New Spring Marathon LEAKED!? | More in World of Tanks Kampfpanzer 07 RH Review

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks New Spring Marathon Kampfpanzer 07 RH? World of Tanks Kampfpanzer 07 RH, Tier 8 Greman Premium Medium Tank Review. World of Tanks Update 1.13+ Patch News.
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Shout-out to my stream who pointed me towards one leak on the WoT Express where we can see information about the upcoming tank marathon the Kampfpanzer 07 RH. Keep in mind, I have not heard anything official about it from WG, but WoTExpress is usually correct about those things. Let’s take a look at that tank together, as we did it live, on the stream.

What do you think?

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– Kampfpanzr 07 RH, Tier 8 Medium Tank
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  1. For some I might be a day late, but better late than never! 😉 Mega shout-out to the *STREAM GANG* !
    Thanks for pointing that Leak out from the WoT Express about the marathon tank. Let’s keep in mind tho, we have not heard anything official from WG.
    Would you be happy with this tank as a marathon tank?

  2. The killdozer story is a sad one. I recommend reading about it.

  3. I will abuse this poor soul with my bourrasque

  4. I think this Tank will Suck with the poor shell velocity, boooo

  5. Butch E30 M3 s14

    Will be a good ELC/Borat/EBR rammer.

  6. This tank looks like a turd. Giant ass turret with almost no armor, low alpha, crap camo, standard pen isn’t good, etc.

  7. The Modelling News

    Another camping medium to sit on the red line….

  8. I see this tank in Battle last month. Somebody from INVIL play with it

  9. Ah, the frying pan above the stove tank. can’t wait to see how this tank performs.

  10. To low of alpha for me. DPM may be high but alpha is so low u gotta shoot some tanks 2 or 3 times to track them. First marathon tank I’m gonna pass on.

  11. That gun is like the E25 semi-auto machine gun. way too fast to reload. But it will also become an Artillery magnet.

  12. It’s like it’S designed to eat your silver because of the many shots needed due to the low alpha and the amount that miss because of the bad shell velocity 😃

  13. I just hate how hideous the Kpz 07 RH is. Looks like a canopener and that’s not a compliment

  14. It is basically a light tank with out the cammo bonus. Fast, maneuverable, ok power/weight with a gun that is more useful than most tier8 lights. you just don’t get the cammo on the move bonus…..

    So meh…. this one will depend on the grind. If it is 220,000 it might be worth it. If it is part of the escalating 265,000+ XP it will be a joke……. oh the days of getting a Prog46 for 168,000? … 🙁

  15. This should be TD….

  16. op turet

  17. Fuck, I hoped to be able to just buy this tank! I don’t wanna grind it :[

  18. General Vasily Badaev

    The new spring marathon sucks that german has no armor similar to the challenger

  19. Was really hoping the marathon was for the new Czech heavy but now they are just making crap tanks for marathons . 200 you will need to pen a maus 15 times and that is without low rolls and rng . sigh .

  20. You cant use this tanks dpm and here is why . They gave this tank awful shell velocity so you cant snipe . Dude this tank will die so fast up front . This is by far one of the worst tanks ever . This tank should have apcr as standard with high pen , good dispersion , and a great camo rating . It has a number of 4.79 of bloom of the reticle after firing that is crazy crazy bad 3.84 is considered really bad for example . So the aim time is useless wargaming wants you to play this tank as a brawler is so dumb . So get this a tier ten ARTY has 4.78 so this tank blooms more then arty after firing they REALLY DONT WANT YOU TO SNIPE IN THIS TANK GEEZ .

  21. Butter Apple Pie

    If it comes with 3D style, I open my wallet straight with a stupid face (with a 50 percent discount)

  22. André Jespersen

    Shell velocity is awful. I am sure people will have fun in a tank like this but it will die out fast this type of tank. we will see it played the first few weeks after people get it and then that´s its, dust collector in the garage 🙂

  23. Brandon Nolin-Allan

    Awesome preview DezGamez. Super informative and amazing effects to keep engagement as well. o7
    Happy Hunting my friend!

  24. This tank is lost opertunity … Put some german medium that is not a medium but looks in every way like a TD? We have enough german mediums no one care’s about(Kunze Panzer is one of them)

  25. Its different, so I like it 🙂

  26. Tank looks bloody weak and pointless. Get a Russian tank they make the best tanks Russian company will tell you that every time.

  27. Funny story – some guy in the midwest in the US actually built that killdozer when some elected officials in his town pissed him off and he drove it all over town fucking shit up. you can look up the video of the incident.

  28. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Yet another premium tank “to get” that will be balanced by wheeled vehicle-HE, Russian tanks with actual armour and arta.

  29. Dez pls dont use the word PEPEGA … that’s so lame 😉 You are one of the cool dudes!

  30. HE is looking has 320 alpha and 90mm pen with 3.7s rld? Thats crazy nice

  31. Hi Dez, it would be good that you said what is the shell velocity, or any number or thing that is a topic in your video. Remember your viewers on mobile phones. 🙂 Cheers!

  32. Does anyone know if that dispersion after firing will be a problem? It seems very high and considering you can get the reload down to 4 seconds that might actually mean you will have to wait for the aim between shots

  33. If the shell velocity was a bit higher it would be perfect.

  34. FOMO tank, just skip it…

  35. Michael Schäfer

    not another marathon. without me.

  36. Patata Caliente

    I think Wargaming’s plan for this tank is to be a hunter tank against light tanks, especially the EBR’s. They have noticed how op light tanks are in the right hands, but the have little room to maneouvre because the EBR 75 is a premium tank, so they are trying to address the problem by introding a tank that will be pretty good at countering them. I am looking forward to seeing this tank in the game, but I don’t think this will suffice to solve the problem, and besides, all these new fast tanks are just speeding up the game more and more, leading to ever shorter matches.

  37. Change my mind:

    Soviet tech tree should have wheeled vehicles such as BRDM-1 and BRDM-2.

  38. mrcannotfindaname

    150mm HE cannon will find this tank very very sweet.

  39. For me it will work the same as Comet, one tier higher, same playstyle

  40. Another trash

  41. Undercover Bush

    No armor , big AF and pew pew gun with trash shell speed……….One of the easiest passes of all time. Wont even bother to open the game

  42. Still waiting for meme review

  43. This tank
    Ia bad
    So bad it makes type 4 epic at tier 10

  44. I can’t play till the 4th on june , I’m doing exams

  45. So 60 means 30 to 40 top speed unless pimp out for speed only like the 1008 TD British tank.

  46. In the garage it says above the To Purchase button 4:18 that

    “Purchase unavailable: This vehicle can only be received as a reward for an achievement in the game”

  47. Dez could you do your tests with stock equipment? Most players only dream of Bond Equipment.

  48. killdozer havin 10 m viewrange … yeah that thing ad alround cameras installed …not quite as blind tbh

  49. german 1,5 seconds aiming time + german 0.34 accuracy :D. havent we already seen this before. hits precisely anywhere else than center of aim reticle after 3 seconds of aiming. realistic dpm you can divide by 2 😀

  50. If it has good gun handling it would play like STA, but much faster and less stealthier. I think there is high risk that this thing is unbalanced.

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