NEW The Art of Strategy Mode Coming | World of Tanks Update 1.16.1 Patch

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks The Art of Strategy Gameplay, Special Event Game Mode. The Art of Strategy Preview. World of Tanks Update 1.16.1 Patch News. World of Tanks Patch 1.16.1 Update Server.

The Art of Strategy is a new gamemode which we were able to out roughly 1 year ago. It went through quite some changes and updates and is back now with round 2.


  1. I wanted to show you gameplay as well, but test server SHOULD be up, even tho while I was recording and editing, I still couldn’t get in… Are you having issues getting into it as well?
    Anyway, let me know what you think about this?
    Stay tuned for more content about it!

    • I am really hyped for this event and I wonder how the hell will flamethrower towers work and Dez,ehats your opinion on the new outline,frontline going back to tier 8 only and the new battle pass chapter for a tier 8 tank.
      For me the last one looks like a new marathon.

      Edit: just played the mode for about 2 hours and I am really enjoying it so far, I mean yes, I am winning but still xD
      The only problem I see so far is the MG turrets are useless and if you want to attack the enemy and suceed in it you need at least a 2 tank lead.
      If anyone wants to know the loadout I was using here you go: Watchtower,MRL,Flamethrower
      277,705A,E100,268 v4,140,430U,Badger

      Edit 2: I am dumb for not going trough the tutorial, I didnt know you can turn the camera with the MMB

    • Any idea when it will hit the actual servers?

      You can be completely wrong, just curious for how far out this is going to be. I really want to do this with some friends on my actual account 🙂

    • Hmmmm can we load gold rounds in to the tanks, as well as bond equipment lols…ooh and a duel load out????????

  2. It’s just the game they made prior to world of tanks. It looks identical apart from the graphics have been updated. It was called Order of War!

  3. Ugly like Caillou

    I played enough R.U.S.E. For this

  4. This new game mode is actually incredible. I love RTS games so this will be a nice addition.

  5. arty 2.0 is out? :O

  6. They are attempting to replace either Steel Rigger or Frontlines. No Thanks.

  7. It will still have predetermined winners.

  8. The 1v1 strategist is heated and fun as hell, just played 5 matches, felt super competive.

  9. i hate strategy games

  10. the big hidden goal of this mode is add more BOTS with anonymous names and improve AI

    more disgusting 15 – 3 defeat battles coming

  11. this is like new game or gamemode or event in game ?

  12. So another shitty event to make $$. No thanks.

  13. With RNG running rampant, how in THE hell are we supposed to make some kind of strategy up?

    • you wont, it’ll be stupid, most of your tanks will miss or bounce, or just the AI will also be stupid, and then there is RNG combined with poor map designs and unbalanced tier tens i do not see this mode working at all, but i havnt tried it yet so i dunno

  14. dez did you see that they buffed the obj 780 once more in the supertest along some other tanks? do you think it will be a CW tank, a campaign tank or something else/new?

  15. Leonardo Arias Marquez

    This mode was on console, it’s nice, but after that they start to worst WOT idea, MODERN WARFARE!

  16. no way
    this is awesome.
    i have long time waiting this amazing idea
    omg ommmmg yeah

  17. Dont we have bots enough 😀

  18. Sorry. This game mode leaves me ice cold. Will never play it

  19. Scatterbrain Brain

    No time, must grind

  20. Cant wait for WarGaming to shit on this event adding PayToWin elements, they always ruin his own events adding something awful.

  21. i not interested in this at all but hope people have fun with it

  22. Honest suggest: Add “Space Marine Assault Squad” as consumable… will be AWESOME!

  23. Simply: NOOPEEE

  24. they did this art of strategy on console except there was no defense structure. I played it once while I was in a M4 Sherman and had to choose the same tier tanks

  25. better game ..Command and conquer 3, because it is much more realistic.another useless game mode..but when Wargaming manages to get all the cheats out of the game

    • sorry im an original command and conquer generals fan…esp general vs general matches, I cant see how WG could improve on this classic…one that I still drop back to today when im bored…

  26. This new mode will make the game worse. If u want RTS game there are other good games not in WoT. WG will simply lose the focus on fixing other things…

  27. Nothing about this mode sounds even remotely interesting.

  28. On the SEA servers we have bots in tier 5 matches and I have often thought it would be good of you could click a bot and send it to a map location, to spot for example. This game play looks interesting, especially for those days where every match you get a team of muppets. On those days it could be fun to play this instead of relying on other humans.

  29. I am so glad they are bringing this game mode from console. Its the only mode I can see them keeping around permanently and also want to see it stay around. Even if only in a training format game mode for fun

  30. I LOVE the new improvents on the towers you can deploit, but as a strategist a ” fast forward switch to get to the next vehicle button” would bring a convenient and overall smoothering performence to this gamemode! 🙂

  31. What strategy? Press 2.

  32. This mode is for improve bot performance?

  33. This looks pretty good?

  34. What country are you from?

  35. this mod is old in console

  36. “beautiful people”….I here DEZ…over hereeeeeee…..
    WoT moving away from live team based game play servers to a more RTS game based play…I have already played enough of command and conquer generals thanks….

  37. Art of strategy:
    Rush in with tanks.
    Get tanks towed away by 🚜

  38. Just like age of empire. But its tank.

  39. Maybe it’s an April joke

  40. Surely nice and all BUT for those who like random battles its nothing else just another diversion of the actual BIG problems of the game… 🙁
    Cuz’ somehow WG doesnt seem to lift a finger for thoose matters…

  41. Day 163 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  42. by sayin this, i will probably get some hate but i think everything about this ‘event’ is bad (not literally anything) and here’s why:
    1. the game is atleast 50% luck and calling it something like chess, which is in my eyes the only game that is pure skill and no luck (except when u count your opponents falling for your moves as luck and not the lack of their skill) is literally bs and the wrongest comparison possible.
    2. i dont see why ppl should play this game mode for longer while you could play one of many strategy games out there that are way more specific and mostlikely balanced.
    3. they put atleast over a year into this (probably two years) while they dont give a fuck about balancing their game. its literally wasted workpower thats needed on so many other ends. everyone would rather have a +/-1 matchmaking, better balanced out games and maybe there for no ‘special-events’ like this.
    4. i’m pretty sure its gonna be really frustrating and one sided, just like the waffenträger event. if u have one good player as strategist, i dont see a chance how you will win with 6 other randoms that are most likely bad players. also a lot of players are to stupid to understand the base game even after tens of thousand games and now they are supposed to play tactical and understand the features of this new mode? they dont even find their way out of their own base a lot of time, or still camp around behind a rock for 10 min full life while the entire team is losing on the frontlines. if they cant even read their minimap and not even react to anyone pinging them or talking to them in the chat, how should they play tactical?
    5. i wouldnt have said anything if wg would have put this as a standalone but without the wot element, a pure strategy game like that might get some fans but therefor its way to linear with only 7 tanks and the current map design in wot.
    6. resume: so overall it looks fancy and i’m sure still many ppl will like the game mode **coughs** the CC’s cuz they get a shit ton of strategist tickets while the normal player gets none. and whales cuz they simply can buy the tickets **coughs** . i also can see how you will probably have long queque times after a week or so(only in the 1v7 mode), cuz nobody wants to play as tankers and ppl have either grinded some strategist tickets at this point ot bought them. and i can see how this is probably going to be a dissappointment solely considering how much work and staff this consumed.

  43. That sort of gameplay was first offered in a game called “Muzzle Velocity” released around 1993. Cool to see this again, will definitely try it!

  44. I thought that we currently playing all the time with bots….

  45. As a Combat-Officer and strategist, i’m really excited to try this mode🙂

  46. WalletGaming Warships: RTS doesn’t belong in the game
    *Changes Carriers*
    WalletGaming Tanks: we need Arty but players hate all our reworks and complain about why topdown view Arty exists.
    *Nerf’s Arty to hell to hell aid pay2win armor meta and proposes an actual RTS mode*
    okay WalletGaming…

  47. There are rewards for this mode?

  48. was a fail last time – most players are not able to play standard battle – and why allways new events/ content instead of fixing basics? for instance make rng transparent? – oh everybody would see the scam?!

  49. World of Tanks but it’s Company of Heroes? Sign me up!

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