NEW Tanks & IFVs | BMP-2, Warrior & M1IP Amazing Turret (War Thunder 1.81 Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. M1A1 should have been BR 10.0 than M1 IP.

  2. Phly, you should put more memes into your videos. If it takes more time, its fine. Id much rather have quality over quantity

  3. The Phy channel. Where rotary cannons are miniguns, revolver cannons are rotary cannons, anti machine gun defenses are judged by their effectiveness against antitank rounds, And lots of options is a bad thing

  4. Shazin Rahman Purab

    Don’t ever insult Shtalin wood

  5. i wish we (america) didn’t get the smallest and weakest gun of all the main battle tanks at 10.0. I wont try and get the M1 IP because its just a joke, grind another 380k xp and 1.5 mil credits to crew and buy for 200mm better HEAT/ shaped charge protection. I have only been shot at 3 times by a hot missile so its not like its a game changer that justifies a new tank. It should be like the ERA on the 64B a research able mod for the M1 not a whole new tank. its honestly a slap in the face every nation has 400+mm of pen with their stock round for their main battle tanks and around 450mm with their good APFSDS where as we get 415mm of pen with our best round and a turret ring that is able to be hit almost effortlessly at close to medium range.

  6. How do you unlock the new tanks I keep updating it AMD I don’t even have the helicopters or the new tanks for the ps4

  7. can i get to 1000 with 3 videos peta sucks

    We got him bois

  8. Dear Gaijin… Is this a fuckin’ j……..

    Ok, so the last update the T-64b received the ERA bricks which gave him + armor. You can apply this after researching this as a MODULE!!

    So now in the Abrams’ case we receive a tank that has the SAME characteristics as the in-game Abrams, except the turret cheeks have 20 cm plus armor. My question… WHY can’t you make this a researchable module, just as you did with the T-64b back than?? But no, you have to grind for another tank for a month at least, or spending money on it to speed up the process and get the modules again to get the same tank again.

    At least put in the M1A1. EVERY nation has a 120mm cannon already, except the american…….

  9. 0:25 Y’know, America does indeed seem to be quite far on the left nowadays 😛

  10. PhlyDaily, Look at those composite scirts by amor protection analysis ( they are similar to those on Leo 2A4 you also don’t see them in X-Ray view)

  11. Why no 120mm M256 cannon with uber awesome silver bullet sabot APFSDS?

    M1IP had that and one of the best HEAT shells in tank warfare in the modern age

  12. in the bmp-2 i can legit see the playstyle now. try to go hull down but from your rear end. go just enough to where everything is under cover but the log. the proceed to troll.

  13. How the hell do you reload missile when you are still guiding one?

  14. God fucking bless the British theme music is the bestttt

  15. Try out the dead meme – IT-1

  16. do you know if were gona get the marksman series for the challys and chieftain

  17. Hi phly take the stuH 42 G and ju 88 A4 it is such a good combo tnx!

  18. Looks at Warrior
    Looks at BMP-2
    There is no such a thing like Russian Bias.

  19. 17:46 Nigels everywhere !! xD

  20. well bois…its time for the Jaguar 1 and 2 for Germany 😀
    Funny times when Russia now has finally the best ATGM system of the cold war in its Techtree 😀

    Im talking about the Konkurs guys

  21. Play the m1 ip and huey attempt #1

  22. We might as well call this game American thunder, 3 tanks plus helicopters, gaijin really going after that american tit.

  23. T54E1?!?!

  24. BMP-2 shooting temp means the rate of fire, the BMP-2 (and other veihcles that use 30mm cannons IN russia) have 2 fire settings
    High and LowHigh being 500RPM (for AA use)
    and Low 200ish IRC for firing at ground

  25. 1000 mm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Also I think a BMP-2 will have issues going up against a Warrior. The BMP has no armour to speak of at all, the Warrior actually has some

  27. still no replacement or buff to challenger huh?…

  28. Begleitpanzer BR8.7, Warrior BR8.3, BMP2 BR7.7 — no BIAS at all.

  29. T-55AM-1 – first Polish tank in the game 🙂

  30. That comment on the warrior haha, we’re all Nigels! XD

  31. 10 cm? EXTRA THICC

  32. I realy hope war thunder gets the CV-90 (combat vehicle) with 40 mm ap

  33. Oh look the brits get screwed again lol why is the warrior at 8.3 with the bmp 2 at 7.7 being the better tank ?

  34. M48A2 GA2 should be 7.7 i don’t see any point of it’s capability worth 8.0

  35. “The characteristics on both 30mm are the almost the same”

    Both guns are very very different. The BMP-2’s gun is even classified IRL as an automatic cannon, hence the reason why you have the weapon temperature info on your HUD, so you know when to stop firing otherwise the gun will overheat and jam. Not to mention the gunner (again IRL) could select various different firing modes ranging from 200 – 300 rds/min to 550 – 800 rds/min on a duel feed system (much like a chain gun), that’s not even taking into account the gun has a duel feed system, its also the very same gun used on the KA-52 Attack Helicopter, so the gun has to fire quick, its what it’s designed to do.

    The 30mm RARDEN on the other hand is a completely different kettle of fish. The gun is loaded with 3 round magazines hence the obismal fire rate in comparison, additionally the whole firing mechanism is massively catered towards superior gun performance not being able to throw as much shit at a wall as possible, the 30mm RARDEN is more of a presicion weapon as a pose to the current Russian Counterpart.

    The above probably won’t be well reflected in WT, but just to give you a little insight as to why both these 30mm guns are different.

  36. Shooting temp is probally fire rate same as for example on the BAR machine gun

  37. Ganji and squad crossover xD

  38. Enthusiastic Amateur

    if you are driving a BTR in squad and see a Warrior you better be feeling lucky.

  39. most unrealistic and unbalanced game ever.

  40. They need to add US LAVs or Bradley’s to offset this now

  41. How I do not have helicopters and these tanks new !!!

  42. BMP-2 vs Warrior Custom Battle

  43. I have truly lost all interest since the Abrams add-on into this game

  44. when your are in a fire fight in Basra Iraq , thank you Warrior 7th army desert rats

  45. M247 York, in-game has less Hp (663Hp) at 2400rpm, then in real life (750Hp)

  46. mah boi tankdaily is back!

  47. I dropped a like for that thumbnail

  48. That BMP-2 at 7.7 BR?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!? It should really be 8.0 at min but what ever.

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