawl mode was brawling with very little arty . Wargaming was told that then they added air strikes. They never listen .

    • Airstrikes is the reason i never play clan battles anymore either. Hell, even at tier 6 battles, the calldowns still deal +1000 damage… getting hit by that every game when you happen to get tracked is just not fun.

  31. Maksim Jovanović

    I love the brawl mode it is very fun

  32. Why do i have a t110e3 and object 140 now?

  33. dez can u make video e50m vs 50b ramming who win

  34. So happy to see again all noobs being marked by the BB on their tank 🙂 .

  35. Alexander Stoyanov

    Fog of war is nice in brawl, but it feels like fighting with or against bots, an even quicker 1 to 7 simulator than randoms. Also, credit loss is awful especially without premium

  36. Brawl still ruined with arty. Only now its called airstrike.

  37. Dez, that’s not the legendary mini mouse tier 2 tank. That one has 40mm armor compared to mini mouse’s 80mm.

  38. Players who haven’t played tier 10 battles shouldn’t be able to play this mode. Its a pain in the ass when you’re the only tier 10 player and the rest are all rentals.

  39. Again WG breaks their own word.. They promised they will not have exclusive inflated prices of premium tanks and that we would be able to buy the tanks separately 😀

  40. Brawl just reminds me of Halo cept instead of going for a rocket launcher ur going for a killstreak from Call of Duty.That UAV ability looks a bit iffy but who knows.Kinda wishing for them to put Fog of War for unranked.

  41. What build are you using on your E50M?

  42. Considering how absolutely garbage the rewards are I dont think ill be wasting my time on this mode.

  43. Rental tank should be set like premiums in one way: you should be able put in same nation- same class crew without penalties
    It would boost the population on this kind of events

  44. TYPE 59 HYPE

  45. Ezzaldeen Al-Basha

    wait no arty….I love it!

  46. Dez pls talk about their plans to nerf Top of the Tree 🙁

  47. There was no Victoria (81), Swedish medium, I want that for my golds or bonds. But not able to find it. My birthday today, hope you are good too.

  48. Dez: see tank
    Also Dez: “I will ram you”

  49. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    I don’t want to play it as EU ping is through the roof, mostly +200 !!

  50. Steam launch, brawl mode w/rental tier 10s and crazy tank package sale…. WeeGee cash cow just spiked!

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