New STRV K, Asia Map, Battle Pass 2021 and Blueprint Exchange | World of Tanks News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks STRV K, New Swedish Preview. World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 4, New Reward Tanks K-91-PT and Kunze Panzer. World of Tanks New Asia Ravine and Blueprint Fragments Exchange. World of Tanks News.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:25 STRV K Preview
05:25 New Asia Ravine Preview
08:20 Battle Pass System and Rewards
13:30 New Reward Tanks Tokens
17:35 Blueprint Exchange
23:20 Conclusion

Information from:
► WG

Today I have one super packed news episode you featuring new tank, new map, battle pass 2021 season 4 and bluepritn exchange system… Lot to cover, so let’s straight into it!

What do you think!


  1. Happy friday, ladies and gentlemen, we did it!
    A lot of cover in todays video, let me know what about all of this and have a nice weekend! 😉

  2. Im so early you didnt finish the video

  3. Am I the only one seeing something different than a goat for the new map X)

  4. A 2.3 second aim time is not bad at all, especially since this only represents a 100% crew. If you want slow, try using my 121. Even with perks and bond equipment, it is still over 2.5 seconds…

  5. Only getting 150 universal blue prints on each season compared to compared to last season 636 universal blueprints

  6. Turret from Centurion 7/1 fit Emil II hull, wow o/

  7. WG: put a centurion turret on it and call it done
    me: 🤢🤮

  8. Pray for my pc guys cpu fan is failing and the heat sink could be damaged too

  9. WG greed is on full display in this season’s Battle Pass. I have 3 days of premium remaining after 4 years of carrying it nearly the entire time.
    As a good Shark would say… “And for that reason, I’m out”

  10. How many tanks we have already in the game with that turret and playstyle? So we have Carnarvon with the upgraded turret as tech tree and then premium: P:Victoria, Strv 81, Centurion 5/1. And another STRV K with the hull changed. The new Sherman of WoT

    • Well centurion was a very widely exported vehicle in reality. I’m hoping for the Vickers MBT, South African and Israeli versions of the Centurion 🙂

  11. wait they decreased the universal fragments so much wtff its like 4x times less than before

    • Had old notes available, last season with improved gave 616 universal blueprints. The new 150 regardless if getting improved. So 12.5 tier X blueprints worth. Just completely effed up that one in the new battle pass.

  12. but no bounty for f2p players this time ?

  13. Thank you Dez!

  14. STRV K That’s amazing, but why did the crew have to increase to five people

  15. Yea bounty equipment was just introduced and now its charged for pay to win.

  16. Time Wise I’m exchanging for the 1D & 3D prem, but not the 7D as having a busy schedule during weekdays it will just go into waste.

  17. I wonder if the STRV K was the hull test mock for the Karavagen, the turret was used as a dead weight to text the engine, suspension, transmission, etc.

  18. 2021 new map: hip bone

  19. Idk if you see it but this Nev map screenshots looking pretty same like on the eraised map hidden village 🤔

  20. Aim time does not affect firing on the move. It is the time taken to reduce your aim circle by one third

  21. battle pass the only moments i play because i cant play at t8 now if i dont have a premium account yeah other than the christmas event i have not play from the end of last battle pass

  22. After vagina map, we needed penis map… I see

  23. I like the goat map, not to open.

    I think that bounty equipment for people that pay for the pass is not a bad thing.
    But that i see only one piece of equipment in stat of two.
    That i do not like

  24. I usually buy the battle pass just to get the special commander but what’s the point now if tank crew 2.0 comes in

    • Kind of doubt it really comes. They are also currently testing the new “arty is firing at me” skill for example… If it comes, it will come in a year or so imho

  25. Overseer Haegemonia

    why t9 ?….. 😀 wg is dumb… 🙁

    • Tier 8 is very crowded and has bad matchmaking
      Tier 10 is the domain of Clan Wars OP vehicles.
      Tier 9 is the most fun to play currently with the best matchmaking

  26. WG meeting: Comrades! Let’s make a new glooooorious Swedish heavy tank!
    5 minutes later: Good job brothers and sisters! Now let’s go for some borscht and vodka, da?

  27. Can we have a moment for whatever the comment below is:

  28. Because WG is shit at map balance, mirror maps are welcomed imo. Mines is a great example; they’ve had like 8+ years to balance that shit lolol
    Pay2win cancer game
    Lolol 1 token = 100 bonds?!?! Not even worth my time to log in.
    Wtf, how many players actually have that many extra national fragments?!?!

  29. when we buy battlepass
    we taking normal battlepass and gold battlepass rewards or just gold battlepass rewards

    • Every game I’ve played they gave you both premium and free bp rewards if you bought the premium one. I would and wouldn’t be surprised at the same time if WG will just give the premium bp rewards for those who purchased it

  30. I smell a new Ranked Battle Reward

  31. New map hype.

  32. After blueprint Exchange still have 800 Universal bp

  33. Strv just means tank, like strv 122 is a leo 2

  34. So its a Swedish T34?

  35. Blueprint exchange is useless as I can’t turn national blueprints into something that is useful outside of that tech tree… Much ado about nothing. Or maybe it’s just a sink to deplete blueprints before an expansion to the game.

  36. Looks cool. Let’s call at FranKy. I like it.

  37. for bounty equipment im free 2 pay and i didnt mind if pay2win player got 2 pieces while i got 1 !! i actually liked it that way !
    now i get nothing and pay 2 win gets 2.5 % better tanks than me
    i also wanted to exchange useless tech tree blueprints to something that i can use
    universal blueprints are the most useful and wg wants us to exchange them for stupid stuff !!!

  38. I like to eat potatoes, I usually find them in my team.

  39. I think the new map looks like a rabbit in the middle 😉

  40. The name (or the rest of the tank) has nothing to do with tank destroyers. Stridsvagn literally just means tank, like Strv 103 is literally “Tank 103”. And speaking of Strv 103, it was a main battle tank, not a tank destroyer.

  41. This battle pass sucks If it will be implemented in the game then I simply won’t bother grinding this

  42. Why they dont add a subscription service already?

  43. They’ve reduced the amount of free stuff f2p players can access from equipment to research fragments and other benefits. This is very much, small though the difference may be, is pay to win and in the cases of the new premium tanks, pay for early access because of the restricted amount of tokens a player can earn. I enjoy this game but some of these new changes are very unfriendly to new and f2p players

  44. Chromium Photography

    Is there a time period for each chapter of Season 4? Chapter 1 March 15 then have to wait until April 15 for Chapter 2, or can you go through at your own pace?

  45. We really need new maps badly

  46. Krisztián Kőkuti

    WG is full of shit. Always have to make the game P2W somehow. Fucking up BP what used to be a somewhat balanced system

  47. pay2win is prevelent in every aspect of the game:
    xp conversion, crew re-training, without premium account its really difficult to make profit in games and stay competetive, sure with 1-2, t8 prem tanks its get alot easier to stay afloat with some credits,

    and when you think about it everygame there are some players who play budged mode, maybe even 2 digid crew %, and so on.
    dont be dick and start flaming..

  48. Well I looked at the blue print exchange and it’s another load of rubbish. No one in their right mind is going to exchange universal blue prints when the problem is all the national blue prints we have. Yes, you can exchange them for crew something else I have plenty of. On the plus I got a great skin for the IS3.

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