NEW Tank, Never Leave a Man Behind – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. pepe trump for president 2020

    but no bmp1/1p or bmd1

  2. Baron don’t you think when boats come out that amphibious tank will be able
    to go into the water with the boats and fight like a boat.

  3. We need bomber cockpits, people!

  4. Baron you suck specially on twatter………………….

  5. Jew did Nazi it Thrumping

    they should add D day modified Shermans

  6. If they add the Type 4 Ka Tsu for ships….

  7. Russian bias

  8. Jagdtiger 501st DiV

    Soon we will see the T-90a and the M1 xD

  9. How can you tell if a tank is amphibious?

  10. they should add these kind of btr’s and stuff would be dang amazing or a
    artillery tree for each nation it would bring a whole new experience to
    tanks. Also the Katyusha truck and the Puma would be nice :D

  11. OMGbaron , learn how to turn over mates. it’s so simple , just grab his
    oposite site , not the nearest ya noob

  12. Good clickbait

  13. Hey baron about this tank obj 906
    You said it has auto-loader, so does that mean that your reload speed wont
    be increased when you have 2 crew members in your tank?

  14. Pull from the centre of the far track dude xo

  15. God damn they finally added it, yes!!!!

  16. Hey Baron in Men of War mondays can u make a sherman firefly tulip

  17. 4 minute- fucking advert Baron? lol

  18. gille 15

  19. Baron always pull the opposite side of tracks to you otherwise your just
    pulling a tank across the ground

  20. that’s just sad for Mario ?

  21. play the tiger 2 sla. 16 or king diesel

  22. Did anyone else hear those voices in the background

  23. The turtle modler “Turtle”


  24. Music name please?

  25. I feel like amphibious tanks need their own maps where only they can play

  26. Went swimmin’ in my LVT. Got three kills. So damn proud.

  27. Barron, I hate to be “that guy” but what’s the music in the back ground at
    the start of the video? I know it’s a war thunder track but I can’t find it

  28. Baron, though this is completely off-topic of your vid, but you should
    check out “Girls und Panzer: Der film.” It is an amazing movie full of
    strange physics, tank drifting and all around awesomeness! (Though you
    might have to watch the first season to have any idea whats going on.)

  29. you had me at ALUMINIUM

  30. Винторез «VSS» Nirah

    *Press F*

  31. Infantry when tanks get disabled you can bail out and control the infantry

  32. Every time Gaijin add USSR tank or plane, people bitch about it and the
    worst part is some are dead serious about Russian bias like german don’t
    destroy higher tier with their tiger 2 panther and leopard

  33. Living in Ireland, it’s always pronounced Aluminium over here, calling it
    Aluminum will get you some pretty strange looks.

  34. Red army is the strongest!


  36. Baron, am assuming that you don’t know that you can attach the tow cable to
    any part of the tank you’re trying to tow/flip over, as it attaches where
    ever you point you reticule. So you should have been able to flip both
    those tanks by attaching to the treads furthest away from you. rather than
    just towing them across the ground. Hope that helps.

  37. Had a marder I flip in front of me and I dragged him all around Sinai for
    something like six minutes but I managed to recover him
    Best feeling ever

  38. I got triggered when u triggered me with the word triggered

  39. Baron you should have just attatched to the place you were pointing to in

  40. gijian needs to get better at map design in general

  41. Because we really need more 1960s stuff

  42. How does a forever alone type like myself find a squad to get better at
    this game?

  43. another russian bias?

  44. I hope they add a German amphibious tank o.O

  45. Grinz low (Grinzlow)

    A swimming high velocity duck with cheat fin stabilised shells. What a

  46. Not the greatest promo footage when you’re firing at a Tiger from the side
    at a point-blank range and there’s no effect whatsoever.

  47. They should add the object 279


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