New tech tree announced, with a new mechanic!

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  1. Im looking forward to this! How about you? 🙂 Reminder, livestreaming today (jan 29) at 17:00 CET at 😀

  2. Italian tanks have 10 gears… 1 forward, 1 neutral, 8 backwards

  3. Im not exactly sure if i will invest in the premium but being a cross between a single shot medium and an autoloader is definetly my cup of tea. This mechanic will give you so many options it will be hard to handle.

  4. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    The tier 8 shall be dubbed *Spegetto 46*
    Some bodya toucha my spaghett!

  5. How fast do the Italian tanks go in reverse?

  6. Lol, the progetto has Pz.II J armor!

  7. On NA server there Is going to be premium tank sale in February! 1-2 kv 122, 2-6 fcm50t, 8-26 primo victoria, and from 15-26,, SURPRISE!”???? so maybe this is Italian prem. tank!!! And unfortunately Defender is on sale again.

  8. The guy in the video looks like a generic cinematic character from an EA game….

  9. Spaghetto italiano mamma mia

  10. I like fast women and big butts!

  11. Fast Italian tanks, so you can run away and keep everything historically accurate lol 😛

  12. The reloading mechanic was basically taken from Armored Warfare, the Merkava in Armored Warfare has the same reloading mechanic. :/ gg wargaming

  13. Marthijn van Oorschot

    It’s italian, probably gonna brake while just using it

  14. Italians will also have the option to change sides if there team is losing…

  15. Needs Fiat 2000

  16. FirestreakRodimusPr

    why bother getting excited for this new mechanic being “Italian’ only when we know WG will invent similar Russian tanks when the RU server whines?

  17. literally copy pasted from Armored Warfare.

  18. I’m happy to see the aim time is faster than the enter-clip reload.

  19. Shit, I thought all the shitty “how many gears backward” comments were only found on Jingles and QB’ channels. I’m disappointed.

  20. Circonflexes does this mean that they will make takes with drums reload thing better. What I mean is that is you use the batchat and only use 2 shells will it reload the two shells.

  21. Oh gah, the Japanese heavies… Never has there been an addition to the game more poorly considered, nor has potential ever been more thoroughly wasted. Tanks that are as miserable to play as to play against, which reject any attempts to apply skill, and which contributed nothing to the game but increased sales for premium ammo.
    As for the new mechanic, it’s pretty interesting. I could see that being very useful in the right situation, whenever you need that extra burst of damage.

  22. I think this is easily applicable to some other tanks already in the game. For example something like the IS-7.

  23. I think the P43 Bis will be a medium, basically because it’s armor would be utter garbage for a heavy tank.

  24. Italian tanks of WWII:
    L 2/29 L 3/33 L 3/35 L 3/38
    Light tanks
    L 5/21 L 5/30 L 6/40 Renault R35 (French)
    Medium tanks
    M 11/39 M 13/40 M 14/41 M 15/42 SOMUA S35 (French)
    Heavy tanks
    P 26/40
    SP guns
    Semovente da 47/32 Semovente da 75/18 Semovente da 75/34 Semovente da 75/46 Semovente da 90/53 Semovente da 105/25

    The Semovente da 90/53 looks almost like the German Waffle… I want one!

  25. We’ll call it the “prosciutto”.

  26. So the Italian tanks will start the game facing backwards. Making it easier to retreat. Crew voices you’ll hear the crew arguing in the tank. Hopefully I’ll get crew members named Mario and Luigi.

  27. FUUUUUUUUCK i have my girls in the IS …goddamn

  28. “New mechanic, highly complicated” Wtf? getting hyped for wot in 2018, Lmao.

  29. Good another tech tree and different tiers eleventy thousand people will bot….

  30. 1/2 Assassin
    1/2 Flanking
    Its an interesting hybrid

  31. I’ll probably stop caring after Tier VI 😀

  32. @circonflexes on NA server they said there is a surprise tank the 3rd week in feb so it is most likely the new prem.

  33. I feel like this would be a great mechanic to have for more than just the Italians. Its a great mechanic in AW and its great they’re trying it out here

    • Devin Dull Italians are there just to test it, like French were with autoloader. If it will be accepted good then other tanks could get same auto-reloading mechanic

  34. Welcome back to World of Wartanks! Where every nation needs a new gimmick because we’ve got nothing else left!

  35. Matthew Vandermeer

    I think they might tune the dpm up a bit since the game has a tendency to set up situations of kill everything fast or die, but hopefully they keep it fairly close as this could be a really powerful mechanic.

  36. @Circonflexes
    0 sec 1st shot = 240
    9.59 2nd shot = 480
    19.18 3rd shot = 720
    28.77 4th shot = 960
    38.36 5th shot = 1200
    47.95 6th shot = 1440
    Now, last empty those 3 shots together with 2.5 intraclip reload,
    50.45 7th shot = 1680
    52.95 8th shot = 1920
    55.45 9th shot = 2160
    2160 Damage per minute .. sounds like a very good dpm to me !!

  37. The second tank is the L-6, its a light tank, two man crew, 20mm cannon, not overly fast for a light tank. Very poor armor .If they get around to it the Italians had some pretty decent tank destroyers, in fact quite a few of them.

  38. While the Italian army didn’t have a great reputation in battle the tank Corp was actually pretty well thought of, considering some of the equipment they used. They fought bravely in a lot of battle. The Pascucci medal in the game is for a tank commander who lead basically a suicide charge at the battle of Alamein in order to allow the rest of the Ariete division to escape being surrounded. The M-13 series was as good as most tanks when it came out in 1940, problem was they didn’t have the industry to develop better machines as everyone else got better equipment.

  39. my opinion? will make the point of wot in 2018…
    we already got like over 525 tanks in wot now? we are waiting for new maps for many years so for 2018 we would like to have more maps than our fingers and our toes combined, over time players lose interest in wot no matter in wich new ” mounted gun on a box ” they play, neeed new environement too, it’s like fresh air for wot vets like us, hundreds of musiscian work on new engine, hundreds of coders on the core and 3d hd modeling it’s all great but feel a lot like repainting and pimping an old pinto, of course somes new players will join wot but not as you guys can think once half the old vets base players will quit, thoses players are real gamers and in touch with many gaming forum and comunity and it could be a real treath to the future of wot in 2018 and 2019, if i were wg conselor i would push you guys to bring 8-10 maps this year, maybe not all perfects but in return, your comunity will be happy to work with you guys to bring fresh air as a new life for this game, sry but every year,all i can see is only like 10% budget spent on fancy panels and events, 10% spend on modeling new prem tanks to resell to us, 25% for servers bandwith, 25% to wargaming all regions labors and office, 5% for marketing and promotions, and 25% profit into pocket owners, i must be close?so the budget is tight, fire the prem tank squad sellers and hire 3d map modelers for 2018, we should be good to play with only our 525 tanks

    • there is like 30 different maps, plus ofc the different game type versions. I think that the problem players have with maps is that you cant choose the map you want to play (god thank that is not possible or himmel and ruins wuold be full Type 5 Heavy or Maus). No heavies in open map, only mt, lt or spg etc.. Maybe all they need to fix is the map rotation or put a “filter pack” containing 10 different maps to play.

  40. This will be cool….provided the Russian tankus don’t fuck everything up that is.

  41. I wondered when they will actually implement some new cool mechanics suggested from forum instead of banning users for having idea they never had. Yes, this kind of auto-loaders can lead to play-styles not anymore being specific but situational (like you can decide how you wanna play it with the tank according to situation you find yourself in).

  42. I’m betting you will pay no less than $50usd for that Italian premium tank.

  43. Well at least this mechanic is not broken like the swedish tds

  44. Will they possibly be considering the new mechanic for the current autoloaders? Or will this strictly be for the new italian tanks? Personally, I would like it if they would get this for the old autoloaders as well.

  45. i was under the impression that you had till 9.22 patch to recruit holiday female crew.

  46. Maps…….more maps. Don’t care much about new tanks anymore until I get some new places to drive it.

  47. Warriors, Weapons and Warfare by Colin Richards

    The L6 should be a light tank it is very light and has a really bad gun in real life.

  48. They forgot about the cz republic where are those lights or heavys man… btw no offense to the new tech tree!

  49. The tank was never fully built.. Of course not, the Italians went for lunch instead 😀

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