new super sweaty British player line up

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Source: PhlyDaily

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new super sweaty player line up

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  1. Phlee: ”Haven’t been spotted yet, which is a good thing”

    Maus: ”I’m about to end this man’s whole career”

  2. BaTtLeFiElD ThReELMG

    I don’t understand all your packet loss. Literally experienced maybe twice in over 4 years of playing and im sure you have comparable or better hardware then I do. Is there different server locations? playing from west coast and I am 99.9% of the time at 1% loss with around 80-130 ping.

  3. Right on, exact line up I’ve been running for awhile now and it works well.

  4. :)))) 19:56 it was me with leopard 1. i remember i butchered your team, 6 kills 0 death until you killed me. was a nice game

  5. AnnihilationOnNation

    Play the su-100y its been over a year. Stalin does not approve. Attempt #31

  6. I have a challenge for you play in an ASU. 57 and a pe8 for air support good luck my man

  7. A Random Red Army Komrade

    PHLY YOU HAVEN”T MADE A VIDEO ON THE CANNON CHAIKA (i-153p) or at least i can’t find it

  8. My answer to everything:

  9. If it doesn’t work try, try again, so your failure is statistically significant….

  10. Phly the unphlown I-16 type 10 with historical information please.

  11. Balance at its finest

  12. I am the assist king with british tanks!

  13. Love that line up. One of my favorites now.

  14. Phly,please play Panzer IV H,the best vehicle on War Thunder
    Attempt #176

  15. This lineup offends me as a 6.7 German tank RB main

  16. Bernardo Maffessoni

    There is something (one of many) in wt, that i hate. Playing ww2 veichles against cold war stuff

  17. And you forgot every single one is 2 plane stabilized.

  18. 8:55 Niet comrade, no biscuit for you!

  19. I just don’t have the eyesight for this game.

  20. The sweaty brothers

  21. Phly : They fear me

    Enemy player : shoots “ fly dead “

  22. Play the striker again 😀

  23. So, as a person who hasn’t played in nearly a year, what’s the red box inside of a white circle with a countdown from what looks like 100, when you get shot?

  24. Tgen theres the germans 7.3 totally usless tanks a 22lr can kill it explains why i never really see leoperds 1 or a1a1


  26. Phlydaily in 7.3vr about your tank is good or armor thicker

  27. What’s Packet Loss in WarThunder ?

  28. LitlBlackDragonNinja

    That wasn’t Packet loss, it was Gaijin’s hand that moved you out of harm’s way!

  29. psychologically unstable 2

    Me: *takes a break from war thunder for a few months*

    War thunder: Packet loss.

  30. I wish I would normally have only about 4% pl

  31. When you want to have fun, but Germany says: No.

  32. What’s the deal with your internet?

  33. Imagine as a Tank driver on SPAA and your gunner suddenly saying “13:32” at enemy planes

  34. Phly, take out the valentine mk 1 and the Wellington mk 1c

  35. Anyone got the song sauce?

  36. A cup of tea Pheel. 🙂

  37. Phly ASU 57 has NVG play it please

  38. Fox nfl theme is the best sports theme song of all time: change my mind

  39. As much as I hate how Grindy WT is, at least it has godtier ping and packet loss compensation.

  40. dat dancin shark was great.

  41. And that’s practically THE END OF BRITISH GROUND TREE. Everything what goes after it is basically trash … maybe except Sho’t Kal Dalet.

  42. A super sweaty but super boring. I’ve tried to play the Brits so many times, but it is a very good sleeping pill. The only think i like is to play the chieftain mk 10 and the warrior, also Sherman Firefly.. the rest is kinda..,. zzZzzZz

  43. I wish i could get your emblem but I play through steam and although I use the link on steam I don’t get the emblem.

  44. they fucked the german line ups so bad

  45. Phly what s your graphics settings, please?

  46. Hey Phlydaily can you play on Sherman firefly or Avenger? (please?)


  48. In never going to forget the fact phly was going to say Ho-Ri shit as he died to a Ho-Ri

  49. Hello from France !

  50. Tanks with stabilizers vs tanks having a few. Amazing.

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