New tank is NUTS and FREE!?! | World of Tanks ShPTK-TVP 100

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World of Tanks New Czechoslovakian ShPTK-TVP 100 Review and Gameplay. World of Tanks New Battle Pass Marathon Premium Tank for Free. The new premium tank in the game?

Czech tank destroyer called ShPTK-TVP 100 is in the game and it is the special secret marathon tank in Battle Pass Season 7. In right hands, this tank is simply NUTS!

What do you think?


  1. Sooooo….. What do you think about this? Going for it?
    As I said, not an autowin tank, but in right hands, it can be NUTZ.
    Enjoy your weekend, Beasts!

  2. Luís Augusto Panadés


  3. If I didn’t have a fulltime job, I’d say it was doable. Having a fulltime job, won’t even be trying to get it.

  4. An uptiered t67, that’s what we need, da da.

  5. remember ammorack is in both front sides and deiver is in middle so chance to ammorack it very high

  6. Very interesting for me as a TD player.

  7. …thing before u speak sometimes…speaking about ventilation on no tureted tank AND showing dispersion of 0.24 with your bounty aiming …jeez, tanks as any other, how `bout skoda t56 or progeto or good ol` Skorpion….To add this: Low shell velocity aint something irelevant, shell speed is very important.

  8. so i guess you have to have complete all 3 stages to have to chance to unlock it

  9. Open top. No armor. Both the turret and the hull are made out of ammo rack.

    Those are the balancing factors of the ShPTK.

  10. welcome to the world of tanks 🙂 mm is just a sh!t a lot of times…

  11. HailStorm Rising

    I most likely won’t be able to get it if it requires battle pass points or tokens, completion. I’ve been plagued by technical issues for couple of years and still can’t find what’s wrong. As result it has gotten bad enough where I couldn’t play at all and have been unable to do much in the past 3 battle passes or just outright completely miss a season. I’ve no tokens, no points or completions. I’m actually really interested in this strange tank but probably won’t be able to get it. _(-_-)_/ we’ll see

  12. Hopefully this thing being released now is an indicator that the Czech TD line will be introduced this year.

    Granted, not every premium is a preview of a new line (the SU-130PM was 3 and a half years ago, and there’s still no Soviet open-top/turreted TD line), but a lot of them are. And there’s enough Czech designs to make this tree without using outright fake tanks, which is more than can be said of a lot of lines in the game.

    • more pain for tier 8 money tanks, so they can “balance” stuff I suppose. It’s a tier 7 so a exp stuffer.

  13. No random, no balance and a MIA matchmaker.

  14. Free ? Maybe after you pay your way through battle pass.

  15. András Lőrincz

    Hi Dez, I just sent you a replay, maybe it’s worth to make a video of it. I managed to get 10 kills with my Bretagne Panther to win the game, and I had incredible luck at the end. My nick is OnceDead_ButSavedBy_RNG.

  16. it would be great if the shell in the ammo rack actually decrease

  17. James Irwin-McConnell

    I’m a bit disappointed it’s not an autoloader but otherwise seems like a great tank! Bigger T67 vibes

  18. Good title dez, NUTZ :DDD
    Those -6 degrees of depression tho :<

  19. broken…

  20. Depending on it’s camo values, it’s basically a T8 E25.

  21. I will buy it but, this tank will kill the game.

  22. like a old t67 on roids, wtff

    • TehButterflyEffect

      Hellcat actually. A Hellcat with pen and twice the DPM. And people complained about the original Hellcat.

  23. Before the battle started , i thought this looked like a hellcat on steroids ,
    and how would they balance it , ammo rack magnet ?
    I had over 2k battles in my hellcat the first 2 years i played , for me this looks OP as F
    Sow next vid is boost the dpm ?

  24. now show us how well it performs with a crew that doe NOT average 9 skill/perks per crewman.
    Try it with a crew with 1 to 3 skill/perks each and uses only silver credit upgrades……

  25. Stupid…i mean….there are tier 10 that dont have this pen….

  26. My friend keeps saying with the split from WG we should see a better game. I said don’t count on it, we will now see who was behind all this p2w op tanks and crap we have had to put up with and it looks like nothing is going to change but get worse. Now we have an ebr td.

  27. Looks like a e25 that gave up camo for a turret.

  28. Looks like the new E-25

  29. One week in, it’s gun handling and mobility will be nerfed into the ground…

  30. TehButterflyEffect

    1400xp? This tank is obviously not XP-nerfed like every single other TD then. TD’s have been shadownerfed for over a year now. They get way less XP for damage than any other class does.

    • Doctor Gorgomel

      Because most often TDs don’t spot for themselves, therefore they share the xp from the damage. They also rarely spot for others.
      High xp comes from spotting for yourself and dealing dmg that way, especially against higher tiers.

  31. Looks like a ton of fun, gotta do it

  32. Was this a free reward for completion of all three chapters in battle pass or was there another condition to get it?

  33. Sorry how do you get this tank?

  34. I looks like a Big brother’s Hellcat, It plays like a Hellcat, It maneuvers like Hellcat. This is on steriods man! I wanna GET it!

  35. Explain to me how this shitter has significantly higher HE pen than the rocket launcher on the Sheridan that depends solely on HE, even after the HE nerf, and significantly higher HE pen than a 170 mm Jagdpanzer E100 shell. GTFO wargaming.

  36. The “rewards for points” are complete trash (crew members, 3D styles, bonds). Let us spend them for creds/gold, free exp, bond/bounty equip, prem account days! F U WG

  37. Kind of odd the Bridge isn’t broken on console so I’m assuming consoles outdated or something

  38. It’s a tier 8 T67

  39. Definitely looks like a really interesting Tank! Something Different than all the Op Tier 8’s nowadays 😀

  40. Joshua Meyer-Fortner

    The devs keep ruining their own game. Definitely a case study in game development courses.

  41. Vuk Gavrilović

    If we dont complete the 4th chapter can we buy it later?

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