NEW T34 TANK American MONSTER (War Thunder 1.67 Update)

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War Thunder American T34 Tank info –


  1. I think people will be disappointed by this tank. The solid shot won’t pen the front slope of the Tiger II H, so you are stuck to shooting the turret cheeks. It will cause less damage than the T13 from the T29 and the M82 from the T32.

    The T30 had a much lower velocity than the T29 or T34.

  2. Was wondering when they would add this tank haha now all i need is help for the american tech tree 🙁

  3. … really ? …. *gonna go back to US and grind for it xaxaxa)))*

  4. add da gaddamn kv series gaijin

    need kv3,4,5 st 1

  5. Its Going To Be 7.3

  6. Just a look at it, I knew the germans are doomed now.

  7. T95e6 needs to come

  8. if they are gunna ad the t30 they need to add the jagdtiger-e100 with it’s 170mm cannon

  9. lets hope for the Tiger 3

  10. jgp e100 must in this game

  11. I just see it as a new target to one shot with my Jagdtiger

  12. Quazsession Session


  13. I have killed a tiger h1, a tiger 1e and close to killing a tiger 2 just with my tier 2 panzer 4 f2 I’m just a badass tanker.

  14. Guess i’m not playing my tiger 2’s anymore

  15. Phly….. for fuck sake dude…….. epic fail…… comparing the muzzle velocity of an hvap and apcbc is just….. stop dude…… According to your good friend Wiki on the topic of t29, it says the gun could achieve 960m/s with a solid shot weighing 23kg. In the page of 12.8cm pak 44 it says the gun could achieve 950m/s with an apcbc round weighing 28.3kg when it is performing its anti tank duty. Seems pretty comparable to me…… Well….. Gajin did give the german gun a slower muzzle velocity in game…. Who knows ??

  16. *smiles evilly* hehehehehuhuhuhuHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. Oddly the 155 mm gun had terrible penetration. Not even close to be good for a heavy tank.

  18. Do the German Experimentals, Maus and Ho 229. Attempt #1.

  19. lol T29 > tiger 2 now they gotta add T34 ?? what the fuck?

  20. The technical BOOMSTICK

    They should add the 120mm gun for the T95

  21. The technical BOOMSTICK

    This is what War Thunder does when they get the discounted Hunicutt books that Wargaming is selling…..

  22. Phly there us a difference between having a challenge and being a slaughter like when you are in a Tiger 1 and you have to fight T29s or in a Maus fighting IT-1s.

  23. I want this tank. I am so sick of going up against King Tigers and not being able to do anything to them. The Super Pershing shouldn’t be a 6.7. It makes no sense. It fails in comparison to the King Tiger or T29. I haven’t played the T32 so I don’t know what it’s like, but nobody is scared of it like the King Tiger or T29.

  24. any american tank looks so so stupid

  25. #attemp 2. take the m56 and F7F tiger cat. Murica combo

  26. Seriously, I hear Final Frontier everywhere.

  27. Personally, I think Americans need a better low-mid tier heavy tank in the form of the M6A2E1. It could be placed right after the Sherman Jumbo with the 76.

  28. I just hear people whining because they can’t accept that the US designed a REALLY good tank, but didn’t want to ship them ALL OVER THE WORLD. If Gaijin wants to end the whining about the heavy tank (or bomber) spam, they need to limit the number of heavy tanks per match (same with bombers).

  29. Make a video om the upcoming B-10 bomber pleeease

  30. They didn’t already have this in the game?? I would’ve thought so tbh.

  31. HAHA! the tables have turned German tankers! the tables have turned!

  32. OHHH YES a new american heavy

  33. This thing has to be at least at 7.0

  34. I hope they dont add aphe-variant shell for this tank then

  35. Kristian čolak-barać


  36. Omg I can’t wait

  37. They need to add a E-100 with the 150mm gun

  38. No way it’s a 6.7, it’ll be a 7.0 or 7.3 no way it’ll be fighting tiger 1s

  39. I bet it will have the same B.R as the King Tiger 10.5cm which is pretty balanced. But I also bet it will have a not so good-not so bad turret rotation.

  40. I hope the ones who got the T29 wont rage to much

  41. HELL YES!!!

  42. Phly, i want u to take out the hunter f1 and the tetrarch mk 1

    plz vote for mee.

  43. I have the feeling this thing is going to be another Super Pershing style glass cannon disappointment but hey, hype, hype, hype right?

  44. yay another front turret plate that can’t even be penetrated by the dick of our savior jesus christ

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