NEW TANK in 199 Seconds | All you need to know about Type 5 Ka-Ri

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Type 5 Ka-Ri, New Japanese Tank Destroyer – First Japanese Tank Destroyer in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Shamrock Days Are Coming, Loot Box Event.

So this our newest tier 8 tank destroyer in the game, first Japanese tank destroyer Type 5 Ka-Ri. worth it? Well, here is a quick 199 second review of the tank.

What do you think?


  1. First ? ✌️

  2. Firstly they need to get their sh1t straight.

    Nothing works :V

  3. thanks! now I know!

  4. just a jagdtiger hybrid with higher pen values, I see nothing special

  5. Ah so its Jagdtiger

  6. Doesn’t look very special… Besides being new…

  7. Looks like an oke tank. Glad that wg didn’t gave it ridiculous armor like the viper. Still not worth it.

  8. Wot is dead… Sadly but truthfully we all know that..

    • I’ve been meeting this type of comment for the last 10 years or so. Weirdly it’s still not dead yet despite of thousands of claims

    • @zeroyuKING no no.. I play from beta 2009 and first 6..7 years full ok game next 2 omg last few wot gfys… It’s my opinion…

    • @zeroyuKING one more thing few days ago I see guy sell clan ?? WTF dude

    • @david Biga Selling clan has been around since a long time, nothing new

      For real though, obviously WoT is not in peak number anymore but many other online games would kill go get WoT’s current DAU. Let’s not exaggerate stuffs

    • @zeroyuKING agree… What’s true it’s true.. Wish you all best dude

  9. It’s not op so no one is gonna care about it. It’s just a normal jagdtiger but as a japanese premium

    • I would love to have it as I want to grind the new line. However, fuck wargaming for putting it in boxes. I’d have bought it from the premium store.

  10. 10 sec reload 500 alpha damage with standard ammo. I.e 3000 damage per min.

    • @Shri If you refer to the Dpm as “op”, half of the whole TD tanks on tier 8 have higher Dpm than the Ka-Ri. I find this tank quite balanced, simply because it is forced into sniping by not having good armor.

    • @PhilippdF take a chill pill. Its op And broken like other premium and not all tier 8 or even 9 TD does 500 damage with standard ammo. I rest my case.

    • ​@ShriI’d rather use a Jagdpanther II over this…

      500 alpha is nothing special to br fair. Other similar calibered guns can match the Ka-Ri. Plus, look at the 152k and ISU line…

      I’d fear a WZ 111-1 FT over this. The Ka-Ri is just a Jagdpather II with slightly higher alpha and accuracy soft stats. Pretty average tank otherwise…

    • and dont forget the 1.8 seconds aim time !!! thats grille aim time !!!!

    • @fouzai alaa 1.92 seconds aim time to get to 0.33 despersion… Yeeeah, thats pretty good, but not nearly Grille level

  11. Thanks for that

  12. I got 50 boxes. I received the Ka-Ri, the 59-Patton (that’s one ugly tank), and the Forest Spirit. All in all, I think my $50 was well spent.

  13. so it’s sort of a tier-8 JgTig?

  14. In one word, Glasscannon

  15. I like this type of videos ! Very smart idea too to share all the general info people want to know of a single tank in a short form video. Thumbs up !

  16. Just go grind a t8 tank and buy jp2 from collector tank store way better than this shit

  17. I still love my SU-130pm as a premium T8 TD

  18. In my opinion it’s a great new premium tank because it looks like it is balanced.

  19. this tank is LITEALLY jagdpanther II with 10 more alpha???? But wayyy slower and 100 more hp.

  20. Hey 😊🙋

  21. Am I seeing a hyped premium reskined japanese Jagdpanther II?

  22. Pass for me.

  23. Which we would have the Japanese Na-Ta tank destroyer added. Russian line is just ridiculous

  24. Love those short videos 😍

  25. Pass in a wide circle

  26. 50box not kari, only 59 patton, i hate wh

  27. Garanteed to be in next xmas boxes lol

  28. [LOGO] [UP] [UP] [LOGO]
    worked for me

  29. I got the Ka Ri in my first 25 boxes.

  30. 18th box and got it ^^

  31. _CePblu_KaPDuHaJl_

    All you need to know.
    It’s not worth it 😕

  32. All we need to know WG SAID “the tank deflect shells” 😂😂😂😂 when u play t6 😂😂😂muhahaha fuck wg

  33. Its a scam, they sell the loot boxes using the Jap TD as the main sale and they claim it has armour… WHERE IS THE ARMOUR? They lied on video and im glad you posted this calling them out. They should be fined for false advertising.

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