New Special Commanders Coming! | World of Tanks Team Clash 2021

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Team Clash 2021 Event Commanders – Circon, Dakillzor, Orzanel and NewMulti2k. World of Tanks 1.11.1 Italian Tanks, New Autoreloading System, Italian Heavy Tank Tech Tree, 2.0 and New Interface.


What do you think?


  1. I actually had no idea they run the same event on the NA as well with 3 different commanders, more info here:
    But the usual, are you going to play for anyone and who is it?

    • Commander AF in NA

    • No Claus, no Sofilein, no Lemming, thats strange. OK its only NA but I was expect somebody more known people. Last year EU streamer helps each others. Skill wants to support his time his buddy Orzanel. I gues Mailand will support Daki because he help him alot on the last year on his team clash. Dez maybe pick up Circon and have fun 🙂

    • Yeah, three people I have never heard of, do not watch regularly, nor do I actually look forward to their content… aka NA gets boned again.

    • They can not even create a CORRECT VIDEO:

      In 2021 there was <- PAST TERMS? The YEAR JUST STARTED! They wanted to say "2020" but somebody fucked up at WG.. as USUAL.. They can not even create a correct MARKETING VIDEO.... what do those Idiots do in their Job you said?

    • I am going to go on Dakillzor’s team cause he is my fave

  2. i choose Dez last year, cause of his style was blue ;D
    now gonan do same, circon is blue. because killzor, if i remember correctly, is not as purple as i did thought he would be

  3. Yo Dez… would be nice if you support team Circon!
    I supported last year team Dezz, so would be fun if I can join you in the battle again
    Highfive: Capt.Coldnoob 🙂

  4. Circon 😎

  5. WTF. No Claus!!!????


  7. We really got cheated on the NA server. No CC’s at all. Pathetic.

  8. Wait a bit. Dez had czech subtitles at start of the WG team clash video??? Dez czech/slovak confirmed?

  9. For a sec I were hoping that the new commander system is coming. Any info about that?

    • Last info I saw was it was going to cost 750 gold to assign a commander to each of his tanks. Not sure anyone really knows but I doubt it will be implemented for the good of the game but for the good of WG’s bank account.

  10. Aahhhhh now I know…last year i only had like 400 battles and was a noob and i played with that wz and was like wtf what is this stupid shit -44.000 credits I’m never going to play this shit again but now….

  11. 7:28 aaah

    Remember, the meta is the team with most rentals is the losing team

  12. As a Polish player I’ll chose NewMulti2k as well. But Daki will win.

  13. Not interested in any of them to be honest. Now if it was Dez..

  14. so like always times to choose team are bad. wait a bit and join wining team gg

  15. SEa teams event disappointing as usual. A group of nobodies

  16. Are you finnish or estonian? Accent sounds like one of those haha

  17. First attempt: tank with worst accuracy

  18. **yawn** Some voice lines on a pretty bog standard ‘commander’ who will probably disappear when they ever get off their ass and implement ‘crew 2.0’.
    And a portrait that no one will ever see unless they’re used by streamers… 0.00000001% of the player base.

    70 fucking points per level and 10 levels… getting you, on average, 4 points per battle (if your team wins – which with WG’s shitty MM is seldom)… so that’s 700 points, about 200 battles(ish) if all are wins. At let’s say an average of 7 minutes per battle… 1400 minutes so almost 24 hours.
    And if you’re an average player, cut those wins in half, so you’ll be lucky to average 2 points per…

    Yeah, no, fuck a whole lot of that shit.

  19. NA Server tho….. just sad… to be honest.

  20. who cares, games is broken and not fun to play…

  21. Hmm this year i need to Chose more logicaly last year i choosed dez games And that was Mistake because they was on Third place this year i want a good 4perk comander

  22. Circon is going to be the choice hands down.

  23. Well this sucks on the NA server we get a chance at Cmdr_AF, TragicLoss, and CabMech who the hell are these people anyways? We on the NA server got SCREWED yet again!

  24. Any news on twitch peime packages?

  25. 70 points per stage give at least 140 battles won on top over 10 stages. Gets quite expensive for rentals. I’m out.

  26. I am interested in the camo >_>
    I hope the grind is manageable v_v
    I wish there was a sirFoch but he left this pay2win cancer game 🙁
    RIP Leop nerf lol

  27. This would be great if the game wouldn’t crash every 30 minutes…

  28. Vote for Dakillzor to win !

  29. NA server: reeeeeee, why no event for us???
    Asian server: first time?

  30. wheres NA Server? Can’t we support ?

  31. Sorry, disliked due to being on NA Server

  32. Daki’s fire voice should have been: “We’re on fire, somebody blow” lolol, would also kind of fit with Circon’s fire voice

  33. Poor NA server players…go move to EU server!!!

  34. Edit:Why not this time Epic Awesome Guys???

  35. I would like to participate however I expect that like last year the Asia server wasn’t included, they did run a similar event tigers vs Dragons where the commanders had the same skill level rewards but no special voices. Hope they do something like that again.

  36. I have DezNutz and want to get Hello Gamers Daki Commander 😀

  37. Oh boy, even mpte shitty garbage tuer God awful tier 10 content. Christ can they just do something at 1-9 for once. I don’t even care about the rental tier 10s, tier 10 itself just sucks all around.

  38. playbabe theBookShelf

    oh yo it also be host in Asia server but with 3 team,

  39. If they keep making event with Tier X vehicles, they should make all reward vehicle highest at Tier9.

  40. lol, if we do a poll on the forum and decide as all players to join the same team, everyone gets the best commander

  41. I ‘know’ 2 of them form just 2 videos or something, but I like circons style the most, so I’ll probably join circon.

  42. To be fair it will just be another event filled with try hard players yoloing for damage because WG told them to. Yet another reason to stay away from the game.

  43. If i listen to the camo, i would take multi, but i dont understand polish, so i have to listen to the only CC i know daki xD

  44. Seems like I’m going for Dakillzor. Hate to lend my ears to anyone using the f-word in every sentence, polish isn’t one of my languages and mumbling “pretend-to-be-americans” are hard to listen to.

  45. 18:50 Orzanel sounds like a guy from Henry Stickmin

  46. So 140-700 games (not including the points bonuses, 70 minimum including) in 7 vs 7 mode to get commander that have 1-5 maxed out skills based on the skillz of the chash team.
    No thanks

  47. Last year… I had 3 matches, 3 losses, quit. So much about positive. And golden shower is virtually required.
    This year they have the more toxic and arrogant youtubers.

  48. I played my full HE Foch 155 in true Dez fashion the previous team clash, not happening this time

  49. this doesnt even make me want to reinstall the game, it’s such trash.

  50. this whole event is impossible for pretty much 99% of the playerbase, how fun, i always love a game that puts all the rewards outside of your reach, and only the same hand full of players get anything ever, even though it’s us who keep the game running

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