New Tanks for Bonds in World of Tanks 2022!

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There's new bonds in World Tanks but which are good?



  1. YOU’RE PLAYING THE FOCH 155 WRONG. You must play it with nothing but HE.

  2. Vasilis Balabanidis

    nobody could deal with foch back on tha days its was absoutly monster..

  3. 17:26 QB did 44 dmg to his renegade teammate by pushing the skoda T 56 into him lol

  4. Jeremiah Tappan

    I have a 65% win rate in my KV-5 playing exactly the way QB does. It is may favorite premium tank and just too fun.

  5. it was bonds 20k worth

  6. I get farmed like that in my 155 frequently, lol

  7. Ralphy’s Replays

    Hey QB, i asked some point in the past couple weeks, but i would like to see you play the AMX 30B gameplay with new field mods and equipment you would recommend for it, last time i played it was on the dev server a couple years ago and im a below average player scoring about 3k on Karelia.

  8. nah dont get any, they arent worth it

  9. B-17 Productions

    I got the KV-5 in the NA premium shop a few weeks ago. (not sure why it was in the store) It’s a tank I’ve wanted for a while so I can complete the my line of KVs (1-5). I’m glad I did since that leaves me with my bonds to spend on another tank.

  10. bruh
    no repairs
    kill me

  11. I paid 20.000 bonds at the caravan event for the Foch 155. Feel cheated now with that it only costs 12.000

  12. my experiences with foches line: 6 rounds/clip. 3 miss, 2 pen, 1 bounce

  13. Ah yes, the 750 DPM Foch curse. You hit one, bounce one, and miss one. Lovely.

  14. A lot of Taiwanese players would be annoyed that Wargaming has put a Chinese flag on the M41D tank. It is a Taiwanese tank, not a Chinese tank.

  15. even know I’m a defender players I just get on for about 3 matches every day and just salutes and ram all the light armour tanks to show them how op Russians vehicles are

  16. As someone who spent way too much money on the game(I have about 15 tier 8 premiums) I have to say the KV-5 is my favorite premium heavy tank to play. I perform much better with the Skoda, yes, but the KV-5 just feels special. Equipment 2.0 makes it decently mobile and extremely healthy, it has armor that works surprisingly often, although it shouldn’t, and it’s extreme weight is devastating for rams. Honestly I haven’t often played a tank that feels as unstopable as this one, although I own both the Maus and the Type-5.
    I love it.

  17. just bought an amx m4 49 before the update, was it worthit?

  18. The only issue with the schmalturm is the fact that the turret isn’t properly centered.

  19. QB you’ve been banging out the videos recently, very much appreciated.

  20. Queen Elizabeth is still on the throne ? X LAX can take care of that !

  21. Washed

  22. rustedniddleslinger

    If it’s a bond tank it’s probably bad

  23. 12:24 QB: Back in the day, premium tanks was worse than tech tree tank
    This statement makes me want to cry…

  24. Before HE nerfs-i found it much more better. You cant trust regular rounds at all

  25. Now all we need is the Chieftain in the bond shop and the world would be a better place.

    Or it’d be more on fire.

  26. Funny Im a below average player but still holding a 65% win rate with the Pz IV S which I do play as a sniper most times

  27. ah yes Foch is mine finally XD

  28. KV-5 is still very good tank.

  29. Surprise they havent add a 3D model skin for the KV-5 despite it in the game for years and some other premium tanks already have them at the same day their update drop

  30. Stevan Milanovic

    What was that map awareness in that first game? You drove past that 907 even tho it was more than evident where he was.

  31. I thinking of buying the foch just for the meme, and it brings back the good old Wot vibes

  32. It’s an unpublished rule of WOT that the Foch 155 can never pen with all 3 shells…its why I stopped playing it

  33. Erlend Slapgård

    QB, u have to remember that the pz4 with schmalturm met tier 8s most of its career at tier 5.. it was goos as it had one of the best pens at tier5 (when prem ammo was gold ammo), and had a better chance against the KV, KV5, IS3 Tiger2 etc.. it was a great tank. Mobilitynerf ruined it..

  34. MEGA Gibon345 9

    19:08 : -100 social credit score

  35. QB can you go back to using the old garage music in the background when you analyse the tanks stats for a throwback

  36. And another example of the overpowered tier 6 arty the M44. That amount of damage is insane. You do the same damage with a conq GC against an E50M at tier 10.
    Wargaming nerfed the t7-t10 arty but forget T10 so a lot of arty deal clubbers are only playing the M44 and hummel.

  37. Dealing the minimal damage of 563 is just as impressive as dealing the maximal 937. Lucky you!

  38. I’m not saying the Foch 155 Is the best td but this game isn’t what I’d call a “typical” game in that tank. It’s not slow so idk why qb called it that when he loves the tortoise and if you don’t use it to snipe you’ll be alot more effective. This wasn’t *really* how you play it.

  39. Stop what you’re doing and brush your hair 500 times!… or keep playing

  40. Still waiting for the T95E6.

  41. Second shot also was you. Bad lead and shot barely catch rear of JpzE100. 🙂

  42. Test_name Test_surname

    Pz. 4 S is actually a good tank for tier6. I have over 60% wr.
    QB just f-ed up when he put himself in crossfire nothing to do with tank.

  43. The Foch 155 used to be feared by all years ago. It was a true beast. Then too many whiners cried about it and it got nerfed into oblivion. All it is now is something to play for the memes when it actually has a good clip which is a 1 in a 1000 chance anymore.

  44. That shirt is the only shirt I’ve ever even thought about buying but I’m broke oh well

  45. Ryokajimo Sensei

    I’m buying that foch 155

  46. Member when the 155 came out, that thing was chef’s kiss. but they had to nerf it and nerf it, now we’ve got t8 premiums that outclass it. XD this game and it’s powercreep.

  47. How can QB have 474 meters of view range when the max view range is 445 meters?

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