New Tank on the block – Obj.277

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  1. Nobody cares if you are first

  2. TwistedPlotTwistWithATwist

    this thing actually seems balanced

    who are you and what did you do to the real wargaming?

    • Frédéric Guignabaudet

      +Nebojsa Kmezic Derp gun is a problem on the Type 5 because it has no place at tier 10, and the retarded p2w gold ammo adds to the insult. But I definitely understand and respect your point 🙂

    • Frédéric Guignabaudet

      +Gewel good point. Therefore they should also nerf the armor

    • Wisimar The arty hater

      I would have loved to see them give 550 alpha to the 277 and premium rounds similar to the superconq’s

    • Frédéric Guignabaudet

      +Gus Tandberg I would far rather see it being unplayable than the whole game being unplayble the instant you meet one of these

  3. It's not what you think

    Nice hair Citcon

  4. Im totally gonna do a remodel for this tank when I get it…. Look super nice, but it can be better.

  5. First game I played in this tonk, same map same mode got 5.1k damage, 1.4k bounce, this thing just absolutely shreds other tanks.

    • Look, I’m sorry your IS7 became obsolete, but no need to cry on youtube on every comment that says it’s a good tank. It is good, armor does not matter, meta is pretty much take a good med and fuck everything. You done crying?

    • userful1 Wtf xD I have them both, man. I am saying that 277 needs buffs to be competitive with other good tier x tanks…

    • Philosophist Again, I’m sorry for your loss (IS7), I also have IS7 IS4 and this. Will not take out 7 and 4 for months, will take this out regularly.

    • userful1 Man, pls stop being childish. I love my IS-7 and it rules against 277s.

    • Philosophist Again, sorry for your loss. Here’s my shoulder, go on buddy. Btw it’s not me trying to prove everyone saying 277 is good wrong, who’s the childish now…

  6. Wow this tank seems _very nice_
    And no food

  7. Is this a light tank?

  8. Actually the IS7 is faster than this: it has 4.6km/h more topspeed, slightly higher HP/t and the same softstats (just less traverse)…

  9. Interesting that you feel it to be faster than the IS7 even tho they have similar HP/ton and exact same terrain resistance. Also I wish it had the big alpha gun sound for the 128-130mm instead of the 105-122mm sound. Also, not sure how accurate it is. But theres the armor model of the 277 in armorinspector, it shows the ufp having varied armor of 90-117mm. While the mid plate is 140-170. Lfp 90-107.

  10. i get why they changed the apcr and nerfed the accuracy but why did they nerf the dpm aswell? :/

  11. glad that the tank is still somewhat competitive after looking at your gameplay, was worried that the nerf effectively kills the tank.

    • Nicholai II Well, it’s hull wont bounce so idk

    • Philosophist yeah, I think WG overnerfed the 277. Haven’t tried it out since I’m in ASIA server, so can’t make judgements yet.

    • Nicholai II I tried, some people said it needs nerfs because good armor. I wonder where this “armor” is because hull doesn’t block a shit and u can’t even sidescrspe properly, reversed sidescrspe may work but it has worse sudearmor than T-10. I don’t like paper tanks without camo.

    • Philosophist yeah, doesn’t look like a good improvements from the T-10, might as well keep the T-10 while deciding if this tank is actually worth buying for.

  12. Ilmari Miettinen

    Which would you guys prefer and in what situations? IS-7 or Obj. 277? And which one is more f2p friendly.

    • IS-7 for sure unless you are a unicorn that can get all tanks to work… Russian mediums are better than 277 for god sake.

    • Wietse de Haan I have them both. IS-7 is better if you can handle the gun. 277 feels a bit faster but they have same terrain resistances. Might be because the turning speed. Sure 277 gets more dpm but why to play 277 for dpm when u can get 5a which is a god compared to 277.

    • Philosophist in my opinion 277 has better armour than 5A, and 277 is faster

    • Wietse de Haan You have them both? Because 277 doesn’t block almost any AP shots from tier x tanks. 277 is faster 5a more mobile. 5a has overall better gun and much better sidearmor.

    • Philosophist it’s just the way how to play your tank at it’s best, you’ll get the most out of it, but from my experience with the T-10, i can predict how the 277 plays

  13. Could you fix that awkward silence in the beginning? I always have to check if my sound is muted or not.

  14. How is possibile that this tank looks and feels faster then the IS-7? IS-7 has better power/weigh ratio, higher top speed and same exact ground resistances, Is the difference in traverse speed so important?
    Anyway 5A seems a better tank, more flexible…

    • HirAmHelcaraxe I don’t know if you have it yourself, I don’t but from watching this game, he was on hard terrain on a city map while most terrain on maps in general is medium terrain. I know the IS-7 is pretty fast on city maps these days too.

    • Cause the engine is better. 950 vs 1200hp the power to weigh ratio is 0.33 better so almost no difference, while the engine is worst

    • TheDukeV / If you take a look, you’ll see the IS-7 is the one with the 1200 hp engine, I think you got confused.

      Besides, by your logic the Maus would be the fastest tank in the game

    • you are totaly right, my bad !

  15. were is the that tog replay

  16. Bit sad it doesn’t have the punchy 130mm gun sound.

  17. Circon wz111 5a vs obj 277 vs 113. Which one is best?

  18. Nice to drive around absolutely impervious to damaage…lol. Oh gee…..another OP’ed Russian tank in the hands of a surgeon. You’re a rock star in WoT my man.

    • Chris Bergonzi it isnt op or impervious in any way. Hull is just a huge weakspot and it actually seems kinda balanced with its nerfs when it got live

    • Tom I know….i said tongue in cheek….btw i checked the internet how do u use someone’s name when responding plz?

    • Chris Bergonzi press the comment you want to reply if you are on mobile.

  19. Meanwhile the IS-4….

  20. is Object 277 a Noun for ”Porn” in world of tanks? because it seems like a well rounded tank. xD

  21. War gaming NA have everyone the patriot tank for a rental…

  22. The bias is stronk with this one ??

  23. i had 3 aces and 2 first classes in 14 games in my 277, im in love

  24. Lucky ace

  25. Wz 111 5A pls 😀

  26. Cool tank. But power creep has made this game unplayable for me. I wish the tanks I spent so much time grinding a year and a half ago were worth anything today, though. The way the current game plays I don’t have the patience to play more than a couple games at a time, and then I have to stop or I start wanting to punch babies. For the last year and a half. Thus no grinding but maybe one tank every couple months. Thus no playable tanks.

    • ^ This is how I feel. I refuse to pay for prem time, therefor my grind is even longer! I don’t even know why I have the game installed anymore…

  27. As long as the tank is Russian, I hate it. Haven’t touched any new Russian tanks since they introduced the tier 10 light tanks.

  28. StarkCoyotEspada1

    the fuck was that shit around 3:50 to 4:00 ??? looked like a thing that showed the armor value…

  29. Marshall Eastwood

    pay per win duche,
    stay on tier 4 and we’ll see.

  30. wz 5a can do the same and even better

  31. Kills the IS7 – which was already ruined by its gun in tier 10 games.

  32. Im at like tier 4 rn cause i quit for a while, im tryna get back into it now

  33. Yay I am in the video and I played like a potato 😛 … I was curious where did u make so much dmg, now I know that farm at the end.

  34. They changed the premium ammo? Did they actually listen for once?

    • Ammeersee yes but why? T10 has 340 pen..with 350 on 277 it was a slight upgrade..nothing wrong with it but whiners gonna whine…

    • Rob Osborne yeah, this tank doesn’t look like a good upgrade from the T-10, I don’t know if I should actually buy this tank..

  35. This tank is actually a big poop… It is totally unrealistic to measure it out from unicorn game play… only 1-3% of the WoT players can get these same results for the next 27-29% it will be a mediocre tank and for the rest it will suck a huge d…

  36. Gallant Fatco Razy

    Need “small” dpm buff

  37. Can you tell yet if this tank is better, equal or worse than the WZ 111 5a?

  38. No IS 4 replay on the day WG released new t10 tanks

  39. Why are there still no armour models for any italian tank and the new russians on

  40. Wow… I watched the whole thing only to realize at the end that I watched it live when it happened…
    OOF I gotta stop watching you stream, spoilers man…

  41. The t-10 is like the training tank before you get the obj 277 similar play style and that 122 mm gun that never fails well sometimes

  42. i honestly think the is7 and wz 5a are better than this tank… they really hurt it when they took away the prem APCR and put heat in it

  43. Is anyone else not able to use his modpack on this new patch?

  44. Excuse me, Sir, I am from the Make A Wish foundation and i would like to inform you that there’s bunch of people that would really enjoy a Highlight video of some sorts. Thank you.

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