NEW TANK T-44-100 (War Thunder 1.57 Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Today discuss the possible affects of introducing the T-44-100 how will fit into an already robust Soviet medium tank tech tree that includes the T-34-5, T-34-100, T-44-122 and T-54.

Thanks for watching!


  1. Second!!!!

  2. Welp….another Russian tank, that will probably be pretty good too. What
    do you guys think about the T-44-100 (only one of which carried the D-10T
    and was made as a prototype leading up to the T-54s) being added to the
    Soviet medium tank tree (non premium)?

    Will it be another T-34-100 seal clubber? Either way, let’s get a
    discussion going.

  3. third!

  4. Aww this tank is sexy! ^^

  5. checked the Sekrit dukomant and it said “br 2.0 very balanced cyka blyat
    rip kapitalist pig”

  6. knew this would come, that’s why i skipped the t44 122

  7. guys pleas tell me how to look around in planes wt

  8. Da comrade add more Soviet tonks for no reason whatsoever!

  9. HERRO!

  10. Last time I came this early my gf broke up with me

  11. Akaliptos O Megalos

    I don’t think it will be that amazing (says the German tanker)

  12. If it bumps the T-54 back up to where it should be and it gets a 7.0-7.3
    BR, I’ll be happy with it. If it gets undertiered and/or doesn’t fix the
    bullshit T-54, I’m dropping from the 6.3-7.3 BR range for good.

  13. i dont know how to look around the cockpit so please ansver

  14. 3

  15. Add more Soviets… nerf the rest.


  16. POTATO

  17. Aurel Lopez (Aurelseve98)


  18. dat clickbait bro

  19. Maus,Panter2 were never used in war!And they are in teech tree!

  20. Baron, u maybye know when the update will come out??

  21. thats preddy neat

  22. hello!

  23. Good Morning Baron, 03:00 AM here.

  24. my wish list:

    1. japan needs tanks.
    2. italy need his own tech tree.

  25. is sexy but too op

  26. Where’s the gameplay?

  27. Anyone know what the song/artist is I cant find it in the description?

  28. Hey look another soviet tank with a 100mm gun :
    Can we have 90mm M22, 122mm T-26 and Panzer II with a auto-loading 128mm xD

  29. More Russian tanks for the win!

  30. ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition


  31. You’ve bought up the “Prototype” In mainline thing. Thinking about it,
    There’s even papertanks. Tiger II/105 was an abandoned Project and was
    never build, i think.

  32. war thunder is going wild. hope they take the wolrd of tanks out.


    btw I play realistic only and tbh planes and tanks are fucked because of
    the br of these Russian op shits. fuck you Gaijin you greedy Communists!!!
    fix the game already!


  35. *’Gameplay’*

  36. I hope they are going to add the chieftain in 1.57, and also fix the
    economy system for British in tier 4.

  37. Funny how they wanna add this tank to World of Tanks too.

  38. i don’t want to play this game anymore

  39. Was seriously about to say, how can you say this shouldn’t go into the tech
    tree when the Maus is there. Glad your corrected yourself, almost had an

  40. Hopefully we will see more tier 5 Brit tanks soon hopefully with this
    coming update.

  41. we have PT planes hell no thats all the dame Russians!!! LOL

  42. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  43. The T44 122 is the reason why i don´t play Tanks anymore. Oh and also
    because russia tanks are OP (in my opinion), my “Western” Tanks can do shit
    vs russian tanks….. it feels like i fight ME 262 C2b vs Mig 17 THATS BULL*
    *** if you ask me _*

  44. Hey, new Soviet tank, I can’t say no to that.
    But from an objective point of view, it really isn’t necessary.

  45. of course we needed another prototype ruskie biased tank, of coursegive
    more competition to the realistic, legendary tiger and make it fight super
    fucking op ruskie prototype tanks…..very fucking realistic indeed!!!

  46. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    I know how to solve the problem
    Br 7.3

  47. And here we have another biased Russian derp gun.

  48. what a stupid ass yagepather

  49. And now my brother says that tank is T-90

  50. wtf is gaijin doing,…I maybe know THEY ARE UNBALANCING THIS GAME!!!!!!

  51. Nice clickbait

  52. Another OP russian tank… What a surprise !

  53. another one of these OP fucking russian tanks

  54. Baron… i,ve seen this gameplay before…

  55. I want the Char B1 a lot, I’m just worried they won’t be able to make a
    full tech tree with only french vehicles. Then again I haven’t studied much
    into french tanks that were actually built.

  56. give us some fucking IS-7 already
    or some russian tanks for ze germans


  58. I would like to see the Ru251 (german light tank) added in the game.

  59. Here is the thing how many m60 variants do we have? yeah thats right 1 how
    many t54 variants do we have ? yea 3 or 4….
    how many t5 heavies do the us have ? 1 how many does the ussr have? 3 thats

  60. stop the click bate baron

  61. thing whit jap tec tree is: there are none after ww2 and most id say 95%
    off All the planes they did have or had on papers are already inn the game
    (reason is japan wass under us occupation until sometime in the late 50’s
    or early 60’s and Every plane and tank they had wass a “lend leas from usa
    so only american planes whitch are already in the game) they probably dont
    see a point copying the american tree and slap a jap sticer on it

  62. next tank in wt: T-90 at br of 3.7

  63. fulgencio ruiz jaraba

    somwnone noticed the lightpole at 6:23

  64. E “̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲̅я̲̅z” RIOzTO

    this tank look like tiger 1,king tiger

  65. I quit this stupid game


  67. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    8:20 “Hans,SCHeiße! Move!What are YOU doing?!”

    Hans: “Im dancing” :)

  68. I as primarily a German tanker, why do we get any love, their are so my
    variant of the same Russian tank, why don’t we get any variants in our


  70. Hey Baron what shenanigans are they going to bring for April 1st? (April
    Also yeah Russian tanks can be OP because it’s a russian game lol

  71. I liked the t34-100. I bought it on sale for like 1000 ge during Christmas.
    we don’t need this new tank. and another problem, I’m currently researching
    the t54-1947, and if it comes out before I can buy the t54, and is between
    the t44 and the first t54, then I’ll have spend more research before I can
    get my goddamn tier 5 (get it)

  72. I wish this game ,you could just lay down 60+ dollars and you have
    everything. If you play casually and I mean really casually you really
    can’t get far very quick.

  73. this is just sad
    this fuckin op tank is probably going to get a lower BR than a king tiger
    as well despite being superior in every aspect
    i think im gonna quit the game im done with this ”Russia has to win 9 out
    of 10 matches” bullshit

  74. This game need french tanks, kiss from France ;)

  75. For me, KV-2 is definitely one of those horrible grinds

  76. OMG !!!! SO GOOD

  77. I hope reload rate on this thing isn’t slow like T-44-122

  78. Gosh.. the smexiness is taking over me.

  79. When Will we get the Super-Pershing!

  80. Where is the t29 heavy tank?!!

  81. looks like Russian attempt of the panzer 4 with the sheet metal armour

  82. hell ya good news. The 85mm one can’t do anything so this is only fair

  83. no not more bs war thunder way

  84. if teh t44 100 is gonna be 7.0 then i wont be mad otherwise so probably
    gonna be a seal clubber

  85. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar


  86. What’s that? MORE massively overpowered Bias? Me, I got super excited to
    get my T32. Like, YEAH I finally have armor! Suddenly: IS-3 and T-10M say
    no. And T-54 magic boolet. Da comrade. Is balanced.

  87. My poor Panthers :(

  88. What’s that “every other nations tank except Russian” you no fear
    Stalin….how about know……GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND

  89. I play WT on PS4, but it looks infinitely better on PC :(

  90. Another video where baron blabbers on for 10+ minutes without saying
    anything interesting.

  91. Croatian Pranksters

    Its not premium, thank you Lord all mighty…

  92. Doing just fine 😀 t34 42 and t34 85 wreck everything

  93. gaijin is turning into wg… adding just more and more prototype/paper
    tanks… since they put a “russian panther” maybe they should release some
    “german t-34’s”? i know its russian company but come on! you must be
    shitting me! lest’s game about russian tanks ONLY…

  94. still dont know the name of that song at the beginning of the vid
    please can someone help this poor feller in need

  95. The only problem with this tank is it will be a high tier 4 tank which will
    allow it to still be used in Squadron Realistic Battles. This tank will be
    a pain to fight since the armor is so good on this tank except for its
    mantlet and lower plate. Otherwise, I think a solid 7.0 Br for this tank
    will be good.

  96. not like the normal T44 is OP, NOOOOO……

  97. is it just me or war thunder developers love the t-44 so much that there
    adding more

  98. The T44 100 should be at least 7.0 to be somewhat balanced, and even there
    it would be a good tank with that D 10T T54 gun, good mobility and decent
    armour. Now watch it be like 6.3 and the T54 downtiered to 6.7 because
    “balance”, from Russia with love for the kapitalist pigs xaxaxa))))

  99. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Im buying the shit out of this.

  100. I can see myself overruning a german team with this thing <3

  101. i hope in:
    italian tt or france tt
    jap tank(sorry for my bad eng im italian)

  102. Hate it!

  103. Baron you incited hate against Russia again. What the fuck is your problem?
    You get all hyped for German stuff but one Russian vehicle and you create
    pandemonium. What about when the Maus was announced? You jizzed all over
    the place even though that tank wasn’t even produced. E-100? You jizzed….
    T-44-100? You cry like a bitch and bring everyone with you. You talk about
    this game developing but in the end you are just a hypocrite.

  104. I’m pretty sure they are only adding this because they ran out of tanks
    that were actually used. According to gaijin, the only way to get more
    players is to add more “hype” vehicles. xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa))). But for real
    though. Why don’t they just work on tanks like the french, the Japanese,
    the Italians etc, instead of adding these new premiums as a way of milking
    money from players? Step your game up gaijin…

  105. im calling it bias
    it isnt even released yet and im calling it
    why do russians always get the most premium vehicles?
    just why?

  106. Wasteland Wanderer 1216

    Another T-44?! We already have enough of those damn things running around
    with 85 and 122mm guns already.

  107. Oh look another Russian tank. What a fucking surprise.


  109. The T34 100 does not deserve to be at 6.7, its armor at 6.3 was already
    easily penetrable and the gun was really good. At 6.7 that gun has
    difficulty killing a lot of things that it faces, and the armor as a result
    of the up tier became even more shit. I don’t see any rational reason for
    it being up tiered. Yeah the gun was really good but so is the 6.0 IS 2. as
    well as the 6.3 T44 122. My point about the T34 100 is that even at 6.3 I
    had no trouble killing them, as well as getting killed (in my T34 100) by
    things like Tiger 1s and M4A3s.

  110. that jagdpanther killed half of my brain cells

  111. they should make Löwe premium for the germans

  112. Hey guys, when you use the free golden eagles app, enter in my invite code
    ” wbjey “… thank you in advance to anyone that helps me out :)

  113. noo fuck off again a op sovjet

  114. This game needs a server browser like BF3 had

  115. Same gameplay as the t 44-122 vid?

  116. yay another gun that can pen my shit armour.

  117. Other Russian historically op tanks. KV-7, KV-1K, KV-9, KV-3 (object 223),
    KV-220, T-150, SU-51, SU-14-2, T-62, T-35E L-11, BT sloped armour
    prototype, Remote control BT-5 bomb tank, T-40 with BM-8-24 rocket rack,
    double turret T-26 with anti tank gun and auto cannon, T-55, IS-152, IS-7,
    Triple gun M4A2. And more.

  118. british tanks to OP. even for russian

  119. Looks good 🙂 I have to go back to “War Thunder”

  120. meh , if they put it in br 7.0 it can fit prettty well in the tech tree

  121. Dam. just one shotted a tiger.

  122. and a tiger 2.

  123. My favourite tank with my favourite gun I love the idea

  124. I’m very excited for T44-100 and Do-335 too…but I really want French GF
    tree…..on WT forums there’s lots of suggestions and there is a project
    for French GF. People really want that xD

  125. Baron, you were awesome when I started following you. back in
    1.40-something like that. I loved watching your videos. Then you and Phly
    kinda trolled out and became all too unserious . I actually stopped
    watching you for while since the troll videos became to much.

    But now. Man, you have me back again. And I love the fact that you play RB
    now. Troll videos are fun, don´t get me wrong, but I really appreciate that
    you are more serious now again. Keep up the good work! You have good and
    interesting thoughts.

  126. People will find a way to complain about just wait.

  127. wow wt, wot did model for this tank and u giving it to the game before them
    only cause wot did planed to do it

  128. oh great just ANOTHER russian inproved tank (like they wernt very good

  129. Look, gajin has to add in an obligatory Russian vehicle or two, no matter
    how lacking the other factions are, the USSR will always be shown the most

  130. They might aswell add every premium tank from WoT

  131. Hey +BaronVonGamez do you have any info about warthunder naval stuff ?

  132. And for every of you crying Germans is the explanation why you think bias

  133. Fly out the ME 262 C-2b BEST rush plane in ze game

  134. They need more premiums for other countries the Soviets have way to many.

  135. Russians get MiG-29 as reserve plane in 1.57

  136. The might as well call it Russian Thunder, split tanks in 2 teams and there
    u go…

  137. I would love to see a French and Italian tree !

  138. yo baron brahv, whats the backround song (the first one).

  139. YoungFilmProductions

    nice video man!

  140. Gaijin and Wargaming have both sort of given me the impression that
    Russian’s (at least Russian gamers) are spoilt brats…. I don’t have much
    real evidence apart from one of wargaming’s statements saying how they
    decided to add russian ships into wows before other more significant
    navies- **cough cough** ROYAL NAVY – because of financial reasons and
    because of how “passionate” their Russian player base is…. Basically
    they’ll cry a lot if Wargaming decide to actually acknowledge the
    historical significance of navies haha
    Like I don’t know about you guys but if my nation’s navy wasn’t one of the
    most powerful in the world at the time, I wouldn’t cry about them not being
    put in before other more significant ones…. I guess I just like the
    topics of games being that little bit more important than money :/

  141. Great video sir

  142. First Order Stormtrooper


  143. I say let them add it to the main tech tree so when. they add the M26E4E2
    aka super perishing with spaced armor to the main tech tree and if they
    don’t then we have the right to bitch. But this also opens the field to
    adding experimental tanks into the main tech trees instead of just being

  144. Wait what the hell? I thought T-44s were default 100mm gun carriers! Or is
    that just WG information that somehow made its way to me

  145. Greetings comrades, destroy the kapitalist pigs

  146. Russians are already over powered, why do we need another tank for them

  147. The True Gamerz Dynamite

    The t44-100 doesn’t have the same weak spot on the front of the tank it’s
    got a better gun in the 100mm that can perform just as well as the 122mm if
    not better and reloads faster it’s going to to be op if it is 6.7 or lower.
    A turret that is magic and bounces shots if you are off by the slightest
    with great mobility. At least it’s not premium but this tank still scares
    me and will annoy that shit out of me when I am playing German tanks that
    saw combat in ww2 against hordes of the t44-100 which had only ow fucking

  148. Baron what song is this?

  149. I watch it at 00:00

  150. do we need another op russian tank

  151. BR WILL be 6.7 minimum, maybe 7.0?

  152. I never played any Russian tanks in this game because I knew they were only
    going to get more OP. I use Germans and I like a challenge against those
    Russian “creations”.

  153. My thoughts on the T44-100: I am half way trought researching the first T54
    and I have 6k Eagles left, so now when I know that the T44-100 is going to
    be added in the normal tech tree after the T44-85 I have toll spenden my
    Eagles on the T54 and buy it before the update comes out, because I don’t
    wanna spenden more time researching lower tier stuff

  154. Blaze Some Weed m9 XD

    hey baron! why you dont play some 8vs8 clan battles? :D

  155. some as that the spinning pole still spins to day

  156. so baron, i’ve seen the actual video quality of the video has gone down, it
    no longer looks like 720+p anymore, it instead looks like 480, I’ve been
    setting it to 480p and back to 720p to see if it helps but it does not.

  157. Baron! What do you use to record? I use fraps but recently my fraps has
    been acting up.

  158. Jeah another Russian OP Tank …………. again ……..

  159. I KILLED A SPITFIRE with SCHRAGE MUSIK on my channel! :”D So hyped!

  160. You should do a custom game of M16s vs 2 B29s or B17s but you can only use
    the turrets/50 cals on your plane lol have fun!!!! :D

  161. T-44-100 would make a pretty good BR 7 tanks. RU has been lacking one for a
    while so it would be good to see this tank out there.

  162. what do you use to record you vids? :D


  164. Baron, the russian bias is so fucking damn clear. please see that with

  165. t44 was the competition to the t54 prototype. t54 was selected over it.

  166. The Grand Serb Inquisition


  167. it’s gonna be another 1 shot tank no mather where u aim, meanwhile tigers
    cant kill t34’s at pointblanc range irl over 2km t34’s died like flies

  168. Hunter Liesenfelder

    maybe it’s put there to train people on the T-54’S gun

  169. Baron, fix your shit!! This is the second time that you have labelled you
    videos falsely… Is there any place that I can lay an official complaint
    about this issue??

  170. Baron they should add the French AMX13 90

  171. What’s next? KV2-105? Or KV1-122?
    Aw c’mon Gaijin! How about giving the T26E4 Super Pershing? Two Super
    Pershings actually fought in WWII.
    And there’s still missing links in tank trees like: Stug IV, M48 Patton,
    Panzerjager I, Cruiser tank Grant I (in regular Brit. line)

  172. couldntthinkofone100

    Yet they refuse to give the americans the Sherman m-50/51… there Is no
    logic left

  173. Omfg the click baits… Stop with the boschitt… “New Tank T44 100
    Gameplay” why are you using click baits, you already have 290,000 Subs…


  175. the t44 in the in the tech tree should get the 100mil. the 85mil is so weak
    at its tier.

  176. This is the T-54-47! WTF is GAijin doing… The only change between this
    and T 54-47 is Bigger turret and different transmission…1 thing they
    should do is not give it post war ammo! It gets a armor buff as well to the
    120 mm thickness to the upper plate and thicker turret .

  177. Yep Russian biased SEAL CLUBBER. BAD ADDITION . Its needed Sabot needs to
    be fixed NOW :)

  178. Not needed lol typo :)

  179. T-44s are becoming the new T-34s. I must admit I probably gave them the
    idea to add this tank (I asked for them to add it a while back to bridge
    the gap between the T-44 and the T-54). Another thing that has people up in
    arms (I presume) is that the T-44 has been moved down to 6.3. Now I also
    suggested this BR change once they removed 8.0 from the game but now it is
    back in the T-44 just clubs.

  180. Who bets this update will fuck war thunder even more?

  181. Oh fuck another OP russian tank

  182. gerardo torres (fastfreeman)

    Baron I find it bad for me and some other players it unfair getting one
    shot every single time

  183. Why is Warthunder adding the tanks that literally had one or two made of
    it? Its kinds of weird

  184. Russian stronk no bias)))) amerkan tenks not stronk liek Russian
    stronk))))) CYKA BLYAT

  185. people say that the russians are op…they are not…try playing the
    russians at 6.7…every tree needs something that can counter the fucking
    7.7 tanks and it is impossible to grind without premium because the
    mauses,t-95 and tigerII 10.5 just fuck you up and make it annoying to play.

  186. Kovács “CoLoS576” Róbert

    Hi what about Pz. Kpfw. VII Löwe? Will it be ever introduced

  187. I think the biggest problem is Gaijin’s priorities. They should be more
    concerned with fixing some of the core gameplay elements that are broken
    (like ammo racking, how am I supposed to take on tigers in my sherman if I
    can’t ammo rack in one shot anymore). But if they are going to add more
    stuff, why more Russian stuff? The community is losing faith and every
    announcement like this only makes it worse. The American tech tree is quite
    under developed and needs some love along with the new British line they
    have. It makes you wonder when you have all these issues, and yet choose to
    spend more of their time making more russian tanks.

  188. link to that song???? i love it!!!!

  189. if they are going to put in the T-34-100 then they should also put in the
    T29 American Heavy tank…only fair

  190. Good morning Baron :3

  191. If it’s not a premium nice. because the 85mm really isn’t that potent at
    6.3/6.7 or whatever br it sits at.

  192. Still waiting for T-34-152 :/

  193. Hey, what tank i should buy? on the russian line?

  194. Another tank to one-shot my Tiger II and make me broke, neat.

  195. This is basically the Russian T25. A prototype tank in the main tree to
    ease the transition from a lowerer tiered tank (M4A3, T-44), to a higher
    tiered one (M26, T-54). It may seem bad at first but I predict it will
    become pretty meh after awhile

  196. Well you guys don’t need to whine about this tank the Russians actually
    need this tank in T4 battles since the is-2 is the only viable tank in 6.7

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