NEW T-34M-54, M-VI-Y, AMBT, AP AMX 30 | World of Tanks New Tanks – Patch 1.15+

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Source: DezGamez

T-34M-54, New Tier 7 Tank. World of Tanks AMBT, New Tier 8 Premium . World of Tanks AltProto AMX 30, Tier 8 Premium French Medium Tank. World of Tanks M-VI-Y, Tier 9 American Yoh Tank. World of Tanks New Premium Tanks and Yoh Tech Tree Branch. World of Tanks 1.15+ Patch .

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:45 T-34M-54
04:07 AMBT
05:20 M-VI-Y
08:27 A.P. AMX 30
11:15 Conclusion

Information from:
– WG

Today let's talk about 2 upcoming tanks, which both come from America. One is a tech tree tank, M-III-Y and the other one most likely a premium medium tank. AMBT is like the American version of the Progetto 46.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. WG’s tank printer is doing overtime, printing new tanks out like crazy!
    Today let’s take a look at 4 of them, but 2 have been on the channel before + gameplay with the newest marathon tank.
    I wish you merry merry weekend, stay awesome and catch you soon!

  2. Thanks to our red arrow news anchor o7

  3. Unfortualy my pc die so no marathon for me

  4. i cant wait for the yoh tanks bin grind a tank i not happy with to get exp for it great video

  5. The t-34m-54 looks like a modified version of the bulgarian t-34-62. It was another experimental tank attempting to further modernize the t-34 whether out of wanting a cheap tank or necessity I don’t remember. It’s a heavily modified t-34 chassis with a t-62a turret. The forward part hull was made very box like to accommodate the wide turret, which would just be put in place. Ultimately though it became a one of a kind static fortification because the turret took up so much room in the tank that there was no room for an engine. Pictures of the tank can be found on google. Whatever changes wg makes, hopefully the fix connection issues an don’t make them worse like 1.14 did. I’m still having problems from that.

    • it was NEVER meant to be a tank in Bulgarian service…it was literally meant only as a cheap Border defense gun, same story with the various Panzers re-armed with soviet guns

    • @Thesketchydude 13 Well, the artilleries in the game weren’t supposed to fight against tanks, but here we are

  6. STRV is AMBT.That is Amphibious Main Battle Tank

  7. Best opening line of any YouTube video ever.

  8. WG needs money from us.. all the time…

  9. I’m excited for more T-34s tbh. I’ve loved just about every one in the game so far lol, kinda like the M4. I have all but 2 of the M4s in the game

  10. Congratulation for not playing this game. I stoped too after 7years and i dont miss it. I requested acc delete.

  11. It is just another better amx cdc

  12. Men actually i would like to have it, it seems to be a tank that i would like to play… but i’m so tired of this game…. really men i can only find frustration in it. There is any thing balanced in it not the maps not the tanks anything… It can’t deliver any joy or fun for me any more… i remember the time that a Marathon would make me extremely motivated to play, and my problem was allways to find the time to do it… Right now i am on vacations and i will be on vacations thru the entire marathon…. i played today 12 games and got only 3-15 simulators all over the place… Men i play this game for allmoust a decade and i never felt so many frustration in it. I have allready decided to skip this marathon. I dont get any fun from this game any more.. only frustration and more frustration. My favorit class is completly fuked up by WG’s HE compleat annihilation. Now Light tanks are just very bad mediums… even the fun that i got playing some derp gun tanks was completly destroyed…. Goodbey KV-2, T-49, Hetzer and others… like M4A1 ho boy if you dont get paper tanks to shoot at…. that HEAT is useless to many tanks that can be mached against it and the HE is no better then that…. Wellcome to the World of Heavy Hull down Monsters!! Were you will have to heavilly pay to have fun. And now those pesky field mods…. ho boy if before you had little chance against a competent higher tier player, now its fkng impossible even for a less competent ones…. now imagine how new players are grinding thru mid tiers ( tier VI and higer) mached against higer tier fully modified premium tanks… Today i got in a mach with 3 Object 279e’s in the enemy team and my team got a platoon of 3 50B’s… in Prokhorovka map and i was in my complete stock Mauschen… well you can imagine how that went… I really am tired of this. Wg only wants that milk the player base as hard as they can… at least they are being generous on those well “deserved rewards”… they are only making me remember the good old days of fun that i had in the past…
    PS: LOL by the way in 4 tanks we get 3 light tanks and hellcat my very 1st tier 6 tank in this game. back then the fastest mid tier tank of the game… i had so much fun with light tanks, AMX 13’s, good old chaffee and ELC AMX… and the 10 shot autoloader monster bulldog… ho boy… i can confidently say that the only good thing that came with the high tier light tank’s intruduction were AMX 13’s 4 shot autoloaders, not that the 6 shot were bad but i prefer the 4 shot and that was the only good thing that light tanks got from that day forward in to present day…. period!!!

  13. The AMBT is just looks like Merkava

  14. Do you think we going to get any new tanks for X-mass boxes ?.

  15. 10:07 Ultra instinct activated

  16. Something u forget to say mr Dez is the shell cost 1k, so… isn’t cheap i would say it doesn’t farm very well if u had a bad game

  17. I stopped playing in Sept and I don’t miss it at all. This is first video about Tanks I watched in 3 months too. Sorry Dez but I see no reason to watch your videos when I dont play anymore, see ya

  18. T-34 as a Tier X?
    TD’s: Juicy

  19. why is your sights always closed??!!!

  20. Who else remembers old school t-34-85 with 100mm

  21. Same here. I go back to beta and haven’t played Jan. Not the first break in 11 yrs but the longest.


  23. lol, they can just add the real Soviet T-34-100 and give it LB-1 lower pen ammunition :/

  24. 3sec/0.39 HAHAH

  25. Same. Been around nearly 8 years and find the game tedious now. Used to play 3 or 4 hours at a time. Now I’ll go weeks at a time without playing.

  26. Hi Dez, that AP tank please give your conclusion 3 or 6 months later. New tanks new games, always top notch. Bait and Switch.

  27. Thank you for the insight and advice.

  28. This tank in the back ground looks stupid. Why do they keep making these retarded skins?

  29. The only way I’ll get a premium tank is with bonds, credits or WG gives it to me. I’m not spending on more dime on this game. Time yes, money no!

  30. I remain disappointed that the AltProto AMX 30 wasn’t used to revive the French medium tank tech tree line, along with bringing the AMX 30 1er and AMX 30 B back out of collector tab obscurity.

  31. I will be getting 100% discount!

  32. T34
    T34 85
    T34 85m
    Type t34
    T34 2
    T34-2 gft
    T34(american heavy)

  33. RNG works perfectly in a new released tank. After a month, you won’t recognize the tank anymore 🙂 Gun is not accurate anymore, armor is not bouncing shots like it did earlyer and so on. Is just the marketing thing to push up the sales.
    They are releasing new tanks but not fixing the match-maker and not fixing the maps issues. Nerfed the HE shells, destroyed the artys to a point where only few people play it for missions and not fixing the EBR problems.
    EVERYTHING for money.
    I am waiting to see the crates for Christmas 😉

    • Usually my Skorpion has a potato launcher but a few days ago it had the accuracy of a Russian medium. What was different? Why did they hit the centre that day?

  34. i clearly see an chinese flag behind the t-34M-54, so i think this will be a chinese premium not an russian

  35. T-34 122…

    yes. it actually exist 😛 (with howitzer gun)

  36. flying tanks… INCOMING

  37. Amazing how your English kept on improving over the years!

  38. ez 100 % discount from day 1

  39. The T34M 54 os basically a better t43

  40. AMBT 100% going to be in the christmas boxes.

  41. Enlarged. Enlarged was the word you were looking for there.

  42. a t34 with a t44 turret but with same gun ? what !!!
    you upgrade the turret and hull to fit better gun not the same gun

  43. That background music is sometimes annoying and its better without it (in my opinion of course)

  44. T-34: exists
    WG: it’s free real estate

    players: so how many T-34s are you gonna release?
    WG: yes

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