New T110E5 Gets Serious DPM | World of Tanks T110E5 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T110E5 Buffs / Rework / Rebalance.World of Tanks Update 1. Big Tank Rebalance – E-100 Buff, IS-4 Buff, T110E5 Buff, Nerf, Object 430U Nerf, Nerfed. World of Tanks New Map Pearl River and New Battle Communication System 2.0. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020.
► World of Tanks Update 1. Patch Notes:

The Captain American, T110E5 is finally receiving the long-awaited buff, much needed love from WG… But is this enough? Buffing it’s DPM and gun handling is definitely nice, brings up the output, but should there be more?

What do you think?


  1. One of my old favorites is received some love from WG, DPM gets some serious buffs.
    What do you think about this now?

  2. S.Conq, what a total utter bastard

  3. Might be the best gun in the game or very near Leo.

    • Dominik Zetakovic

      Hhahahahah no.

    • @Dominik Zetakovic Lol you havent played it on test server then. Its absolutely incredible. I cant think of a heavy with better gun handling. I’ll take this gun over my S.Conq or Cheiftain 365 days out of the year.

    • Dominik Zetakovic

      @SFlaSnake Yes i played it I think its close for s.c gun but all other is yust shit.

    • @Dominik Zetakovic My S.Conq trolls me too much =( I really felt like E5 handling was amazing.

    • Dominik Zetakovic

      @SFlaSnake S.c trols u hahahah Im hiting everything there is not so bih digrence betwen these to gun handaling but defrence is e5 is shit.

  4. Dominik Zetakovic

    Ahaha u are crazy e5 is not even close to s.c it is still second worst heavy tank i game. And its not going to dominate tier 8 and 9 cuz arty and tank destroyers are going to bang u without even asking your name. Its paper tank with some ok dpm nothing more than that.

  5. Hey dey do you think Jpz E-100 should get similar buff to E-100?

    • I think jpz is okay

    • @anwar daud then definitely you dont own it

    • @Resko875 Yeah, the JPZ has to be one of the worst tier 10s in the game. Slow, no meaningful armor, terrible gun handling and angles, turret-less, inaccurate. The E3 is better in almost every way, and is a smaller target. Overall the JPZ is probably the best tier 10 you could run into in a lower tier vehicle, as all you need to do is track it once and then get behind it and you’ve one.

    • Don’t think it needs one, it’s got good armor for baiting shells, you are the e100 turret

  6. absent-minded goldfish

    players like that skunkeror are what makes me hesitate about reinstalling the game

  7. still if E5 have to wigle more it should have better gun handling in gun especialy hidden stats then S.Conq

  8. Of all the buffed heavies is4 and e75 are the strongest because of the buffs. E75 has more frontal turret armor than e100 in raw thickness and is4 can no longer get overmatched

  9. OK… Wow, that Super Conqueror.

  10. About this S.Conqueror @ 1:00. In Poland we tell people like him “Zdychaj k*rwo w męczarniach” and i think it is beautiful.

  11. 0:58 Big brian Genus! What a play!

  12. I think it’s still not good enough because that tumor cupolla make me sick 🙁

  13. everything subject to Chains of course.

  14. e5 really
    they brok it already and they are fixing mistakes when its unpopulair anymore wow wrg

  15. I still think the addition of Super Conq was completely braindead stupid. Where’s the Chieftain?

    That, and the making Tier 9 Conq’s stock turret unable to take the 120mm gun that it was designed for, forcing you to use the fake spaced armour turret. I don’t know if they fixed it since I last played, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they haven’t.

  16. Wats up Dez
    Will you make videos about the buffed IS-4 or E100?

  17. Love ur vid
    Can’t wait to see the upgrade on this tank

  18. All this tank needs was a damn cupolla modification , but no. So fk it.

  19. Snoobz1986 Snoobz1944

    They can buff the heavys 24/7 as long as the clickers dont get nerft and the ebr is fucking bullshit get ebr with max crew perks premium food and bounty equipment is simply INSANE why would anyone would like to play other tanks then the ebr is simply the best

  20. 0:46 I hate those players

  21. bjorn van der hoop

    Hey Dez, make a review of my tank the is-4 when buffed. When it’s is buffed you won’t be laughing at me. Haahah

    Greetings from,

    DUTCH GAMER!!!!!

  22. I took a break from WOT.
    Been playing Sea Of Thieves ( would like seeing my fav CC playing that…wink wink )


  24. i played only one battle with E5 and i aced it… that was my FIRST EVER game with E5 5k dmg some dmg blocked i dont remember and 2k assist aaaaaaaaaaaand
    i used 6 Heat only (i had 18 in backup but anyway iam not a gold spammer )
    😀 (i dont have the replay :”( sadly )

  25. That super conq just proves removing team dmg didnt fix team kills…they can still push you into incoming fire and prevent you from backing up…

  26. This tank just became a medium-heavy tank hybrid

  27. Yo dez, quick question. Why do you have estonian flags all over your tank? A) you are estonian B) you like the look of it C) you are associated with estonia smh

  28. Well the E5 finally might not be ass anymore but that still doesn’t really help that even with the “buffs” the T32 and M103 are going to be total aids to grind though. The T32 is still going to have almost comically bad pen for a tier 8 heavy and the M103 is still going to have a massive fucking turret roof that every 120mm gun will overmatch with ease. None of the “buffs” did anything to make those tanks leading up to the E5 feel worth playing or worthwhile. This is even more infuriating for people having to suffer and slog through the T32 seeing as the buffs the KV4 and Tiger 2 got actually DRASTICALLY improve how those tanks play while the T32 just gets fucking shit on again by the inept clowns at WGing. God fucking forbid they give the T32 usable base pen on it’s gun but no, Just more “LOL fuck you for playing this better load gold or do no damage!” from the vodka swilling clown car show that is WGing’s dev team.

  29. Sry not good inuff still crap penetraion still crap armor

  30. Papa-Ninja-Potato

    Come ooon maaan, why you had to include that super conq pushing scene in the video. Now i am so fucking pissed…

  31. WG in the future: “It’s too good now, let’s nerf it again”

  32. Running2 StandStill

    i luv this tank no matter what 🙂

  33. guess no further why 5 min battles so often!

  34. Honestly I still feel like the T110E5 needs more buffs before I even consider playing it. It STILL has worse DPM than the super conq, it STILL has worse accuracy, it STILL has only 8 degrees of gun depression, and it STILL has a horrific weak point on top. Game balancing by war gaming these days is blowing my mind

  35. when is 1.10 coming out

  36. Still not worth buying back sure I can bounce my shots faster on the enemy hull down and the enemy can pen me even if I wiggle lol

  37. That Super Conqueror. When a new player plays the test server.

  38. That super conq. What a jerk

  39. But this toilet on turret is still big

  40. Sure, E5 is better then before, but still worse then S.Conq in every way…

  41. Sconq is super slow vs E5. E5 with near sconq dpm will be par to 277 when it comes to Rush strategy in clan wars.

  42. Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo

    Arties are very very frustrating with their stun. But the behavior of S.Conqu just makes me crazy i want to destroy my keyboard when it happens.

  43. 113 look even worse now. WG do balance patches too late, and we have to wait WAY to long. Next in line shoudl be China 113, china TD, top ones, German pz 7 line, Soviet t62a, AMX 30b etc. We wait way too long for those kind of patches

  44. 0:45 Yes, teammate from hell (who then got what he deserved). Nice to see the E5 get some love. I will be taking mine out now, and dusting off the cobwebs that she has acquired over the past months.

  45. Wow you got one of my teamates


  46. It has the same speed as the sconq and the same gun as well. But the sconq hull is weak and its lower plate is way easier to penetrate, which, in my eyes, compensate for the cancerous tumor on the top of E5’s head. E5 without this weak spot would be so godamn op it’s crazy. I like these changes. Very nice update.

  47. that super conqueror was smart enough to get killed by enemy

  48. Everyone: make the commander hatch smaller
    WG: makes invisible changes to hull armor which was already pretty decent

  49. Nice that WG is buffing the gun stats, but the main problem is the E5 gigantic weak tumor. T32 penetration buf is to low on it’s 105 mm gun.

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