New SUPER CHAFFEE on The Way! | World of Tanks M24E2 Super Chaffee Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks M24E2 Super Chaffee, New 6 (Premium?) Light Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Big Tank Rebalance – E-100 Buff, IS-4 Buff, T110E5 Buff, Progetto 65 Nerf, Object Nerf, Wheeled Vehicles Nerfed. Pearl River and New Communication System 2.0. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch Review, Update 1.10 Test Server.

► Information: From WG

New kid on the block, this time from America with a “Super” tag – The M24E2 Super Chaffee. Let’s take a look what this 6 “most likely a premium tank” has to offer! 😉

What do you think?


  1. Trying to provide you news and information AS FAST AS POSSIBLE… This one is still oven fresh, so enjoy! 🔥
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    • This tank exist on the console version of the games in the form the rover stat are pretty much the same except for the 70 kph top speed if you see this dez go check it it out I think the rover version has been in the game since 2018 not sure though

  2. Is slower than the typ64, has worse view range and DPM, this better be free or at least reworked a little bit

  3. I smell here t37 but its premium, think it will be something like t50-2

  4. 2:36 it looks similar to T37 light tank..

  5. Matthijs van Duin

    nice a new T-37 skin

  6. Wilberto Dapapac

    This redundant premium is just a waste of money. Why not just play the T37?

  7. I wouldn’t mind having one of these… for free

  8. same shit as super hellcat

  9. Wot meme Review please dez

  10. Why is dez comparing it to the normal chaffee ? Did he just forget the t37 exists???

    • because he doesn’t care about lower tier tanks

    • @danam0228 LOL t37 is a tier 6 tank while the old chafee is tier 5…. SUper chafee will be tier 6 probably as reward tank.

    • @M Circuits I know that. I was just respomding to Ben’s question by pointing out that Dez doesn’t care about lower tier tanks. Dez has said himself that he doesn’t care about lower tier tanks when asked to review some lower tier tanks that were changed when the tech trees were changed. This is why I think he didn’t do much of a comparison in this video.

  11. SuperPersing, SuperHellcat, Super Chaffee… I can see a patern here

  12. Will be the same thing as t50-2 i think

  13. Super Chaffee, so its the old Chaffee with the upgraded Turret bumped up a Tier, hmm

  14. it’s super, because it will get the premium status…

  15. Никола Миклић

    Prob reward tank because T37 has slightly better stats…

  16. Chaffee and T37 were my first tier 5 and 6, imma totally get that


  18. what is so super about this tank? you ask, wel its going to be a premium so its super in the way of “no model making time and cost” because it already exist, fast easy no effort premium added to WoT, so in WG point of view this is totally a SUPER tank easy cash grab CEO needs a new boat or new vacation villa!! you know people are going to buy that sh!t anyways. p^fff WoT gone to sh!t.

    • When you have an AMERICAN know what to do…Hibernate them on your garage. Thanks to Object series..and those wheeled tanks too. LOL

  19. I expect this to be a free tank for the 10 years of WoT.

  20. LOL…put a turbo on every LT with no wheels..pathetic tweaks..

  21. Just give us back the old chaffee, before the heavy nerfs introduced when tier 10 scouts were added?

  22. MINH lê trần thiện

    WoT gotta be joking us. This is how chaffee look like before it was remade. And now they bring this old model back and name it SUPER. LOL

  23. My fav. Word: In a nutshell 😂
    I’m Not English and think that it doesent make any sense… 😅

  24. It has the same amount of ‘super’ as the Super Hellcat.

    peace (from the UK)

  25. T37????

  26. I just want m41’s auto-load come back….

  27. How you ask? Copy past and make the tank stock with a cool name dir the mupets and selling it. Big Brian time

  28. Cookiemaster Hamburger

    give it it’s 6 autoloader back for goodness sake’s

  29. wow said noone ever…

  30. i feel like this and the other newer “super” tank the hellcat are both really meh. imo the only good “super” tanks in the game are the sconq and super pershing

  31. Wtf man i just sold the t37 because it sucks

  32. Paranat Prapasanobol

    I’m waiting for super elc amx

  33. Perhaps it is a tank that we will all get for the fifth stage of 10th anniversary? It would be cool… but I’d still prefer getting the Aufklarungspanzerpanther…

  34. It should be called (T37+M24)/2

  35. WG: feck we ran out premium tanks to sell guys what tank should we make
    That one random employee: how about we sell t37 but premium
    WG: great thinking , more money for us

  36. A new premium tank? I dont like the stats, seems underpowered.

  37. When do we get “Super Stalin”?

  38. Like for that “stay sexy” 🙂

  39. Me: WG make a tank that obliterates EBRs. WG: No

  40. ‘Super’? Underwhelmed tbh
    I’d use it as a freebie, but no way would I buy it

  41. It smells like a “reward” for the “big” 10 year anniversary event

  42. so its a t37 but now i have to pay for it…

  43. I feel like I have an obligation to buy the SUPER Chaffee because that little tier 5 devil was my first ever 3 mark on my account

  44. Adding something to a tank and then selling it as a “new” tank is so common. ISU-152K, IS-6B, IS-3A, E75 TS .. please continue the list for me if you know another one

  45. Next:
    Super Pershing (wait…),
    Super Patton (1000 alpha),
    Super M4 (T92 HMC mounted gun)
    Super T29 (500mm turret)
    Super T95 (6 tracks, 10 shells autoreloader)

  46. Thank you for your videos dez . You are my ONLY source for wot news, and for that I salute sir o7

  47. Super Chaffee… how lazy can WG be ?

  48. WG: we have improved it’s rate of fire and increased the ammo capacity, but kept the dipersion at 0,44 and increased the aiming time, so you can miss more shots and pay an higher bill per game. Dollars per game matters.

  49. I am gonna wait for the super super conqueror thought 😂

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