New Tech Tree Full Overview – 92 Removed and Moved Tanks | World of Tanks 2.0 Update Tech Tree

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World of Tanks New Tech Tree from Sandbox. World of Tanks New Balance Tech Tree Changes, All Removed Tanks, Collection Tanks and More. World of Tanks Update 2.0 Preview, Sandbox New Balance Test Server.

► TheDailyBOucne article about Tech Tree:
► Sandbox New Balance Test article:

In this episode I am going to talk about upcoming tech tree changes to World of Tanks, which has already been confirmed that all those changes will happen, when the New Balance goes to live servers.
Let’s take a look at the new tech trees, all the removed 92 vehicles and what to do with them!

What do you think?
►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. As this is one of the changes which was kind of finalized and confirmed, we can talk about it, analyze it a bit more.
    What are your thoughts on it? YAY or NAY? Or do not care? Moving away so many low tier SPGs should help lower tiers out tho.
    Anyway… GO, ESTONIA! ❤

    • They shouldn’t make that change because in wot blitz they did that as well and now mm is full of noobs

    • Two things will come out of this. 1. New players will get to high tiers even faster then now, thus ruining a top tier mm and balance even more,
      2. WG will sell more premium time and tanks to those who rush to tier VIII faster then ever before.

      Collectors tab will be something new players won’t look for or find easily, but old players will pick those sealclubbing tanks more then ever before.

      But tech tree looks nicer then ever.

    • Gold ammo and Prem tanks are so vital for WG that to not to touch them both they can re-move anything from game itself

    • By tweaking stats and matchmaking a bit they could make lower tiers more enjoyable for everyone. New and experienced players.

    • Now we can be 100% sure all low tier artillery are just seal clubbing scumbags instead of just assuming that is the case, with the very occasional new player leveling arty or getting the next arty line, so I guess that’s kind of good. I really want to see confirmed how you get the tanks though, especially the tier 10s. “for credits” can still mean just on the black market, so you might need to shell out 20+mil credits to get them.

      Especially the fact they are going to be reward vehicles (so free crew swapping for training etc), which the t1-5 tanks (which you can just buy normally) do not have, makes me very nervous, and makes me think they will put it at least behind some kind of campaign or at worst in the black market or loot boxes.

  2. I’m not really a fan of “simplifying” the tech trees. I am however a fan of less arty at low tiers.

  3. so will we get the experience back on all the lower tier vehicles and modules that we spent XP on?

  4. I don’t see why they just don’t remove everything that’s not Russian.
    Let’s face it, it’s criminal the way they portray some of the great tanks of WWII and make their own tanks look better than they were.
    Still Love watching this channel + Claus etc but uninstalled a while ago.
    Oh btw this Russian bias crap has well and truly hit another game that I used to Love as well.
    Yep, World of Warships…………..

  5. They have done this to wor b a long time ago
    And it sounds great but actually
    It is absolutely terrible idea because many nubs(even myself just started playing pc wot)
    Will be able to climb up to high tiers easily
    People might say no that is not true that they are just gettin rid of few tanks not making easy for newbies

    But since theres very small low tier tanks, they won’t try different lower tiers or think about what tanks should they get and how many..
    For example i have 5different low tier tech lines for 5 or more tier 10 tanks

    But now we only need to get one tank that leads to most of the high tier tanks

  6. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Low tier artillery is garbage anyway, one of the reason I started playing it was to see why they did almost nothing every battle.

  7. Nothing to be concerned about

    I could see that you need to have a tank of the same tier and same nation to access the higher tier collectible tanks.

  8. Kv-1s again tier 6 😀

  9. Hope they refund credits and exp. if they are doing away with some modules.

  10. Did they have party at HQ

  11. They just want us to get tier 10 tanks faster to spent more money on prem acc and prem tanks to gain credits and play their tier 10, 8 events and not have fun at low tiers……

  12. Just another bad idea from WG coming from nowhere. Nobody ask for that.

  13. Will I be able just buy “moved” tier X tanks in shop? Just with credits, no grinding needed and boom TierX Russian medium tank is in garage?

  14. No more pz ic 😓

  15. They could have just taken all the premium tanks off the tech tree page… Simples.
    As for low-tier arty, meh, FFS wargaming just limit them to a max of 2 per side per game! So, now beginners will only have to experience arty toxicity at 5th? Nope, it won’t. Of course, newbie arty players can’t learn how much time it takes to grind them…. One point, if they can still be brought for credits anyway, without grinding the xp, that simply makes them MORE accessible NOT less… Unless of course wargaming further increases the time it takes for arty players to get into a game at low levels.

  16. Like in WoT Blitz..

  17. Sexton 1 battles here we go

  18. Remember when people argued they would not get rid of arty cause of all the work done, well that was a fucking lie, shame to see all those historical vehicles moved for some make-believe shit, like low tiers? fuck you. What a bland game, so glad a left despite owning rare vehicles like KV-5, wait they bring that back every Christmas and then change it. Fuck this game, “oh, well”? oh well, thanks for your opinion and you keep your damn opinion.

  19. Where is M3 Lee??😮

  20. Ture 113 is forgotten tho, but it is still my first tier 10 ever 😀

  21. What if for example i have amx30 prot with 150k combat xp and then its gonna relocated? Where is the xp gonna go?

  22. Wot: NEW TECH TREE!!!!!
    ME:buys every low tier tanks

  23. as if people still play this garbage

  24. “we will relocate the vehicles and you will still be able to get them.”
    Oh wow, cool, cool, so no need to grind the tier 6 and above…
    “Well no, but actually yes!”
    Why so, you just said…
    “No no no, the tier 6 and above will be removed and IF you don’t have those, well we don’t exactly know how or when we will bring them back.”

    This is a nice way of saying: they will be back for gold/clanwars rewards/black market limited numbers or something…. Better to grind and get them ASAP

  25. Wait so do I get some kind of refund for my AMX 30 as I just recently researched it or have I just wasted like 150k xp for something that others can just buy without any grinding ?

  26. This is a perfect chance to remove arty class altogether indeed

  27. I’m fairly indifferent to the changes being suggested. A few little unfortunate changes such as the WZ-132 not allowing research path to the T9 medium any more, but hay-ho.

    The bit I’m still wondering about is will having any of these tanks in our garage when the changes take place mean that the next tank in the line is researched, as the original Wargaming post suggested.

  28. Like noone asked for this change…..

  29. Well, the article is down. For some reasons.
    But it think it is a welcome change. Now if they could completely remove artillery it would be better, why stop at tier 2 to 4…

  30. It’s like Daki said if you’re to dumb to understand arrows you’re not suited to play this game.

  31. unneccesary tanks? just remove low tier artas, problem solved. Who cares there is so many tanks, they all cost so much that in 3 battles you are going for a new one. Just give new players more credits thats it cmn its not that hard

  32. I like this idea. Nice and clean and easy to understand

  33. Wargaming can go fuck itself if its seriously removing the option of the stock turret and 105 on the sherman jumbo.

  34. I have a question.. if I have a hwk 12 that is going to leopard 1(Didnt research it yet), will it be unlocked after the new update of tech tree? Tnx

  35. Jadi bosan main deh.

  36. Did you noticed that KV-1S is moving from tier 5 to tier 6????

  37. There are some good ideas at play here, of course. But I see it as dumbed down, and lacking in opportunities.

    No more “middle-of-the-road” tanks on the tech tree that let you combine lines. I used KV-13 to mix heavy and medium tech progress for the URSS, and I’m grinding the german lights so I can get to the Leopard while skipping the Indian Pz.

    Also, all those low tiers added flavour. Truly, they also add chaos and uncertainty for new players, but I fear that unlocking them once you reach tier 5 won’t be used as a feature. Now that you can reach tier 6 and keep progressing, why would you turn around and buy another tier 2?
    “Neat! I finished tier 5 and can finally buy my tier 6 Sherman E8! But wait, instead I can buy the Jumbo, which is just worse without his classic derp!”…

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but these ideas worry me a bit. However, if they want to make it “beginner-friendly” seems good… as long as they finally add a tutorial XD

  38. One thing I want WG to fix is how ridiculous and obscure crew training is. New players are forced to play tanks with 75% or god forbid 50% crews. Then perhaps they’ll think that they have to dismiss that crew and pick up another crappy crew for the next tier tank. Training and retraining crews is made into an obscure feature because of how little the game shows it to the players. Pls fix WG.

  39. Just good they‘re taking away historical tanks and keep blueprints.
    And what newbie will buy a tier 4 tank for 300k credits. Hetzer should be and stay a basic tank. Maybe balanced. But WG never has and doesn‘t want to understand the word balance.

  40. What does that mean I just got the T-62a as main battle tank in the Russian TEC three it wil now be a special tank will is get the obj 140 for free because in the future I know it not anytime soon tier 11 for example If I dont get the 140 for free I need to play and get 200k again to get to tier 11

  41. I think it’s a good thing they moved the SPG line beginning to tier 5. This will result in new players not quitting bc of the artillery and might stop them from only playing that line as now you have to grind a bit more to start playing the easiest class in the game.

  42. All German tanks should be dropped 1 tier lower to be somewhat competitive in this game… FUWG

  43. Was this video sponcorized by new balance ????

  44. Some people got a special medal for researching all tanks in the current tech trees. Is it fair to those people if now people get same medal for researching way less tanks? Free experience used to research the tanks you do not want to play was for nothing? And if you researched by playing removed tanks where does that experience goes to? Just deleting what we deserved? No compensation? When I have started grinding was so much harder. Crews back then where hard to skill up. Now I feel cheated. 5 crew skills crew meant something and you have had it because you have deserved it hard way and it was fair to enjoy it. Now you can have it in no time. Dez you now singing WG song? WTF man? To much low tier tanks? So everyone should play same tank? What when WG makes people play low tiers with their stupid missions we all have to play same tank or buy premium low tier tank? And I have to play to grind a tank and now people will just buy it? No need to grind? What do I get then for the lost time? Fing WG.

  45. This might sound odd, but war thunder needs this.

  46. I like that they have cut arty back to tire 4. All they need to do now to cut the it so u only get 1 or 2 per round I had one round with 3 bc 58 as a toon it was just a crap fest . 9 rounds hitting the heavy less than 25 seconds. It was a joke… No fun at all.

  47. So what is it. Balance or Balans

  48. I try to get to the Jagdtiger with the Jpanther2, what happens with all the expirience if I dont make it in time?

  49. i know english is your second language ,but,,,trim your vids DEZ, cut to the chase

  50. After destroying the game through corruption and favoring players, remove several tanks

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