New Tanks & Loot Boxes with Call To Mars Special Event in World of Tanks

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New Special Call to Mars with Boxes (Martian Container) in World of Tanks – Introducing TL-7, New Tier 9 American Premium Tank Destroyer.

New event is coming to World of Tanks – Call to Mars. It features a special game mode and loot boxes and a brand new tank TL-7.

What do you think?


  1. This mode actually seems like a very FUN mode, hopefully it’s the case. Will be testing it out for sure, so stay tuned!
    What do you think about that? Have a beautiful day, Legends!

  2. Oh my… Let’s see what the boxes actually contain. Back at Shamrock I bought exactly 50 of them because of the guaranteed 5x XP boosters and other junk that would speed up a particular tech tree gind significantly. The guaranteed tank was just the bonus that made it woth spending the money on all the rest, so it didn’t bother me that it turned out to be the “not so great” Chieftain/T95. Funny enough, playing a tank that neither yourself nor anybody else has high expectations of can be quite enjoyable and relaxing if you cant be blamed for buying a POS on purpose despite knowing better.

  3. in those lootboxes should have been Mars, the 3d skin progetto

  4. i hate all these loot boxes events

  5. I think this event shows what WG is planning for future, maybe they focus on new game under radar and stop focusing on WoT that much..

  6. experimental parts hidden in a Mario Kart themed event……. joy, for all the cancer kart drivers in WOT i guess – so premium/WOT+/Loot boxes – give it a rest WG ….Seriously

  7. haaaaaapppppyyyyy birrrttthhhdaaayyyy miiccrrroooodeeeezzzz <3

  8. Looks funnn

  9. That spaceship in the teaser reminds me of the ones from Nexus: the Jupiter incident (great game btw)

  10. omg WG I don’t want to TEST your new game under the disguise of an “event” in wot.

  11. Of course WG would interrupt the ad for the new event with ANOTHER ad inside the ad just for fucking lootboxes.

  12. 10:28 i am alost certain that they are crew skins , i might be wrong tho

  13. can they just make tier 11 yet? autocannons? nah heres another minigame

  14. Will see how progression goes, but since WoT is more grindy (not longer grinds, but more grind dependant) than ever making Exp.Equip a thing for competitive FFA mode reward is somewhat off-putting.

  15. My 9 year old grand-daughter could come up with a much better game mode, than this junk. No thanks.

  16. Several questions for WG:
    1. How much money and man hours was spent on this BS ?
    2. How is this BS connected to World Of TANKS ?
    3. Who and why even proposed this BS for development ?
    4. Who aproved this BS ?

    (honestly, what kind of retards run WG now ???)

  17. Fix mm fix arty fix rng screw the other stuff…

  18. Mode looks cool… loot boxes AGAIN..and they dont have gold? fuck that

  19. Huh. Gotta agree with the sentiment that it does actually look kinda fun. But, also the sentiment that the loot boxes are MAJORLY unwelcome. Knock it off, Wargaming. Just make good content, and people will play.

  20. Damn this event looks like it’s gonna be infuriating and shit. But can’t pass, thanks to epic rewards…

  21. Tawelwch Gaming

    That tank is definitely gonna mimic the upcoming british mediums

  22. Is this stuff why we are not getting new maps or fixes to the matchmaking??

  23. The best premium kv 5

  24. Ther is no new Crewmember those are Skins!

  25. those are skins on crew not retraining orders

  26. THIs mode might be better than the Cancer that is Onslaught this season.

  27. Ngl, when i saw rovers, i was hoping, they add premium ebr once more to the shop.

  28. No retraining orders. Just special crew skins and just four of it. So you cant re-skin a whole tank crew of five crew members 🙁
    Maybe the fifth skin will be available in the loot boxes.
    The event seems like fun. The loot boxes … meh.

  29. When the Loot Box appeared, my Event was over…

  30. boxes again ? jesus.

  31. I am so glad I dropped this stupid milking game already. I follow some CC’s still but not gonna touch this game ever again. All about your wallet. No thanks. I live a peaceful and chilling life since then.

  32. Great. Free-for-all… like the random matches. hahaha 😉

  33. They need more and more money

  34. Did you guys also notice when they say the prem tanks in the loot boxes the writing showed IS-3A but listen carefully – he says IS-3i……….

  35. So how much gold are they demanding to auto-complete the event?

  36. Loot boxes are going to be a continuing theme I think

  37. Michael Michael

    Dez, this Mars game makes no sense. If I wanted to play another type of game, I would do it. But, this is not a tank game. Why? It is insane.

  38. Lootboxes…

  39. Why is everybody complaining about lootboxes? you dont neeeeed to buy them.

  40. World of Lootboxes hahahahahaahaah

  41. Petition to change the game title “world of tanks” to “world of loot boxes”

  42. TheWoollyCanadian

    do tier 9 premiums give extra money

  43. I die at the moment as dez said bundles what loot boxes

  44. i remember when they first added loot boxes they gave us like 3 for free… i wish they give some free loot boxes for free 2 play

  45. Looks super… crap. If I want to play mariocart (wich I hate) I would.

    hopefully we’ll be able to just whale through this. -.-

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